Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Sunday (6/30/2013)

Today mom and I went for lunch with my grandma and great grandmother to Multiplaza Mall. They ate at Crepes and Waffles while I ate chicken tenders from Carl's Jr. I know what you are thinking.. "How lame, you could have eaten a sophisticated crepe but chose mediocre chicken tenders". The thing is: I've always been like that. Choosing crappy food over luxurious one. After lunch we went and bought Cristy's birthday cake at Dairy Queen (Oreo Blizzard), then we stopped by the tech store to pick up dad's new tablet (which is totally a surprise) and finished our outing going to the super market. 

When we got back home mom went to charge the new tablet while I read my new book: "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire which is turning out pretty good. Right now I'm about 50% of the book through and don't know how is it going to develop because there has been so much drama in this half of the book. Also the girl is finally with the guy who she's supposed to be, at the middle of the book. I have no idea what's coming ahead. 

At 6:30 we went to a Chinese Restaurant in celebration of Cristy's 23! The menu was kind of put together by her, so there was a lot of green stuff. Everybody showed up at the dinner, including my dad, Luis and David (Cristy's boyfriend). We had a nice time and specially enjoyed the birthday cake, yummy!

When we came back home we gave dad our present! He was so so so excited! I though he was going to be mad because we spend so much money on him, but he was actually thrilled to have a new toy. We spent about hour and a half installing his games, e-mail, and else. He was smiling the whole time, so happy we got him that; specially now that he is working on the mines and has nothing to do and no way of contacting with us. I miss him so much :( But I'm happy we got to put a smile on his face tonight. 

I'll miss my pop so much when I departure for college, and my mom too. Poor mom, she'll be alone at home, and dad alone at work, while I'll be alone at college. Either way we'll make it through.

I loved this day, primarily because of dad's face when he got his present. Life's not about presents and objects, it's about the joy that comes out of them, or out of anything. Material things are not bad ways of happiness, but is another source capable of giving us joy. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #18

I'm coming to the realization that I'm becoming such a YouTube addict! I don't know if that's good or bad, but I'm sure entertaining myself on those dull days. So here are some interesting videos I found:

I kind of knew this already from my PSY 2012 course, but lately I've been having such a bad sleeping habit. Here are some tips you may wanna know about your power naps. 

And also some "Amazing Facts to Blow your Mind", I love these. 

And finally some info about productivity, I really like this channel :)

Getting excited?

First I found out that I could get in-state tuition instead of out-of-state and now I've talked to two of my roommates, actually one roommate and one suitemate, and they seem so cool and we share some interests. I first talked to my roommate, Hannah, a couple of months ago, what I like about her is that she's not a party girl and is focused on academics just like me. We went through ups and downs together when we got assigned to a hall we did not wanted because it was traditional style and you had to share a bathroom with a whole floor and then we both asked for a room exchanged and got put into Delta Hall! Which is a suite style hall. Then Grace, one of my suitemates, contacted me and we have so much in common! It's amazing. We both love Busch Gardens, traveling, and sports. I guess I found my roller coaster partner! 

I'm getting so excited now that I know a couple of people I like and the date is getting so close! In 49 days is my departure flight to Tampa! 

USF Bulls Pride! 

YouTube Daily Shoutout #17 - Channing Tatum

Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel Live to do kind of a song about Channing Tatum. Not about him, but about his name. It's called "I Wanna Channing All Over Your Tatum" and it's hilarious. First is the interview which I think is better to see first to be able to understand the music video. 

And then here's the official music video, with Miley Cyrus as a guest. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #16 - Science

I found this channel that uploads videos about scientific questions we are curios about because we experience it in our daily life. I love the old school animated videos in which you just draw with markers on a white board. This first video is about the Snooze Button. Should we press it? Does it make us sleepier or does it actually help us wake up?

The second video from the same channel is about Why Do We Cry? You know the different reasons like from happiness, pain, sadness or allergies; and this video explains a little more deeper about our tears and the reasons why we actually cry.

