Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello May!

There's the Cirque Du Soleil ticket to see Dralion!

So what's new this month?
  • Final Exams Week 
  • Vacation Week!
  • First Week of Summer Term
  • Cirque Du Soleil Tickets
  • Alaska Cruise Trip with the Family!
I always get excited when a month has so many big events going on, hope to add more stuff I'll do.
And just to have fun on my vacation week I'll do one of those famous photo-a-day projects :) I'll create my own.

A Powerful Mind - How To Manage Stress

There are two types of stress for me: the one where you are totally blocked and you barely make it through just before falling into the deadly tentacles of death, and the one where I feel it extremely easy to finish a task thanks to the motivation of stress.

Now. How do I transform the first type of stress (let's call it the Tentacles of Death), to the second type (the Anchor To Happiness)? For me it's simple, maybe for you it's different but we may have some similarities. What I do is visualize myself finishing everything I have to do, and when I finish visualizing it I realize it's really simple. And that whatever is stopping me from getting there is pure bullshit.

So whenever I'm blocked I just visualize, for example: today I have to study five chapters of Biology for the day after tomorrow. Gosh that sounds like a lot doesn't it? Well maybe if I just spend an hour on each chapter without any distractions, I might finish and still have time to catch up on my reading this week (It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini, that's where I got the tentacles and anchor stuff).

The only obstacle in between you and your Anchor of Happiness is yourself (actually just your mind), and how can you counter the Tentacle of Death? With mind itself. Mind vs. mind. You are your own enemy.

Recommended book: It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini, what I learn from this book (and I haven't finish it yet) is that school might seem like a huge problem, like getting a job and having a place to live are all you need. But really, that's not the meaning of life. It's not up to me to describe what's its meaning, but I think you get the idea.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Anatomy of a Stomach Ache

What it is vs. What I feel
I found the picture on the left and could only think of what I photoshopped on the right haha.

The Best Friend Argument

What is a best friend? What's its role? Is a best friend suppose to be talking, or texting with you 24/7 or is it someone that casually texts you but you know is always there for you when you need him/her.

How do you know he or she is your best friend? Is it reciprocal? Can I be your best friend while you have another one who's not me?

I have three best friends, one is my boyfriend so he doesn't count, so the point is: one is always texting with me and we spend hours and hours talking non sense (I like that), and the other one is the total opposite, the other one just talks to me when she/he needs something. 
How do I know if it's reciprocal? With girls it's pretty easy, they just tell you "you are my best friend and you'll always be", the tricky thing is that how am I sure? I don't know why but with boys you just know you are close, but how close?

What's my role? With either one, is to be there for them. There to just listen and not judge. But sometimes it's hard for me... Because how can you be so good if in your mind you think the friendship it's not reciprocal. 

Something that bothers me a lot, that shouldn't bother me, is that just because you are the "best friend", they can treat you as they wish because they know you'll never leave. And they treat a less close friend better than they treat you. I did that once and I'm terribly ashamed. I'm not judging because I have done it too, but if they already know how I feel: why keep doing it? I'm kind of jealous, you know? I just want to be heard and to be trusted.

A best friend for me is something very VERY delicate. Trust is something very valuable as well as honesty. Without those two factors there's no friendship. 

With the reciprocal issue, I just risk myself, because I've lost too many friends, and even if it's not reciprocal I want to give all I've got, to never feel regret. I know it is not fair to me, but I just want to sent outward what I feel inside. Pure love.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm Kinda Into Photography #3

I remember when I was 12. My dad used to take me to the park to throw ball with me and my cousins. I just started this new passion for baseball, Red Sox fan 100%! I watched every game with my dad and talk about it over dinner, poor mom haha. I was going through my stuff and I found my baseball glove. I miss those times when dad used to go out and play with me. This was the only hobby he and I had in common, so we were both sighted if we were going to the park. Times change, breathe in every little memory you have, harness the time with you father/mother.

I actually took this on my window, lol. 1/160 sec, aperture of 8.0, ISO 100 and a zoom lense 18-55mm. I also used flash to get that effect from the clouds, because it was actually very bright.

The Favor Protocol

Hi, how are you? It's been a while huh? - says a person who usually doesn't talk to you. And you and I both know what's coming ahead.
Hmm all good here, what about you? - I reply.
I'm good too. Hey, can I ask you something? - And here comes what we all know.. A damn favor. There's gotta be somebody you know that only talks to you to ask for a favor. I get so annoyed, but obviously I don't show it because it would be rude, so instead I post it here because I know there's gotta be someone else who can relate to me.

And after they go through the protocol  and ask you for the favor, which you heartily decline, comes the final protocol:
So what are you up too? What have you been doing? We should hang out. This is a pattern I've noticed in every person who asks for a favor, of course is obvious to do it because it seems to be the right thing. But for me.. It just annoys me even more because you act like you are casually talking with me, when your real motives are just plain selfish. 

