Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tips for Running a runDisney Race!

This video was super fun to do and useful too. I found myself looking up several of these kinds of videos so I hope you enjoy!


1. Register early because availability goes out fast. 
2. Train with enough time ahead. 
3. Save money!
4. Read the program prior to the race weekend to organize yourself. 
5. Stay at a Disney host resort. 
6. Stop by the official merchandise booth. 
7. Take your camera to the expo because there will be great photo ops. 
8. Your love ones can make signs for free at the expo. 
9. Take it slow the days before the race, specially if you are going to the theme parks. 
11. If running in a costume feels uncomfortable, try a Disney themed shirt and some accessories to run comfy yet not loosing the Disney magic. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week #78: MOM'S FUNERAL (10.20.14 - 10.26.14)

Monday was the second intensive cleaning day, I was awoken by some really loud thunders very early in the morning and because of the heavy rain my grandma and company came a little later. We worked all day and successfully finished the dinning room, living room and part of the kitchen completely. I also picked up Patty from school so she could help too. There was a moment I got so mad at my grandma because she asked me about a pair of old curtains that looked 20 years old and I told her to give it away and she insisted not to because "I didn't know when I would need it again..." I mean, we already have curtains glued with tape and we don't even need curtains and then she drew the conclusion that I was getting rid of all of my mom's stuff just because she died... She literally said "your mom died and now it's a clean slate"... Of course not... She exaggerates every single thing and I'm so pissed. How dare she know how I feel, and what I'll need in the future. How dare she think she knows my mom's housing style better than the living thing she created that lived here her whole life. This process is hard enough without people talking on your back saying your in a certain stage, saying you are not crying enough or saying you don't look like you care. I'm so pissed that all that attention towards me is taking attention from my mom. I'm fine on my own and if I need help I know I am to seek it. I don't need people getting in my life dictating what they think I should be feeling and acting like. After all the chaos and after the smoke cleared, my grandpa brought my mom's ashes and we walked her around the house. She's currently sitting on the front table with candles, pictures, and roses. Nobody saw this but I sneak in the jewelry set she wore on one of her pictures, a picture of her and me in my graduating gown and the little mule key chain she brought me from Santorrini, Greece into the urn. And all that is accompanied as well with a virgin plaque. I put the necklace in because right now I'm wearing my mom's favorite jade necklace, and the one I put in her urn is the only one I ever gave to her as a present and it's Swarovski. So in a sentimental way it's like we exchanged necklaces and that warms my heart.

Mom's funeral was on Tuesday, so I woke up and put on some make up and got dressed. We got to the church an hour before start time, that is around 10 am, and there were people already there. I thought I was going to be the first one there but Tia Marilu and other people where there. Today I received around 200 (?) hugs, and half of them from people I don't know. I was apprehensive about how many people would attend but there was no empty bench in that church. A lot of my high school classmates came (Gaby, Jose, Themis, Carolina, Victor, Luis Felipe, Alfonso, Zhanzhy, Shey, Raysa, Yeitzel, and more) that's more than I imagined. But also people I thought would show me support did not go. Vivianne told me she wouldn't be able to go because of something she had to do in the university but she showed up, Vivianne has been my rock these past days; same with Rod and Jose. Several of Las Tias showed up as well, and I would always tear up when they'd hug me because I consider them as mother figures too. I gave my speech, and I received a couple of compliments, I find that giving something to laugh in a moment like this helps and they certainly laughed. There was a part I said "I can say with confidence that I was my mom's favorite daughter". The day also started like a cliche funeral day, it was drizzling. I was looking for a rainbow so I could mention in my speech that my mom was watching over us through the rainbow but it never came, but maybe she doesn't need to be rainbow shaped to be with us, maybe she's with us right now showing no sign. After the funeral our close family gathered for lunch at Lai Chin. And I was a little annoyed at Xiomy because she invited somebody we didn't know, somebody my mom certainly did not know and she sat in my table. She was talking freely like nothing bad had happened and didn't even presented herself to me. She only acknowledged Luis and Patty, like WTF... She even packed the left overs to take home and paused us while eating to pray. I was so steamed I think I gave a mean look but I don't care. How dare she come to a close lunch for somebody we all but her love. Somebody she didn't even know... I'm pissed at Xiomy. She did the same thing with Patty in her Quinceanos, she invited a bunch of teenager who didn't even know Patty and took all the cake-pops and good candy... Going back on topic, for dinner we all went to the Sheraton hotel because I wanted to give my mom a fancy dinner. The food was good, they had asparagus soup and I go crazy for that. Then later that night after all the chaos vanished I skyped with Alex and it was so relaxing and something I definitely needed.