And the last video has nothing to do with science in our daily lives but I totally rocked this song. It's a song mentioning all the elements of the periodic table, and one day when my life comes to nothing but procrastination I'll try to learn it, pinky swear!

If you wanna see more about this channel click here, here! HERE :D it's called Science ASAP.

Poem - "I Felt Alone, Then I Stood"

This is a poem I posted in my other blog Underground Poetry and is about how I felt when I was younger. I felt that I didn't fit anywhere because of who I was, and to be able to have a social life I needed to change. Now, I see that being who I am is the only way to make long lasting friendships and relationships. It brings me to tears the way children and teenagers have to learn that lesson by being bullied, or pressured into being someone they are not. I reread this poem every once in a while because it gives me confidence in knowing that what I'm doing is the right thing, and what I'm doing is simply being myself. Always stay true to yourself.

I felt alone in a dark room
where all eyes were on me
I tried to stand up, but slipped
and then everybody laughed

I feel embarrassment of living in my own skin
I feel alone because  nobody would love me
The problem is: I love who I am
And even if I get days like this, someday...
I will stand

I will stand tall with nothing to fear
I will surpass whatever you think of me
I may fall again and get punched in the face
But I will never give up on being who I am

You've bullied me enough, to the core you don't know
You got in my head and pretended nothing's wrong
You showed your pretty face while smiling away
Telling secrets of mine, leaving a scar behind. 

That scar will forever remain in my heart
You once were my friend, but now you're just a liar
I have stood in front of you for you to see
Nothing can scare me, not even my darkest dreams. 


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Apple iOS 7 #2

Here's a very complete review about the new Apple's iOS 7.
What a down side about the folders part. Overall I do agree with the review and like the new features except the folder part. I feel like this new update will bring the feeling of having like a new iPhone.

YouTube Daily Shoutout #15 - Education

I found this video uploaded a couple of months ago about a student that teaches his teacher a lesson. Well, the teacher was pretty mind close and that's a reality students have to face. Teachers are close minded to their own beliefs and are oblivious to our opinions and facts. This guy told the teacher what needed to be heard, and she just told him to get out never giving him the benefit of doubt. I have personal experience with these kinds of teachers and I absolutely dislike them.

Here's the news' interview with the guy:

And here's an old video that I watched months ago that really, REALLY touched my heart. That's all I've got to say, this video is the truth. 

Week #9 (06/24/2013 - 06/30/2013)

On Monday I had to wake up early to go to the US Consulate to issue my student visa (F1). I spent about an hour and 45 minutes in there. It was torture because they don't let you enter with electronic devices and stuff, and you just had to sit there and wait and wait and wait. I did some of my homework in the meantime but not too much. After the errands I finally came back home and guess what? The electricity fell down! It was raining heavily and even a tree fell down in my street on top of a couple of cars. I stayed without electricity for about 4 hours! When it came back I thought it was all good, but I still had no internet. So I put on a movie to distract me from the madness, The Incredible Hulk. I don't know if it was the first on or the second one, but at the end there was a scene with Tony Stark in it! I love Tony Stark. Then the internet got back again and I continued watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, which I was interrupted when the electricity first fell. And after ten minutes watching it the internet falls again! Un-fucking-believable! I'm going nuts with no internet. I can't believe we have fallen in such a need of electricity. It’s 9:45 PM and I’ve been going in and out my room and where the modem is, resetting and turning on and off. NOTHING. I’ll have to wait until morning and watch my series at FSU.

Tuesday did not start with a morning from hell, but I still didn’t have internet! Precalculus was tremendously boring, and started a little bit confusing. The professor started talking about cones and we ended up doing parabolas? There must be a connection but I am not seeing it. At noon I went upstairs to connect to Wi-Fi and finish my Kardashian’s episode from Sunday, but had trouble connecting to the internet! Gosh! I’m stressing out so much! I can’t live without internet. So frustrating! After about fifteen minutes trying and trying I got it to work, and finally saw the whole episode. When classes finished I gave Kevin a ride home and we stopped by Lung Fung. He bought me some snacks, but I don’t like Chinese sweet bread, so I gave it to my mom. When I got home I still had no internet! So I made myself a smoothie, since I had nothing else to do.