Meanwhile I just tell myself to: Be patient. Be nice to people. Breathe.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week #1 (04/22/2013 - 04/28/2013)

So, this week began with the culmination of my video. I made a music video for my English Final Project. You can see the lyrics here: http://pitstoptowonderland.blogspot.com/2013/04/im-freshman-and-my-enc-1101-final.html

The week started off good, I got a 95 in my Psychology quiz and an 80 in my Math quiz. In between my free time I saw the Kardashian Special with Ryan Seacrest and Married to Jonas (I'm a fan of reality shows). I also like series like Glee, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl.. and more. But I hate when they just decide to skip the week.. I also started reading another book since I finished "Jesus is _____." by Judah Smith. I'm reading "The Prisoner of Cell 25" by Richard Paul Evans. So long, very very VERY interesting. It's similar to the series of "I Am Number Four", the Lorien Legacies.

On Monday I went to my second class of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). This time wasn't as awful as the first time. My first time I almost fainted, and my muscles hurt all week long; however, this week we weren't put through the same as last week. We did more technical stuff than physical. Now I know two Jiu Jitsu locks and a little bit of Muay Thai and Kickboxing. I LOVE IT! And beware, because I'm all about getting better.

On Tuesday I went for a run on my rooftop. I love running around 5 or 6 o'clock when the sun is setting and the wind blowing. When there's still light but it's also a little dark. Today was the first day I ran after 17 days of procrastination, and as I suspected I was going to be in awful conditions. Today I ran 3.4 km, when I normally run 4.25 km.

Wednesday was my last day of Psychology 2012 and ENC 1101 this Spring Term. I feel so not ready for the exams next week, any tip to ace them without stress? I also wento to class #3 of MMA! Gosh! Today we did a lot of locks. Let me tell you: it's so disgusting to do this when your partner is all sweaty. Yuck! And when the day was coming to an end, I finished the book I was reading: "The Prisoner of Cell 25" I liked the drama and the characters; however, the final battle seemed a little too boring for me. Next book: "It's Kind of a Funny Story" by Ned Vizzini. I love to read at midnight just before falling asleep. (Add me on goodreads! Stacy Kam) 

Finally Saturday! Bought 8 tickets for Iron Man 3, for me and my friends. Sat on the back row, my seat was on the corner. The lights came off and Tony Stark's voice came through the speakers. It was AWESOME. I'm an Iron Man fan since day one. The battle was so surreal, and Robert Downey Jr's performance was off the hook. I love his awesomeness on screen, his cockiness; but I could also feel his love for Pepper Potts. I give this movie 5 STARS. Now I'm waiting for Thor 2 and The Avengers 2. 

This looks so funny. Wish I had a Mark, sigh.

And this, was my week. Week #1 on my blog. I love making these posts, because not only I write what I've done this week; I also relive it.

Get yourselves ready because next week are the Final Exams. Woohoo.. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm Kinda Into Photography #2

So, here's the so famous picture you take with low speed (30"). It kinda looks awful because I took it from my window, you can see the curtain's reflection. Used aperture of 22 and ISO of 200. Taken at El Dorado, Panama.

I was thinking about buying a new DSLR. Right now I have a Sony a-580, but I was thinking about buying between a Canon or a Nikon. I haven't made my mind yet, but it's sure thing I'm buying another one :)

This was like the 5th shot. I was having trouble with the steadiness of the landscape. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bucket List

Before I die I want to:

  • Travel to London
  • Eat healthy for more than a month at least
  • Go to Disney World with my friends
  • Go to a Bruno Mars concert - which I will on August 28th!! - 
  • Go on a Ski Trip with my friends
  • Be the best dressed at a party
  • Do river rafting
  • Run 10K
  • Have a Youtube Video hit
  • Go to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park

I'm Kinda Into Photography.

Feel free to comment any recommendation or observation!

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Handy Tip - Perfume

I am a lazy kind of person. Every time I enter the bathroom looking for something I never turn on the lights, because I assume I'll find what I'm looking for in a matter of seconds.


Was what I heard. I turned on the lights and there was my Abercrombie perfume spilled all over the floor. It was halfway the container. So, what to do when this happens?

Grab any two or three pieces of clean clothes, and lightly tap them on the floor. That way you won't have wasted a fourth of your perfume. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Enjoy Those Little Things

Last night was my cousin's 14th birthday, and she wanted to go to Hard Rock Cafe. So we went, sat down on a table at the back of the restaurant and our waiter came to serve the drinks.

What I love/hate most of restaurants, stores, anything that has to do with service is: the attitude the server has.

And when I get a cranky waiter, I get cranky and that ruins the whole evening. But when I get a happy, funny, loving waiter, our whole evening shines.