Wednesday was the continuation of the cleaning process, but before the crew arrived to my house I dreamed about mom yet again, something to do with her social security payments but I really can't remember it at all. We cleaned the kitchen this time and it turned out pretty great, Apo took a nap in the middle of the day and so did everybody but Cristy. There was a funny moment when Tia Yiya said she'd to go to the bathroom but went to hers three floors down and didn't come back until hours later, lol we all know what happened (my guess is that she took a nap just like her sister). For dinner we went to El Prado and I had a delicious Sancocho <3

You know what hurts the most from my mom's death? She'll never be a grandma, she'll never babysit my kids and pamper them as much as she pampered me... And that's the thing that hurts the most, because I'm a 100% sure she would have been the perfect Apo. Back to the week, Thursday was day 4 of intensive cleaning and today we attacked the storage closet as well as the maid's room. We then went for dinner at a Peruvian restaurant and I came back home to film a part of my next Youtube video. Also, can you believe Patty has never watched Harry Potter?! I have no little cousin anymore until she watches it, I'm serious.

Friday was a fun day, after a light cleaning day just comprising of getting rid of all of Agrupa's stuff, my true good friends came over! Jose, Vivianne and Rod came over. At first we were going to go out to eat but I didn't really wanna go out, plus if we go out the thing is over after you finish eating so they came to my house instead. We found some money in our house that belonged to somebody else who never came to claim it after two years and we had +$80 in our hands for food. We spent $79 on sushi! We obviously didn't finish but it was really nice for those people to never come and have fed us tonight :) After eating we just chilled and they stayed at my house until 1 am and I was so so so tired. I practically kept falling asleep every 5 minutes. I think I haven't recovered from all the tiredness from the hospital having to wake up early all these days to clean up my house and to do errands.

On Saturday dad woke me up like half an hour before leaving... Talk about getting used to living without mom. Specially dad's driving, omg, I thought I was going to die like three times! I remember how much I used to criticize my mom's slow driving but dad's is just insane! Anyway, only Tia Marilu and Patty came for lunch because my grandpa was not feeling very good. I always thought my grandpa was the one that was not going to see me graduate, but it was my mom... After lunch, dad and I went grocery shopping because we were going to host dinner to celebrate our new cleaned house; however, we had to change location to my grandpa's house because he was still feeling ill. We had a really good time as a family and the food was really good. We, and by we I mean my dad, Tia Marilu and Xiomy, cooked a really great meal. We had fried chicken, carimañola, patacones and sausage.

On Sunday we had a mass dedicated to my mom at Santa Marta at noon so we went, a lot of people attended as well including the Robles and Gretta. Everyone's support has been overwhelming in the greatest of ways and I could not be more thankful. After mass, La Tribu and El Clan (Enrique, Tio Poncho, Waikit, etc.) went for lunch together to El Trapiche. We had a delightful lunch with lots of laughs. After lunch my dad wanted to have dinner as a family just like the day before so we went grocery shopping to buy supplies. We bought steak and I also bought some vegetables to make some juice because Apo has a juicer. On the way to Apo's, dad and I had a fight... He wanted me to learn how to pay the utility bill but I was complaining because he's supposed to be the adult in charge and he should have a clue on where to start, all I wanted was for us to do it together and not for him to delegate it as a homework... he literally said "you have homework" and I was pissed because when I told him why wouldn't he help me at least by giving me the utility company or the account number he started saying that he would live by himself with no help from me whatsoever in the future... He's so extremist, gosh. At Apo's, Tia Marilu taught me how to make the payments online and thankfully I had my mom's user name and password in her old cellphone so my dad and I were in better terms after that but geez, I don't want to deal with him when it comes to things like these... I miss my mom's lightness on topics like these and her sense of ownership on errands. She was just so good at everything.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Super Easy DIY Your Own Bib Number and Medal Holder

Here's a video on how to make a bib number and medal holder on your own. I decided to make my own instead of buying one on Etsy because the holders on Etsy can go to a price of $50 when this holder cost me around $20 and it's tailored to my taste. 

I bought all the supplies at Michael's but you can also find them in a craft shop, and things such as the binder clips and the command hooks I got them at Target. 