Also because I have banned soft drinks from my house following Rod’s lead. I made a blueberry-strawberry-banana smoothie. The first time I did on was ok, but this one was really yummy! I blended half a cup of frozen blueberries, half a cup of frozen strawberries, one whole banana (next time I’ll use half a banana), one cup of milk and three spoons of white sugar. The trick I made this time was that I added no ice. Last time I added two handfuls of ice and the smoothie was kind of bleh, but this time without the ice it was really smooth and a little cold due to the frozen berries. Gosh! It’s good enough that I have no internet, but the internet keeps teasing me appearing for 1 minute and disappearing the next hour! Finally got hold of Cable Onda (my internet, cable and phone supplier), and guess through where? Twitter! Mom has been calling all the afternoon and with a simply Tweet I got hold of them. Such a bad service. Changing subject, outfit for the night: Gap Jacket, K and K Jeans, Toms, and my Michael Kors purse. I went to Albrook Mall to watch “Man of Steel” with Rod. I rumble through three outfits to end up with a super casual wear. My
thoughts on the movie: cool but not so cool. It was a little bit boring and lacked some story and action. The actor himself, Henry Cavill, was not that hot either. I came back home around 10 PM and the car ride was a little awkward because Rod's mom waited for us 20 minutes outside of the mall because she had not cellphone with her, so Rod and her had an awkward silent dispute. Finally home and still no internet. Guess I'll have to wait until the Cable Guy arrives :(

I've been on PJs all day! Woohoo!
Wednesday! The internet is back! I survived two whole days without internet and cable. I woke up, played Hay Day, ate fried chicken for lunch and for dessert another smoothie! I feel so healthy drinking a home made smoothie with real fruit and milk. One big milestone accomplished today: something to do with a law permitting same sex marriages in I belief California! I'm so happy for all gay people over there having the chance of marrying the one they love. I also finished the book "Falling Into You" by Jasinda Wilder Tuesday night I think or was it Monday night? Anyways, I give it 3.5 stars because the sex parts where just too long and descriptive, I mean, just tell me they had sex and maybe a little detail but that's it. Don't describe it like I wanna know to try it out on my own... Mondays and Wednesdays are the days my maid comes to my house to clean up, and first thing I noticed when I came back to my room? The toilet paper was not the way it's supposed to be. The maid replaced the old toilet paper with a new one and put it the wrong way. And there's no MMA this week because MAFA is moving its facilities to another establishment in Plaza Mirage. Man, I'm so tired of doing homework. Shouldn't college be like homework is optional and it will show results in tests and papers? So so sick of doing so much homework, specially about English. Thank God I'm not going to be a journalist or something like that, I would kill myself with homework about reading comprehension and stuff. And I still haven't figure out what to buy my mom for her birthday, which is tomorrow. She's turning 53! And then on Friday is my Aunt Marilu's birthday, and on Tuesday of next week is Cristy's birthday! Week full of birthdays. 

Another Thursday, 8 more days of classes to go until the Summer Term ends! We are more than half way the term! I got a 84 in precalculus, not bad but not  what I really expected. At English the professor let us way before it was time to go and also told us that by next week if we turn in the last two homeworks and last two essays we can dismissed ourselves from the course! That means I can finish with my English course like 3 or 2 weeks before it's time! I love that professor, although I dislike the subject. I felt pretty productive at lunch time. I went up stairs, bought to mini pizzas and did my English and precalculus homework! Since I finished early I went to Dorianne's to hang out for a while before trigonometry. At trigonometry I payed no attention at all and did some problems from the book instead. The book is so much better than this professor. Before coming back home I stopped by Arrocha and bough something for my mom for her birthday. I bought her one of those make up bags and filled it with dark chocolate, I also printed the pictures I'll be taking to college at Tampa, and bough a little make up bag for myself too. For dinner I had fried chicken again /: and a half portion of my nutritious fruity smoothie because I was running low in milk, in fact I finished the carton. Late at night I watched some videos from Science ASAP from YouTube, one about weight loss; and it mentioned that it helps if you count your calories, so that's what I'm going to do from now on. Thursday's total number of calories consumed was: 1386. Based on a calorie calculator I found on the internet I should eat about 1900 calories per day. 

