Sunday, October 27, 2013

ONE MONTH SOBER (from soda hehe)

This day a month ago, September 27th, I decided to stop drinking soda since I felt I was drinking way too much since I came here. I began drinking 1 to 3 glasses of Sprite everyday! And I felt so bad! Rod has lasted more than 5 months without drinking soda so I though if he could I could and look at me :) one entire month without soda!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Dropped a Class

This is not the proudest I've been of myself but I dropped World Regional Geography. This class was affecting seriously my GPA, I had a C in this class! A 79 that could become a B in a near future but still, it was better to drop it and do another course in that area of requirement in which I can get an A or at least a B+. 
I feel really bad because I'm not the type that usually surrenders, I'm the type that gets all stressed and struggles but at the end succeeds. I really hope it was a good choice to make, I am definitely not stress of when and how I'm going to redo that course in the future because I do have some blank spots for me to squeeze it in. 

Geography sucks. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Week #26: I LOVE CHEMISTRY LAB (10/21/2013 - 10/27/2013)

On Monday I had my first salad I've had in a long time for lunch and it was surprisingly good. After calculus I went to the MSC with Courtney for dinner, apparently we are in Homecoming week and we got free sandwiches :) There is going to be a ton of stuff to do this week, things I would love to go to (the parade and the carnival) but it's simply not the same without your friends. I ate some Chick-Fil-A for dinner while we did our math homework together. After that we went to the Engineers Without Borders meeting for our essay we have to write for Foundations of Engineers Lab class, and we mostly discussed about a color run they are doing to raise funds. I always have a good time with Courtney :)

On Tuesday I was suppose to go out for a run in the morning but I went back to sleep.. And to top it off I had kind of an unhealthy dinner, I had so many carbs :( At noon I was suppose to skype with Alex but she couldn't because something happened with her dad, my package from Forever 21 came though so that recompensed the skype date. I was so afraid I wouldn't like anything I ordered, surprisingly I loved it all! I ordered another onesie! This one with a zipper and it's so fluffy and cozy, I love it! I also got a new pair of snickers that look so good :) And I also got a blue dress that I love, maybe I'll use it for my grandpa's surprise birthday party in December. After Foundations of Engineering I met up with Ricardo and Victoria to plan out our oral presentation for chemistry lab, David was suppose to come too but apparently he dropped the class. We figured out what to do in about 5 minutes and then went to Subway to laugh and complain about David while having dinner. I really like my chemistry lab group.

On Wednesday I went to a Scholarship Workshop in the morning, which was really useless because I didn't learn anything I didn't know. After that I went to chemistry and had a good time with Armando, then I went for lunch at Champion's Choice and this creepy guy (kind of geeky) automatically puts his book on my table and walks away .-. without asking me if there was someone sitting there, he had a beard in his cheeks o.O Before calculus I met up with Victoria and Ricardo to make our poster for chemistry lab, we didn't really get anything done so after calculus Victoria and I gathered to finish it, we would still be working on it if it weren't for Courtney who saved our lives. She sent me her power point presentation and it helped us a lot! For dinner I had a TropiChop from Pollo Tropical, and I thought that was going to sky rocket my calories for today leaving me with a red mark but it actually didn't.

On Thursday I had my oral presentation for chemistry lab and we did very well, everybody was like "WHAT?! Did David really dropped the class?! *they sounded kind of relieved" hahaha, it has been long since I've had fun a a chemistry lab, and I'm definitely loving this class. Our TA, Justin, is so funny and my two remaining lab mates are beyond awesome. After lab I finished the first half of "Wooden on Leadership" book, which is the book I had to read for my book club meeting for my leadership program. I had stomach ache in the morning but it turned out just to be gas. Oh! Something I must write is that today is freezing! It's supper cold and cloudy, when I go to chemistry lab it's usually cold because the sun hasn't come up yet but today it stayed cold even after lab class, we were at 16 celsius, that's about 64 fahrenheit. The day did got hotter thanks to the sun and right now (2 PM) we are at a comfy 21 celsius. Oh, also in chemistry lab there is this group that has two people from the Middle East, you know, the know it alls and in every presentation they would ask the hardest things making the group look bad; in our turn this guy made a question that we didn't even understand and our TA was like do you even know that? Justin let us off the hook knowing how douche bags these Middle Eastern guys were and bombarded them when it was time for their group, HA! Karma bitches. Weeks ago I applied to this Photographer position in the Housing Office of Campus and Greg Bowers asked for my portfolio and I have an interview scheduled for Monday!

