Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week #84: Mother's Day Dinner (12.01.14 - 12.07.14)

Monday was a chilled day. I did not much during the day, specially because I woke up late because I came back home after 2 am from the friends-giving dinner. For dinner I went to the Ramada Hotel to have dinner with all my family. The restaurant at the hotel was packed with what looked like a group of teenagers traveling through Panama and they were so loud! We ended up eating at the lobby in the floor because it was giving us all a headache. After dinner we went up to the hotel room and we booked all of the stuff that needed to be booked for our Amsterdam/London trip. 

Tuesday was another chilled day thank goodness, this is just what I needed. I filmed a video and then went to dinner with the grandparents and Cristy. We ate at Jimmy's, but getting to Jimmy's was a headache because of all the traffic! Plus, Cristy wanted me to pick her up, ugh and when we got to the parking lot she left me alone while I was putting my stuff away... What a cousin aye.

On Wednesday we went to dinner at Athen's Pizza. I feel like me whole week's been just going out for dinner lol. After dinner though, Patty and Tia Marilu came to my house to practice a bit we're gonna do on the Agrupa's Mother's Day dinner. Tio Lancho and Enrique came later too and we kinda learned our bit. We have to practice though, a lot.

On Thursday I picked up Patty from school and went to my grandma's because Eli called me the day before telling me she was going to make yiyi if I wanted to drop by and grub :D So I did. Patty came to my house after lunch and she did a bit of studying while I chilled. We made some microwaveable cheesecake and then practiced our bit for Friday's Mother's Day Dinner. Enrique and Brandon came over a bit later and practiced with us and later at night Tia Marilu came over. We had Papa John's for dinner you guys! It wasn't as good as I expected though, I've had better pizzas for sure (I went to Italy for God's sake, lol).

On Friday I woke up late and got ready for Agrupa's dinner. I got to Lung Fung around 4:30 and helped out with the preparations. This year the dinner was a lot smaller than I'd have expected, only filling half of the big room. They had a lot of sweets though, and (God bless them) they had a popsicle cart! I was in heaven! I had three popsicles :) We showed a video of tribute to my mom ( :'( ) and then we went ahead with our presentation.

On Saturday I spent my day as usual and then went to dinner at Athen's again because my grandpa was craving it. 

On Sunday we had arranged to meet at my mom's crypt since the next day was Mother's day. I got there early and lay a flower arrangement and then waited for the rest of the tribe to show up. I waited and waited for like half an hour until I decided to call them. Apparently... they canceled the whole thing because my grandpa didn't feel well and forgot to call me! It's the second time it's happened and I was SO PISSED. Like... What do I need for them to remember me? My mom? Now that she's gone am I gone too? Geez... so pissed. And as to compensate the whole thing they said to go dine at La Mexicanita (my favorite restaurant), but it wasn't even pleasant because Yoyi kept complaining the food at Orale was better and Patty didn't like what she ordered... and it just made me feel worst because we were all there for me and I didn't even choose the place....