Friday is usually my lay back day, but this Friday I went and did a favor to my grandpa. Some important people from Chung Zhang (Canton, China) came to visit Panama, and since my grandpa is the President of the Chung Zhang association here in Panama he had to be there, so he asked me to help him and tale pictures. We arrived 1 and a half hour early at the airport and waited (in the meantime I did my first Instagram video which is down below), my grandpa had this whole arrival thing schedule and prepared with banners, flowers and thought about every shot I must take. Of course it didn't go the way my grandpa wanted. He was pissed at first but then he recovered. After that we went to Golden Unicorn to have a little bite to eat since it was 3 in the afternoon, oh God I feel so bad eating so much food. After that we came back to my grandparent's and I ran into my little cousin Patty, and we spent the rest of the evening talking, watching Youtube videos and I tried to help her with her homework. For dinner we went to Lung Fung and my mom brought me some clothes to change into since it was kind of a formal-casual dinner. I wore a floral dress with leather booties from Forever 21. I am so disgusted of Chinese food, I ate it for Father's day, for my aunt and mom's birthday, for this dinner, and I'll eat it again on Sunday for Cristy's birthday. This dinner was really fun, I talked a lot with Rafa's (Rafael Martinez) grandpa and also with my dad. I told my dad about the scholarship granting me with in-state tuition, and he was blown away! Like Rod said, there's nothing that can make a dad happier than telling him something is going to be cheaper than it's original price. When I came home, finally, I went straight to bed falling asleep while watching E News.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #14

This guy is awesome! Not only he plays guitar with one hand but he can also bounce a basketball while playing. Awesomeness in 54 seconds. 

Toyota is going to donate up to 1000000 meals depending on this video's views, to the affected on the Hurricane Sandy incident in New York. 

This looks like a cool project. To make a Coke or any kind of drink into a slushy. The down part is that you have to wait a little bit more than three hours.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week #8 (06/17/2013 - 06/23/2013)

August is coming, and I'll be leaving Panama. At first I was, and still am, so excited. But when I think about my mom and dad, and my family; I will miss them so much. That's kind of taking the edge of my excitement. On Monday I woke up at 12:30 in the afternoon. I spent almost the whole night finishing "Ten Tiny Breaths" by K. A. Tucker which I absolutely loved. The end was so shocking. I kind of new something was up, but never imagined that would've happened. I give it 5 stars, because I really loved it. When I finish a book I suffer a reading hangover (when you are still into the previous book and can't move on to another one). I love these love stories so much, I fall in love with every guy, every story and their past. What I like most about reading is getting into the part when everybody spills out their past. Moving on, I have spent three hours watching series (Keeping up with the Kardashians and Necessary Roughness), and YouTube videos. Last weekend I was trying to convince my mom of buying a Wii U, it was a huge mistake when I bought the PS3 because I really don't like those kind of games. What I love are the fun and silly games Nintendo releases. However, my mom denied my proposal. If I still want it by Thanksgiving I'll buy it on Black Friday. Right now I'm in Season 2, episode 5; and I'm falling in love with Matt and Dani's relationship. I decided to miss MMA, I'm kind of not in the mood and I haven't finished (neither started) my precalculus homework. I'm sick of being so flaky when it comes to discipline, but I guess that's just who I am. Turned out the Sensei didn't make it on time, so I guess I saved what would've been a waste of time :) It's not the first time that I get something out of laziness.