On Friday I had my chemistry test and I don't feel I did very good :( I'm so sad right now. At 4 PM I went to an Advisor Appointment because I had a hold and to release it I needed to attend a mandatory first-year appointment with my advisor, after that I came back and watched non-stop Grey's Anatomy. Also my chemistry grade was posted and I got a 76, which is a B in this class, I'm kind of relieved but I was really hoping for an 80+. Today marks three weeks I've spent without drinking soda! And I'm still counting my calories, I also noticed that my blue pants from Gap that kind of fitted okay now feels a little loose. I don't want to get me hopes up but I'll keep on not drinking soda and counting my calories.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Week #25: Week Full of A's! - (10/14/2013 - 10/20/2013)

On Monday I had a virtual tour about from the website I'm interested in taking the graphic design certificate, I liked it a lot and when I told my mom she told me that it was best for me to not take that one and instead work with Tia Marilu in December.. I've been asking her this whole weekend what to do and she never answered me.. and when I take the tour she says no.. WTF? It kind of makes sense because the program is kind of pricey but she was also the one who told me to get a certificate.. I was so mad a her. This past weekend felt so productive! I finish my chemistry homework and my 3 math assignments in which I got a 100 in each! Today I spent my hours before calculus at the library highlighting geography and I finished! I feel so proud of myself. Also, Alex told me she and Christian broke up :( I felt angry at first because I think they are a good couple.. but Alex says it's for the best so well.. My duty here is to be for her :) At 7:30 I went to this University Lecture Series with Dolvett Quince, one of the "The Biggest Loser" trainers, and it was really cool. Thanks to him I going on a run tomorrow morning :) Dolvett mention that a great help when getting healthier is to have an absolute, like me and soda right now. I plan on adding more absolutes as time goes by, maybe no more easy mac. That would be a good one, but I wanna first reach to one to three months without soda first, I don't wanna push myself so hard as I normally do.

On Tuesday morning I set my alarm at 8 am and went on a jog, I ran about 2 km in a little over 15 minutes, it's not a bad number but I used to do better; however, I did burned more calories running outside than in the gym so that's a good thing. For breakfast there were no french toasts again :( I had to eat eggs and a banana. I read two of my assign readings for American Studies before lunch and I feel so good about myself, I've been very productive these last few days and I intent to keep it that way. I feel I ate a little too much for lunch, I ate over 600 calories yet my calorie counter says I still have over a 1000 left .-. sometimes calorie counters make me eat more. After the foundations for engineer class I went to the Marshall Student Center to try to do my American Studies paper, and bought some Chick-Fil-A and a drink from the soda machine, I wanted iced tea and the machine gave me an orange soda! I almost felt into the temptation but regained my senses and paid another $1.50 for an iced tea. I am proud of myself :) I finished my American Studies paper due Monday! I can't believe I'm so far ahead!

On Wednesday I finally had french toasts for breakfast! :) Armando didn't show up at chemistry class today so the class was totally boring, I did had small talk with Marc though. Armando texted me that he over slept, the day we had 3 clicker questions haha. I went to the library before calculus so I could highlight me geography chapters for next week and there were no desks available so I ended up sitting in the floor in front of the window between the aisles. I feel I ate so much today! I was about to have a light Jamba Juice smoothie for dinner and ended up having Panda Express.. How the hell did that happened?! I feel so sad :( Food does have the power to make your day either better or worse.. actually it's your decision itself.

Thursday morning I was so tired! This thing of having chemistry lab in the morning is not good; however, the tiredness goes away after a three hour exciting lab. Today David was kind of an ass again, being a know-it-all. Victoria, Ricardo and I did a good job :) we were doing some research on the computer and I thought Victoria was done with scrolling down so I took the mouse and scrolled up a bit, and she got all sassy on me, I should have told her that I thought she was done with it, now I feel all bad. Next week we don't have a lab, we have a presentation so no stress next week.. kind of haha. At noon I went to the Metropolitan Ministries in bus to do some service hours, the ride didn't seem that long although it took about an hour to get there. I got sent to Metro Outfitters which is where homeless people can pick clothes for free, a limited amount of clothes of course. And I hung and distributed some of them, when I was at that I saw Perry Ellis, Coach, Pink, Hollister, Forever 21; even I wanted those clothes haha. After that I got sent to the Metro Market, which is where homeless people can get food which is awesome. At the market I met Michelle and Sara, they both go to USF and Sara gave me a ride back to campus! How sweet of she? She even installed her bike rack for her car just for me :)