It first began with - don't you remember my name?- he said. Obviously we didn't because he never told us, but my cousin quickly look for his tag and said "Samuel!" haha. He bought it and kept smiling.

My granddad is a big photography man, and while he was setting the fancy drinks to appear on the shoot, he tilt over my mom's mix of Pineapple and who knows what else. Everyone was laughing, ever the waiter. Normally a waiter would get cranky and treat us poorly the rest of the evening. But Samuel was more than happy to clean up the mess my grandpa made.

Those little things.. Whenever you get a waiter as good as ours was, be thankful. They are rare and in extinction.

There you can see a yellow spot on the table behind the glass of pineapple whatever. Samuel took the picture. And a random waiter snicked in the picture haha.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Jesus is..

I am an active reader. I read whenever I can. Usually I read Young Adult books that involve romance or even some sci fi books. But this week, as I was scrolling down goodreads.com I stumbled with a book I've heard of. I'm not a believer at all but when Justin Bieber made a shoutout of the book it intrigued me. "Jesus is: Find a New Way to Be Human" by Judah Smith.

"I don't mean to insult anyone. But freedom starts with honesty. We aren't doing ourselves any favors by defining ourselves as good and others as bad. Let's just agree we all need help, that we are all in this together."
Now, isn't that so true? When you compare yourself with someone 'worser' and tell yourself you are not that bad considering. I'm only by page 50 so far, and I have highlighted 13 segments I have loved.

What do you do when a friend or family member is doing something considered bad? Come on.. Think about it. The book says that "if Jesus had one shot at fixing us, he'd tell us how much he loves us". Does that makes any sense to you? It does to me. It's not your job to tell wrong from right and apply those as laws for a good morality. Everyone has their on level or grading of what's right and what's wrong. I think Jesus handled the fixing very well. When you are doing something 'wrong' you normally think about yourself and no one else. But what I feel when Jesus tells me that he loves me, is that there's someone who cares, there's someone expecting me to do the right thing. Althought you shouldn't do something for anyone than yourself, it feels pretty damn good to be kind of a role model or making somebody proud.

Jesus is our friend. Don't forget about him, he's what keeps you from falling.

Book recomendation: Jesus is: Find a New Way to Be Human by Judah Smith.

Pending: watch Judah Smith's youtube videos.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm Going Home

I'm a freshman, and my ENC 1101 final project is a song. I wrote it in about 30 minutes in class. It felt weird to remember my childhood, especially if you had to remember all those details you wish to avoid. Awkwardness and embarrassment flood my thoughts. But I had to finish what I began. This song is about the oppression school applied in my use of creativity in writing. I used to be pretty creative and also clever in my use of words. But school messed it all up, implying "common sense" rules. I mean.. creative writing is called creative for some reason. I had my own magic train who took me to every place I created through my words, and they just bombarded my peaceful trip and caused a train wreck. Fortunately I found my way in my early teens, and I found it through music.

"I'm Going Home"

Two days in a row, stuck in the same mess
My head is in the clouds, but it feels more like a pain
You making me your puppet, telling me what to say
Can’t take it anymore, of this silly game
I know that you know, which is driving me nuts
But I’ll tell you anyway, to get it out of my way

I’m going home, the place that I belong
Where my heart comes from
And there’s nothing but freedom
I’m going home, to see the people that I love
To make my way through the door
And let you see my work

Weekend all alone, nobody who controls
I pour my soul onto, the cold cold rain
My hands write tragedies, even a rock could feel
Then the weekend’s over, back to puppetry


Run run through the cold freezing rain
Let it wash what’s been washed from your brain
Stop stop making a fool out of me
Put an end to what won't let you free


- ME

Rear View Mirror

Have you ever thought you can't move on due to a past relationship? That your past defines your future? Or are you on the other side of the dilemma and state that no matter what, the past will never define who you're going to be.

A week ago I began to read "Avoiding Commitment" by K. A. Linde. And it really opened my eyes, I mean sure, as long as we move on and leave the ashes burn by themselves in the darkness, never looking back; past will never affect you. But what really is, is that past has already changed you.

I have experienced betrayal, hate upon me, and getting stuck between two uncomfortable situations. Those situations in which you know which is the correct one and which is the one you want. Unfortunately, those who are strong always lean to the correct choice. I made that mistake. The mistake of being strong for the ones you love. And because of that, experienced how little do people understand. Especially those who seem to know you the most.

The thing is, that no matter how bright or dim your future looks like. You may think it's all because of the hard work you've done in the present. But somehow your past interfered.

Next time you regret going through a horrible past. Be thankful. Those awful memories stuck forever in your head. Those sensations you get when you see those who were involved. The regret and pain your eyes can show. Were not in vain. Thanks to every little decision you made, you are who you are right now.

Be strong. Be faithful to yourself.

Book recommendation: Avoiding Series by K. A. Linde