I feel like dying every Tuesday morning, I literally just want to drop this semester and do nothing until Fall. My bf came to my house and we played Monopoly, watched TV, and kind of just chill out. I have nothing to tell from Tuesday ha ha, it's been very boring.

I don't know why I keep trying to wake up early on my free days when I know it's not going to happen. Wednesday I set up my alarm at 8:30 AM and ended up waking at 12 in the afternoon. Although I woke up pretty late, I got to finish both my precalculus and my trigonometry homework before 2 PM. I just discovered that University of South Florida has granted me an in-state tuition fee, instead of an out-of-state because I received an International Student Scholarship. That's awesome! Now instead of paying $15000, it's $5000! That's so crazy. I thought about exchanging to a more recognizable university, but at this price I don't see that coming. I was very insecure with my choice to go to Tampa. I mean, it's not a well known institution, but it's taken me months of confidence speeches to myself to be comfortable with my choice. I know I'm judged by grown ups every time I tell them where I'm going, but it's not like I'm rich to go where ever I want. I started a new book, giving up on my reading hangover of the last book. I'm now reading: "Falling Into You" by Josinda Wilder. So far it's been a little bit boring, but the start is always a slow process. At 5 PM I went for a run on the rooftop, gosh! I'm so out of shape! I only ran less than 3 KM. I feel so bad about myself. I always leave my English homework for the end of the day, because I know I'm capable of doing it quick enough to go to sleep and if I get stuck I can make up something random and leave it like that. But this homework has turned out very difficult and it's for the next day. I'm really worried, even my friends are confused. So far I hate ENC 1102. I dislike everything that has to do with reading comprehension and reasoning and blah blah blah. 6 and a half weeks more and Summer Term is finally over! Off to college (real college, not like a community college)! I really am excited and stressed at the same time, because for me to get there I have to accomplish what I've started.

Although I had a bizillion stuff to do for Thursday, it was a more relaxing day than Tuesday. I had one test, one midterm, one quiz and two homeworks  I did great on my examinations, and stayed up late finishing my English homework. I did my trigonometry homework at school two hours before it's due, because I didn't know we had one assigned. At lunch I went to my car and tried to get some sleep, I even brought a pillow. Yes, that's me: forever alone. On my way back home I bought a fro-yo (banana and strawberry) and stopped by the bank to deposit my refund from the course I dropped ($693.00). I also pumped some gas because I was running low, and had to pay with cash because I wasn't sure how much money I had on my visa. Thursday was a REALLY productive day, and it wasn't even 3 o clock! A few days ago a started playing Hay Day again on my iPad. IT IS SO FREAKING ADDICTIVE. I can't stop playing. And my mom, my aunt, my uncle, my cousins, even my grandma plays it. Thursday and Wednesday have been so frustrating because I don't know what's the matter with my internet but I can't load Necessary Roughness' next episode, I'm right at the middle of Season 2 and the curiosity is killing me! Also some YouTube videos get stuck in the middle, and from the anger I just close them. I hope this issue gets fixed soon. At night my bf came over and we just hung out, chilling and talking about life.

Finally Friday! A day to relax and prepare for the weekend :) Just finished catching up with Necessary Roughness and finally got to the episodes where John Stamos appears! From now on, I won't be addicted to watch episode after episode. I'm back to my regular weekly scheduled series. It was also revealed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter is named North West, are you serious? That sounds like an airline or something. From so many names that rhyme with West, they go with North... Also, my best friend Alex came over (not really, I had to pick her up at church) we hung out and talk, and watched YouTube videos. I love that girl, I will miss her when I go :)

On Saturday me and my mom went to lunch as always at LeƱos y Carbon, Multicentro. We ran into my grandma's club friends, Linda and Casey. At lunch I told my grandparents about the grand savings I'll get from the scholarship and they were shocked! I haven't told my dad yet because he's not here. He just entered this new schedule of two weeks in the outskirts of town and for free days in the city, I am so excited to tell him. Around 2:30, mom went to a new hotel at Albrook Mall that was hiring people. The hotel was hiring minimum wage staff, but mom went to see if she could get something higher. When my mom came back she said that the manager asked her to come back on Monday so that the event's manager could take a look at her! I'm so excited for her, because she left her job to raise me, and she's done hell of a job. 