On Friday I spend my chemistry class talking with Armando and Marc, we three are going to do the homework together this Sunday :) making more friends woohoo! In my American Studies class I got my first 3 (highest points in the discussion questions assignments) and I also scored a 95 in my American Studies first exam! I went for a jog in the afternoon and ran about 3.16 km, I feel I'm regaining my capacity, because in Panama I used to run over 4 km. Also my Forever 21 package arrived to the post office! I can't wait until they email me to pick it up :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Survival Plan for Engineering School

For my Foundations of Engineering Lab class we had an assignment about making our own survival plan for the next four years and I really liked mine so I thought about posting it. 

Survival Plan for Engineering School
When you announce to your parents that you want to become an engineer the first thing they say is “it’s going to be hard work”, but if both your parents or at least one of them is an engineer they are going to feel proud of you and expect you to do good no matter the struggles you are about to experience; since they already went through it they think it should be easy for you too.
To make a plan you first ought to know what you are getting into, if you had the engineer dad or mom you may think it’s going to be easy and not prepare a much, unluckily that was what happened to me. So I arrived at USF thinking about rainbows and unicorns and BAM the overwhelming demanding assignments hit me and I realized I needed a plan ASAP.
First things first, pin point the problems. As far as I know engineering school will not allow me to party, relax or have really long leisure time to myself so time management will be a problem; adding to the poor amount of time I’ll have, the demand of work for my homework assignments will be very high; plus, every year it will get tougher and tougher.
First step: KEEP MOTIVATED. If you never lose your goal you’ll never drift away. How can I keep motivated? Doing internships, reading about recent discoveries in my field, daydreaming about the future, or just going to a fun place, like Disney or Busch Gardens, and locate every single thing that may apply the concepts I’ll use one day, that way I can relate fun and study.
Second step: HAVE A SCHEDULE. Nothing works better than a pretty detailed schedule of your assignments, study time, and leisure time. Always leave a little gap in between tasks so you can take a breath.  I know for sure that for me, it works better to use my weekends to do all my homework for the upcoming week than doing it the day before. That way I can use my weeknights to relax after a very tiring day full of classes.
Third step: HAVE A GOOD DIET. This might sound irrelevant to all the engineering related topic, but having a good diet and being active gives you the strength and the feeling of being healthy. There’s nothing worse than having a low self-esteem about your body plus the heavy load of college. Having a high self-esteem will help you, believe it or not, to accomplish more tasks.
Fourth step: TAKE A DAY OFF. Take 1 to 2 days a week off, do nothing. Spend the day watching Netflix and sleeping. Some engineering projects demand a lot of creativity and cleverness, and when you are surrounded by so much stress and tasks it’s very hard for the brain to relax and come up with bright ideas. You know why you get so philosophical in the shower and come up with the greatest ideas? Because when you are feeling good and relax, your body secretes a hormone that helps you think beyond the fogginess produced by stress. One thing, don’t go over 2 days because that would be FATAL to your college career.
Fifth step: HAVE A STUDY GROUP. Yeah, professors always mention that to be an engineer you must learn how to work as a team, and they are not lying. Study groups can keep you motivated and help you understand something you didn’t without judging, because they are your friends.
Sixth step: DAYDREAM. I know I mentioned before that in order to keep motivated day dreaming could help, but I feel day dreaming could also really help me accomplish little tedious tasks like a hundred problem calculus homework. When day dreaming about how good it would feel to finish and be able to take that much desirable nap… Ohh I want to take a nap right now just thinking about it. Anyway, day dreaming not just helps you to keep motivated but also to accomplish tasks.
Seventh step: NEVER GIVE UP. No matter how hard it seems the journey will be or how much falls you’ll have along the way, if you keep a positive mind you’ll have a positive outcome. At the end I will be able to say “I went through 4 years of hell and every second of it was worth it because of who I am today”. The feeling of accomplishment you’ll feel at the end will be greater than everyone else’s because everybody told us we would have no life, but it was worth it because now we’ll have the better life.
Eight step: have an emergency box full of candies, chocolates, notes reminding you why you love engineering so much, photos of your family and friends, and any other thing that may help you if somehow you fail to follow all seven previous steps, because sometimes when there’s no inspiration, motivation and accomplishment can’t take place.
Eight simple things to keep in mind to successfully survive college: MOTIVATION. SCHEDULE. FRIENDS. HEALTH. DAY OFF. DAY DREAMING. POSITIVITY. INSPIRATION.
There can be a million more steps to being a great undergrad student of a college of engineering, and every step is valid. It just depends on the person and these are mine. No matter how lost you feel, just keep moving and you’ll get there. 