It's super easy and the supplies can be found anywhere!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week #77: DREAMING WITH MOM AND INTENSIVE CLEANING (10.13.14 - 10.19.14)

On Monday I went to USF to do a lot of stuff, among those to drop off this semester. At first I was going to drop it off, then I thought I could manage it but then after talking to the advisor I've decided to drop it off. Tia Doris has been really helpful with this decision as well as Alex, thank God for them. I returned my rented books, finished packing, did laundry, move my bike into my room and picked Patty's package. When talking to the advisor I broke down, the moment I said the words "my mom passed away last Thursday" I started crying. A mother's death is not the same as a father's death in my opinion, unless you are closer to your dad but I think everybody is closer to their mother.

Tuesday was a really down played day, we deposited some money in the university's credit union, had some IHOP for lunch and went to Target. What I love about Target is that relaxing feeling I get while walking the aisles. It's just so therapeutic, I'm such a white girl. The only thing my Target's missing is a Starbucks, lol. We had Chinese takeout for dinner and it was so good, I'll never get tired of if. I can picture it now, next year by Fall living on my own apartment with my own kitchen watching Disney Channel while having Chinese - perfection. I still get sad when thinking about my mom. I think I haven't got to that stage where I fully break down, I know I broke down last week but I have a hunch the eye of the hurricane is gonna end soon.

Wednesday was better, 'Las Tias' are on point for sure when it comes to how I'm feeling. Kudos to Vivianne as well, she's been a miracle to me this week. I truly don't know how I'd be without her entertaining me this whole week. Tomorrow marks a whole week since mom passed... And I still think I haven't realized that I've lost her forever. Today we drove to Orlando to pick up the death certificate as well as the cremation document, then drove back to Tampa to certify them at the Panamanian consulate. The highlight of my day was certainly having lunch at Fuddruckers and Alejandra now tells me there's one at Panama! Acun called twice at night and he sounds so much cheerful it brightens my heart. It appears that the girls made a group to talk about my situation, and Vivianne updates them about me and suddenly each starts texting me and I thought it was all a coincidence until I asked Alex and she told me about the group, lol. Roger's mom, Tia Esther, as also been very attentive and I can never stop thinking: "bless all the Tias".

Thursday was a rough day, Dad and I went to the airport early in the morning, around 4:30 am. We hopped on the plane and I kid you not the guy next to me was so huge he kept bumping my side with his arm and he looked like he did not care at all. He also had Beats headphones and what's the point on having sound proof headphones if I can hear what you're listening to? Maybe some classical or instrumental music would be fine but salsa and reggeaton? We landed and Apo came to pick us up. The reunion with my grandpa was really emotive, at first I made it seem like I was fine, but then my grandma hugged me... then it all went down. I went to my grandpa and he hugged me as well making all the tears flow making our own little pool in the laundry room. It was hot, humid, and uncomfortable but there we were hugging and crying together. I've never seen my grandpa cry, or hear him say those kinds of words, or even hugged me for that long of a time. While we were there we decided on a picture for the mass on Tuesday, I can honestly say I did not like the picture they chose. They chose a studio photo and I don't like it because they other options showed a more relaxed and real look in her facial expressions. But it looks like my vote was not valid... I will also be giving an eulogy on Tuesday so there's that. When I got back home I heard voices through our front door and looked through the peep hole and saw Enrique, Austin and a random guy (friend of Enrique's), they crashed just to hang out and of course we had a great time. Vivianne came by too and she brought me ice cream! She's just the sweetest and I love her so much. Waikit also came by later and the house was swarmed with uninvited people (except for Vivianne), but it felt good. 

On Friday my grandparents, Tia Yiya, Cristy, my dad and I went to the church where the funeral is going to be held and to also see the crypt where the urn is going to be put at. My mom's urn will be right below Tio Evan, Dorianne's granddad, and right next to my grandparents when their time comes. It brings me happiness to know that my mom will be next to Acun and Apo in a near future and she won't be alone. After looking at the church, El Colegio Javier's church, we went and had Chinese for lunch. After that we drove to La Prensa to post announcements about the funeral, three in total; one from my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins; one from the Kam family, and one from my dad and I. After that, it was a really busy day by the way, we drove to Arrocha to buy frames to put next to the urn on the ceremony. My dad and I have very different views on everything and it's always a struggle with him... I need mom to be on my side too so it'd be 2 to 1. Then my dad and I went to PriceSmart but he forgot his membership card so we finally came back home. For dinner Rod and I went out, I missed him so much. He's so much thinner and he always knows how to make me laugh. He took me to Lenos and Carbon and we had a lovely dinner. 