Seize the day!

Never regret, but do remember those regrets so the next time you won't regret. Learn from your actions, it doesn't matter if it's the third time you've made the same mistake as long as you learn from it someday. You only live once, you go out and seize the day; be kind to all, because they may lack something you have: the value of life. Happiness is contagious, go out there and spread the virus. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Apple iOS7

I found a very interesting video explaining the new features of the Apple iOS 7. And it seems a little like a Galaxy's kind of software blended with the design of the new Windows. But I liked it. It has improved in a lot of new stuff and I can't wait to update my iPhone and my iPad. The only downside is that I'll have to get used to this new features, and I was really comfortable using iOS 6. However, I'm really excited for the iOS 7. 

YouTube Daily Shoutout #13

This is kind of old, but it's really funny. It's a "Kids React to Smosh", and then a "Smosh React to Kids React to Smosh" hahaha. 

The Asian kid was really really creepy haha, I guess that's just raw imagination. Also the girl who dislikes Smosh.. That's the beginning of a bitchy teenager. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #12

This is from the Vlog I watch (It's Judy's Life). She also has a beauty channel and this is her putting make up on her husband Benji. Men have no idea the things women do for beauty and I can assure you every men would complain as much, or even more than Benji. 

I love The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! This was so EPIC. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #11

When I went to Seattle I found a guy interviewing a homeless man on Pike street: 


And today I saw a video from Sam interviewing a homeless man. His story was very inspiring, and I hope I could do that someday: to listen a homeless person's story. It's not racism or anything. I just think that these people have been through a lot and we could learn something really valuable from them. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad :)

Just saw a dad playing soccer with his son on an empty lot on a Sunday afternoon. I get impressed with those kind acts. My dad and I also used to play ball on the park on weekends, we love baseball. He is a Yankees fan and I'm a Red Sox fan, so you could imagine our chats. I am so thankful of having such lovely memories with my dad. Happy Father's day dad, I love you so much. 

Week #7 (06/10/2013 - 06/16/2013)

Monday started great because I woke up at 11:30 am compared to Saturday and Sunday when I woke up around 2 and 4 on the afternoon! Monday was homework day! I did my math homework at 1 am and in the afternoon I accomplished to do English. I hate English class... I like it if you only had to write essays and stuff, but when it comes to reading comprehension.. it just not suits me at all. I mean, is not that I can't do it, but it takes time and effort and those are not big qualities of mine. I finally came down... I started to watch The Bachelorette, this is the first season I've ever watch and I started because the majority of my series are done for the season and I desperately need something to watch. At the end I went to MMA and it was so great! I'm not sure if the teacher congratulates me because I did great or just because I'm the only girl in the class, either way I like those compliments because they boost my energy and focus. I also started reading a new book. When I was on the plane on my way to Seattle I started reading "Boy Meets Boy" by David Levithan, but as always I never read it throughout the trip because there are funner thing to do there. So when I came back I returned to my reading but found no interest, and that's why now I'm reading "Ten Tiny Breaths" by K. A. Tucker which so far is really good. 

Tuesday went better than expected. I'm always so disgusted by Tuesdays because they really are like my Mondays because I have Mondays free, so you kind of get me right? The thing is that although precalculus was crap, English was cool. The teacher let us out 1 hour before time and I got to come back home for a little break. I had to go back for trigonometry and well... let's say I tried to learn. This is how the topics change in this class: trigonometry - math related - career life - history - FOOD. It always ends with food! Is the professor hungry or something? Well, after that I came back home and it was the rainiest I've ever drove through. It was pretty scary because I had to change lanes and stuff. The rain wasn't that bad after a while, but I wanted to train a little on the rooftop and couldn't because of the wet floor. At 8:30 pm I fell asleep and woke up at 10:00 to fall asleep again. Lately I've been very sleepy and I don't know if that's a bad thing, because in psychology they taught us that if you don't sleep much or sleep too much you should see a doctor.