Friday, October 11, 2013


These past 8 weeks have flown by so fast! Actually we are still on week 7 but still. When I first came here I was so afraid and nervous about all the changes and things I would have to adapt to. If I'm being sincere I thought that I would end up this term without one single friend, but things work out eventually for good.

So, some things I have learned in my first half:

  • Learn to communicate with your roommate if they are being to noisy or annoying. Nothing will change if you don't communicate and take for granted that they won't realize by themselves what a pain in the ass they are. 
  • It's not a big deal to eat by yourself sometimes. We all have different schedules or classes after lunch and you can't afford a chance to get late to class because you didn't want to be rude and leave your friend alone. Eating alone gives you a piece of mind you won't get when you are back in your room with your obnoxious roommate. 
  • YOU WILL BE HOMESICK. No matter how brave and independent you say you are, you will always miss your family and friends, specially your mommy and daddy. Don't be an ass and skype with them once in a while, they will feel that you love them so much you are sparing your study time for them. 
  • Don't get your panties in a knot if your first assignment was not an A. People always feel the first assignment should be an A because it is the easy one, when in fact is the hardest one because you are not used to the new system yet. 
  • Use weekends to make errands and rest. If you are a party person plan the weekends when you know you don't have any big tests coming up. You will see what I'm saying about using weekends to rest when you get there, you won't have enough time to take a quick nap in between classes or during the week because you'll use all that time to school related responsibilities and taking care of yourself (gym, food, social). 
  • FRESHMAN 15! I'm lucky enough my university provides so much tools for me to be healthy; a gym, a trail, outdoor recreation (kayak, rope course, stand up paddling, frisbee). Take advantage all of these to never get the freshman 15. 
  • Don't bother taking the bus if the building for your next class is a 15 minute walk. If you don't wanna get those freshman 15 a good 15 walk everyday will help a lot. 
  • BE GOOD TO SQUIRRELS and they'll be good to you :)

Week #24 (10/07/2013 - 10/13/2013)

On Monday I went to lunch with Armando and two of his friends, Marc and Zach. We had Pollo Tropical :) After that I went to AMS and did my first test. The test gave us 12 terms/quotes about the material and we had to write a short paragraph about each, I think I did well, let's hope for the better. Calculus was endless, two hours of that is enough to kill yourself. I understood nothing about what we saw today. For dinner I had beef broth, a chicken sandwich and a salad. I now have lasted 9 days without drinking soda! Of course I drank last Tuesday to donate blood but that was necessary and I only drank less than half the can. After dinner I went to the library and finished my chemistry lab report within an hour. And I spent the rest of the evening watching Grey's Anatomy, I'm now by season 3.

On Tuesday the Foundations of Engineering lab class was very interesting, we went over through tips for being an engineer and some jokes about being an engineer major in college, I really like my professor. In Foundations of Engineering I was hoping not to bump into Ahmad because things have gone really weird and awkward but my luck didn't go that long, he sat next to me and he smelled weird... He stood up to look for his resume and then he disappeared and never came back, I was so relieved. I know it's kind of mean to feel this way but I don't know, he's just a little weird. At night I skyped with Alex, and we talked and talked and talked :) We should talk more often. After Alex I skyped with Rod and had a good time talking :) I did no homework today and I feel terribly guilty.