On Saturday dad and I went to deal with cellphone, internet and TV errands. We increased our internet to 4 MB! Finally I'll have faster internet <3 we also changed TV to the most basic package and cancel the telephone all together. Then we had lunch with the whole family. We then went to PriceSmart and boy was it a mistake... it was so freaking packed. We bought the randomest stuff and did the longest line for checkout. Then at home we relaxed. Oh, I also had my first dream with mom. It was the weirdest though, we were at an airport's security line and I place my bag in the conveyer belt, when it came out the security lady gave me a to go box with mash potatoes, french fries and a several layered burger from Burger King. We walked to a random room and I opened my backpack to find two trays from Burger King with crumbles on them, somehow I knew my mom had taken them and I got mad at her because it made my backpack get dirty and I yelled at her. She and my dad when to their room and after thinking about what I did I felt guilty and went to their room. I jumped on top of her and roll to her side and just hugged her, no words needed and somehow I knew everything was alright. 

Sunday was such a busy day. I woke up at 8:15 in the morning after having my second dream with mom in a row. The part where mom appeared was when I was in a car and she was in another one with a couple of friends and she started convulsing while driving and I got really scared and called my friend really worried because I could see her convulsing in the car but she told me everything was alright but I knew it wasn't and after that I don't remember a thing. Anyways, it took me less than 10 minutes to drive from my house to Punta Pacifica to pick Patty. She wasn't eve up when I got there so I had to wait for a long time, then we went to Apo's to pick up Cristy but the streets were cluttered with this new bicycle way they separate in the middle of the street for cyclist to cycle freely so we had to drive a long long way to then make a U turn and get to Apo's. We started the cleaning. We successfully clean the five closets on the hallway, the dinning table and its chairs, the kitchen dinner, and separated what we wanted from mom's closet. We had both lunch and dinner in my newly cleaned kitchen table. Tio Ricky from a floor below had asked me and my dad to come down and have dinner with them, I had already told my dad that I was not going to go and that he had to go because he was not even helping with the cleaning. He went there and then called me from down there telling me to come down making me look like a jerk to them... I got so mad at him... I don't want to see anybody unless they are close to me. I don't want them to pity me, to judge me, or to think I'm in the negation state just because I don't look unhappy. I just want to be with my family and close friends. Why can't I have a more comprehensive father?...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hey Mom, I really hope you're reading this since our last words were a simple goodbye with a hug. You never saw me cross the finish line, but I bet you were proud as fuck that whole weekend. I can assure you all of our family and friend's hearts are broken, specially mine. I only had 19 and a half years with you, and five of those years I cannot recall or look back at when I'm lonely since I was a baby/toddler.

You were the most faithful mother, always following my dreams behind me in case I failed. I did fail in several of them but instead of comforting me you just pushed me in a different direction so I wouldn't hurt my self-esteem. You pampered me with no shame, you spoke highly of me -and quite a lot- to my aunts and uncles, you never punished me and took me everywhere I'd want to go.

I have so many good memories with you, I have so many good experiences along with the rest of the family. All our trips, and adventures; but even the ordinary day at home on a summer day while dad was at work and you would of course be sitting on the bed with your iPad and I'd run to your room yelling 'Maaaa' and bother you just because. I liked being annoying to you in a loving way and you'd just laugh and tease me back.

Although you were not the greatest cook (thank God for step by step instructions on Kraft mac and cheese), you were indeed the greatest wife, aunt, daughter, sister and most importantly mom. I will never doubt the strength of love and affection you had towards me since you fought so hard to get me, 10 years actually, but I can't stop wandering what I could have soaked in from you in those 10 years we lost. God has his reasons and I know they'll be for the better, but God dammit am I hurt.

You were so selfless and would just lighten the room with happiness and smiles. I still remember your body language and I hope never to forget it, when you would lift both your arms and say "oieee" to me when I teased you; when you hugged me after not seeing me in a long time and caress me, or when you just to say "todo lo que mi bebita quiera", express how much you cared about me; a true mother's love.