On Wednesday I felt so tired in calculus, my eyes were itchy and I was just... I couldn't take it anymore; anyway I went after calculus to meet up with Victoria and David to discuss what we were going to do on Thursday. Victoria had it all figured out so I went to eat Champion's Choice for dinner, I installed back the lose it app and I ended the day with 89 calories under budget! I even had the chance to eat a brownie and drink an iced tea from Starbucks. I thought the iced tea was going to suck since all the iced teas I've had in the US are unsweetened, but it was really good. I finished all my school work before 9! And I ended the night watching X Factor and Grey's Anatomy.

On Thursday I was hoping to see french toast for breakfast but darn my luck, I had to do with scramble eggs. Our chemistry lab turned out pretty good, well... really REALLY good :) I still feel sad that there will always be a unit that will not work yet think they are the boss of us. I have been craving french toast all week and decided to bike to IHOP to get some, the round trip was about 8 miles! and it took me close to an hour in total. It was not really worth it, sincerely I like more the ones they serve at Fresh Foods. I ended up my day with 100 and something calories under budget, and I got there by going to the gym. If I had not gone to the gym I would have surpassed the counter by about 800 calories! All the biking and exercise I did was for my trip to IHOP haha. I watched Glee's memorial episode for Cory, I didn't like it very much but I did cry. I successfully finish all of my homework before 8:30, and I feel kind of proud. My mom told me she booked the airplane tickets for thanksgivings! I don't know is Patty is coming yet, I hope she is, she asked in the group when was my mom flying here so that could be a sign :D Mom is coming from Wednesday before thanksgivings until Tuesday after thanksgivings.

On Friday I finally had some french toasts for breakfast! I only had one serving because I'm sticking to my Lose It! app, and in total I had over 500 calories just for breakfast XD so now I have to watch out for the ret of the day. Today is gonna be a very boring day because I have to do my geography assignment, and it is really really boring, I'm thinking about dropping it and adding an in-class next year or whatever. Every term I get the urge to drop that one course, in spring it was biology (which I ended up with an A), I just hope I can improve my geography grade :S

My mom is right now at the "Feria Internacional de Artesanias Aileen" in Panama, selling my grandma's sawdust decorative bottles, and her left over sewing kits. I really hope they can sell it all :)

Mornings are very cold in here, I still can't get used to these mornings, on Thursday when I had to wake up before 7 AM for my chemistry lab the weather marked 17 celsius. And I wanted to go to Michigan XD Still, I like the coldness :) I like wearing hoodies and fall and winter like clothing.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


After a not so good night sleep, I slept about 6 or 5 hours compared to my full 8 hours of sleep everyday. I called my mom this morning to tell her about my concerns and she told e something that was very helpful. She told me to get my degree in mechanical engineering even if I don't end up in an engineering career and maybe get a graphic design certificate or minor. It totally makes sense because if anything happens I can work with my mechanical engineering degree almost anywhere and if everything goes well I can pursue my career for graphic design with the knowledge I have. 

I don't know what I'd do without my mom. :)

Monday, October 7, 2013


I'm very indecisive I know... Maybe mechanical engineering is my thing and I'm just a little afraid of the future math and physics courses. But I also would like majoring in graphic design.. The courses of that major kind of bores me but I would really like to work as a graphic designer in a future. I really need to think this through and talk to my mom and that about it. It's midnight and I'm just writing my guts out in here because I know dad is gonna be mad at me and mom is going to be disappointed. Tomorrow I have a meeting with an advisor and I will ask her opinion, maybe she can guide me. 

I would really like to be a graphic designer, but what will happen to all the money my parents spend in for the past month and the next 2 and a half? That is why I'm scared, I don't wanna be a waste of money for my dad and mom. 

I'll have trouble sleeping tonight, I'm sure about that. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week #23 (09/30/2013 - 10/06/2013)

On Monday I went to Chemistry and this guy with british accent asks if he can sit next to me, he starts talking to me and I BARELY understand, he name is Sam. We ended up doing the group assignment together with Armando and another guy named Adam. After Calculus me and Courtney had planned going to the "Engineers Without Borders" meeting, since we have to go to two meetings for our Foundations of Engineering Lab class. We had some dinner before going to the meeting and we had a great time, when we got to the building where the meeting was going to take place nobody was there.. we waited like 10 minutes and nobody was there. We gave up and went back home, I said that we stayed for nothing and Courtney said that it wasn't nothing, because she got to have dinner with a friend, how cute? So when I got back I skyped with Rod and the funniest thing happened, his Dad walked into Momo's room in nothing but his underpants XD I just covered my eyes and laughed haha.