I love you Mom

Friday, October 10, 2014

Disney's Tower of Terror 10 Miler: Official Photos

Week #76: Mom's Death (10.06.14 - 10.12.14)

So the whole thing according to my dad happened this way: they went on the Toy Story Manie ride over Hollywood Studios, and that ride is known to have sudden moves and to spin a lot (she beat my dad, lol). When she got off she felt her smile look funny, then her arm went numb. She decided to go to the bathroom along with my dad and she collapsed inside. My dad rushed to get help and they are driven by ambulance to the hospital near Disney. In the ambulance my mom told my dad "I'm going to die" and that part breaks my heart in the tiniest pieces every time. She knew she was not going to make it. I sometimes wander what were her last thoughts... I wonder if she thought of me finishing the race or me at all... 

Honestly this whole week was a blur... Tia Melissa, Vicki and Tia Gia (Tia Giselle's sister) came by and thank the heavens they did. Without their support I wouldn't have gone through this process with half a smile in my face. My mom's scar was humongous, it looked like serpent and was stapled, I would say it look more like an S for Stacy. We rotated the sleep at the hospital, but every night I stayed. Towards the last nights me and my aunt would stay every single night straight. My mom wouldn't wake up and wouldn't follow commands such as squeezing hand or wiggling toes. However I swear there was a moment in which she caressed my hand with her thumb. 

The struggle was knowing that if she would wake she would not live a good life yet we all wanted her to wake up. There was a moment in which we thought she was going to wake up and we all went crazy and started talking to her and stimulating her limbs but nothing. 

I brought Max and let my mom sleep with him. I did it because of the time I got the wisdom teeth taken out, she came and pick me up with Max riding shotgun. I looked at her like I'm too old for these but the minute I grabbed Max I hugged him until I got to my room. She just knew me... 

Monday after the surgery I went to USF thinking I could do the semester in this situation, I went to Calculus class but when I came back I broke down. I started crying and hyperventilating and then I got the news that we were to chose the next day to put my mom off the breather. We decided that the next day and that night my sun and I stayed with her. Initially it was only going to be my aunt but I decided to be there too since I know my mom would have never left my side. My aunt told me I was really brave and that made me feel so good. That was the best night I had, we talked and talked about funny and happy memories. I felt good because I have so many good memories with my mom. 

Her breathing was starting to decrease and we honestly thought she was going to leave us that night. She didn't, her breathing strengthen by the next morning. It lasted like that for the next couple of days. One time though, I noticed she stopped breathing and ran to her and we all saw how her eyes open and her eye balls rolled and went white and she gave her last breath. We thought that was it but then she started breathing again. 

My grandma and aunt decided to make my mom look pretty (prettier) by doing her hair and cleaning her up. And after that my mom passed. My aunt told us that my mom shed a tear after they finished her hair, and she passed away a couple of hours after that. I like to think that she waited until she looked pretty (prettier) to take off and that makes me smile. 

She will never see me cross that 10 Miler finish line, never see me graduate or attend my wedding... She will always be in my heart though, always. 

But what makes me most happy from all this chaos is that her last memories, places and people where in Disney, her favorite place of all time, with me and my dad, her favorite people. Her last full night was in Fantasmic and it just fills my heart. It fills my heart how she just loves going to the parks even if she doesn't go on several of the rides. She just loves that feeling and I love that about her. I love everything about her and I will never stop loving her or thinking about her. 

Ana Isabel Siu Chan
June 27th, 1960 - October 9th 2014

Week #75: DISNEY'S TOWER OF TERROR 10 MILER and MOM'S HOSPITAL SCARE (09.29.14 - 10.05.14)

I honestly thought Monday was going to be one of the roughest days I've had but it went smoothly. I had two tests, one quiz and one homework and one of the tests was Calculus III. I hadn't studied what you might call properly but I somehow feel I did fine. Maybe not an A+ fine, nevertheless fine. The programming test was easy as well, taking me only 15 minutes to complete. I completely bailed on my physics class because Courtney skipped and she made me realize that I could actually use this time to do some serious studying or relaxing after a stressful weekend instead of sitting in the lecture pretending to be interested. And after a crappy last week I feel I'm finally entering the clearing, I feel like Bambi, the lost of my mother is long gone and it's February 2nd and spring is here (ok... that was a weird zone out). Well, the only mishap of the day was not doing too good on my Discrete Structure's quiz but I really believe she made it difficult on purpose because a lot of students have not being showing up, which is really immature from here and unfair to those who have been staying every class...

I don't know why but every time after a physics lab I feel so good, I feel I accomplished something and it came out right, no uncertainty an waiting to see if you did good, just like programming lab. I really need to sleep more... I don't know why but I go to bed at around 12 am and toss and turn the whole night, At least I don't have a roommate anymore so I can make all the noise in the world when turning. Yesterday I got an email from the guy from The Province (the apartment I wanna live in next year) and I'm pretty sure he told me I had got the apartment but I'd have to wait for the contract leases to come out so I'm pretty stocked because he mentioned that I was pretty lucky since 1-bedroom apartments go out fast; and today he emailed confirming me the lease contract and I'm going there on Thursday to sign it :)

Wednesday was a very chill day, most needed certainly. I went to Calculus III and got my first test back, I got a 77! Which is not that bad. I decided to skip Physics and Discrete Structures because honestly I feel none, NONE, of my classes are helping me learn anything... I feel most of these professors are rather incompetent. Either way, I had a relaxing day, watched Pocahontas on Netflix and turned in my photos for the Study Abroad photo contest. And my mom and dad are getting here tonight!!! I won't see them until tomorrow though because their plane lands around midnight.

Thursday was fun, my parents and I went to the mall and did a little shopping. We also went to Wal-Mart, Target, and Michaels. I wanted to go to Michaels to buy supplied to build my own bib and medal holder. 

On Friday we left early and headed to Orlando, we checked in at the hotel and hopped on a bus to the expo. My folks fell in love with all the transportation system and how well organized it all was. The expo was really fun, both me and my mom bought flip belts, then we got my shirt and bought a couple of things at the official merchandise booth. While my dad waited in line to pay me and my mom went ahead and looked around the expo. My dad didn't look too please but we went ahead anyways. I bought a special hairband for my Little Mermaid costume for next year. Before leaving my mom bought a pretzel and she tried out paying with her key/bracelet. Then we went to Epcot since out room wasn't ready yet and we realized the Food and Wine festival had started. We walked through all the countries which is what I really wanted to do and my dad bought cheese bread from the Brazil booth at the festival. We went to a couple of rides and before the night fell we went to Hollywood Studios to watch the first Fantasmic showing. We bought a turkey leg, pop corn and drinks and we ate as we sat on the very front row only the three of us to watch the show. 

On Saturday we slept in since it was race day, we went out and toured the hotel facilities and took tons of pictures with the oversized decorations, this hotel is so fun and pretty. After a very relaxed day we went ahead into the race and since we got early we just sat in the parking lot with the other 12k people in there and my mom was so in love with all the customs just as well as I was. I went into my corral and it started. I finished the race in 2:21:38, earlier than expected. While running through Hollywood Studios I was looking at the crowd trying to spot my mom and dad and could not see them, I didn't think anything was going on until I got to the finish line where I noticed a Disney staff stare at my bib number and after crossing the line two crew members came up to me and gave me the news: my mom had fainted and had been moved to the hospital. At first I thought it couldn't have been a big deal and that my mom would be totally fine, maybe just a little dehydrated. But when I got to the hospital my dad told me my mom had had a bleeding in the brain due to high pressure. My mom was transported via helicopter to the main facilities in Orlando. Me and my dad have to drive there. 

Over there the doctor told those that the scan showed a big bleed but it didn't worry him that much and there was no need for surgery and that a week or so would alleviate things. After the second scan they realized they needed surgery so they decided to operate on her. The nurse called me when me and my dad were about to have breakfast at IHOP and we raced back to the hospital. The outcome of the surgery was not bright. The doctor told us that there were only two paths, she either died or she wouldn't be able to live on her own (that includes thinking, moving, everything). We couldn't believe it and we were panicking and extremely sad. Apo and Tia Marilu flew over that night and thank God they did, they have no idea how thankful I was for them flying here. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DISNEY RACE CHECKLIST: Tower of Terror 10 Miler 2014

T minus 2 for race day! I'm so excited, this is my first Disney race and as a first you understand I must have everything checked off on my checklist. I decided to share my checklist for all Disney firsts just like me. 

  • Pack your running gear, and if you're flying pack it on your carry on. 
  • Check that your hotel reservations are all good to go. 
  • Buy any snacks you are used to for traveling time. 
  • Print and sign the waiver. 
  • Don't forget your photo ID to retrieve your packet. 
  • Phones for pictures and chargers for phones. 
  • It might be chilly (stress on "might" since this is bipolar FL we are talking about) so bring an old hoodie to give away prior to the race. 
  • Bring lots of money to buy goodies!
  • And last, bring a happy smile since you are gonna have the funnest time while losing weight!