I like Tuesdays because I have two really easy classes, and I did absolutely nothing in them. In Foundations of Engineering though I did got a little nervous, because I've been kind of avoiding Ahmad, I know it's the wrong thing to do since he has done nothing wrong but I feel awkward with him. So I was really nervous because we have that class together, I think he came late though because he didn't sit next to me. I did heard his voice a couple of rows behind me and from then I didn't turn me head anymore. I also texted me and I was kind of cold with him, and at the end I stayed a little bit longer so I didn't bumped into him. After that class I went to the CSL Orientation (Certified Student Leadership Program). So for this program I need a coach to kind of mentor me, and I'm very introvert when it comes to new people so I asked Justin Fitzgerald, hi is the coordinator of the Civic Engagement program and he said he was honored :) After that I met with David to start the poster for our Chemistry Lab presentation, Victoria and Ricardo were not there. Ricardo it makes sense because he has to work but why didn't Victoria show up? Well, I worked with David. Strangely he was kind of pleasant today, it may be because he forgot to take his ADHD pill and was all hyper and stuff. I ended up doing most of the work but that's okay, I kind of wanted to be in charge. He also told me the clases for Spring 2014 were just scheduled so at 10:30 I began doing my new schedule, it ended up pretty well, I have no classes on Thursdays and just one class on Tuesdays. I'm just taking four classes next semester (Calculus II, Physics I, Physics Lab I and Economics for Engineers), which is good because next on the summer I'll be taking a couple more in Florence (maybe).

I now love french toast, I don't know if I have never had french toast but I just love having them for breakfast. Every morning if there are no bananas or apples I eat a french toast. Anyway, today was a boring day, the only exciting part was that I donated blood! I saw the bus and went straight into it, they pinched my finger and measured I don't know what. It hurt a little and I felt kind of clumsy and tired afterwards but I was wearing my bandage with pride. They gave me two t-shirts and a $10 gift card from IKEA. I really want to do it again but not in the near future because it really drained me. At night I met with David and Victoria to do the poster, it didn't come out as I wanted but what kind I do? They are not Alex or Ambar or Zhanzhy... I also had to go to a American Studies screening about a very boring movie. These movies of the 50s, today I saw "The Manchrian Candidate". The thing about these movies are that they are related to their background history because at that time the study of the mind was very popular.

On Thursday I delivered my Chemistry lab speech, I was really REALLY nervous and that gave me stomach ache, and it really hurt because I had eggs and milk for breakfast. The milk really had that factor that made me sick, still, I said my speech all right and I didn't forget a thing. After lab I went to the bookstore because they had a flash sale today on all hoodies and sweatpants so I bought myself a sweatshirt and I bought Jose David a hoodie because he had asked for one. I lunched some pasta with meatballs and that worsen my stomach ache to the extend it still hurt when I was sitting down. Despite the pain I had to get on the bus and go to the Metropolitan Ministry to do my first volunteering session. The first half of the ride I felt really really bad, the second half was a little bit better though. When I got there and got assigned my tasks the pain went away. I met really nice people, Juan and Daniel, both from Venezuela. I chop onions and peppers, fixed over a hundred sandwiches, and cleaned the fridge. Yeah, those storage freezers that you an get trap into if you close the door haha. Juan offered me some dinner from the buffet and I enjoyed some nuggets and fries, I also had a juice with a very particular (in the good way) flavor, it was strawberry-kiwi-banana :) The ride back was really tiring, I felt asleep a couple of times. Back here I watched x-factor and chilled for a while, after that I hung out with Peyton, Chelsi and Kaitlyn.

On Friday I had some breakfast, and they have not had french toasts for two days now :( they had bacon though, but it was kind of thick and greasy and yucky! Armando wants me to go to this dancing thing at the MSC tonight haha, if only he knew I'm so not a dancer. On Chemistry I forgot my clicker and I loose a couple of points :( I've been waiting for this weekend for a long time, a weekend where I don't have to wake up early or do anything other than a couple of school related work. After American Studies I went to Armando's because I was having trouble with my chemistry homework and we finished it, I had a good time :) I ended the night watching Grey's Anatomy, X Factor, and finishing up "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" by J.K. Rowling and I give it 4.7 stars.