Wednesday I put an alarm at 10:00 am, to fix my sleeping problem. I pressed snooze until it was 11:00 ha ha. The maid came today to clean up the house and spent over an hour cleaning my room! My room hasn't been cleaned in ages, and well she did a great job. I also created a new blog: which has self written work. I also started watching Necessary Roughness, just because John Stamos appears on it. Okay... I admit it, I have a HUGE crush on him. I love it when you start a series and it's on its 3rd season or something, and you just see episode after episode all in one day or as many as it takes. Also I got my dorm changed! I was first assigned to Castro Hall (University of South Florida) which is a traditional style, and now I'm in Delta Hall! which is a suite style. I just can't stand the chance of sharing my bathroom with a whole floor.

Thursday was strange, I woke up
before my alarm but after taking a shower I felt sleepier than ever. My first period was awesome, because we solved the homework on the board and it wasn't boring at all because I was trying really hard to understand. English was also awesome, besides the part when I discovered we had a quiz 10 minutes before the class. Well, it was awesome because the professor let us out one hour and 30 minutes earlier! And the positive vibe kept coming when the trigonometry professor didn't put the quiz scheduled for that day. At the end of the day I went out on a date with my bf to my favorite Mexican Restaurant ("La Mexicanita" in Panama is situated in El Dorado). Also I found a green juice recipe. I'm not a fan of veggies, and I was watching It's Judy's Life (YouTube Vlog) and her husband is like an organic maniac and has a YouTube channel of recipes and stuff; and I found the green juice video, so I'll definitely do that to stay healthy. 

Friday was errands day, bummer. I went to two banks, and spent more than 4 hours in them. I had to update my accounts because I'm not a baby anymore and I need adult accounts. The ladies who took care of us were nice but the waiting line was horrible! After that we stopped by the supermarket to buy my green juice ingredients, what happened? A disaster. The thing is, here in Panama, they don't sell fresh spinach everywhere so I had to buy canned spinach. And it was horrible, oh my God :S And throughout the day my muscles have been screaming with pain. Not bad pain, but pain from the workouts. At the end something really awesome happened! At mma I had my first combat, and I think I won! It lasted only a couple minutes because it was just a test. 

Saturday was a really fun day with my mom. We went shopping and bought a father's day gift for my grandpa. We bought him a pair of shorts, plaid ones; I wanted to buy him some red ones but he'd never use them, sigh. After that, we went to Blockbuster and rented a bunch of movies. Today I watched The Watch, starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. I though it was a comedy but it's more of a hmm alien/comedy/action movie. My mom and I are planning to buy my dad a tablet for father's day! He's never wanted something expensive because he feels like it's a waste of money, but mom and I just want him to feel special on his day. At the end of the day mom, dad and I went to an Italian restaurant: "Los Toneles" (situated at El Dorado, Panama. And has been renewed.). Mom had raviolis, dad had fried rice with seafood, and I had a pepperoni pizza. Usually our conversations at the table when we go out to dine are super awkward, but today was cool because it had a flow. We talked about when I'll go to college in August, about a future trip to Asia, among other things. I love my dad, he is awesome. 
And oh yeah, there's a party downstairs, like 9 floors down, and I can hear it like it's in my living room. Tonight's gonna be a good night, not. 

Happy Father's Day! Sunday was a lay back day. Mom and I went to buy dad's new tablet! Which will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday because they where out of stock. We also did some grocery shop and I bought again the ingredients for the green juice but this time I bough fresh spinach (had to go to a different super market). I did it and it turned out all right (Note to self: peel off the apples because the skin does not blend well. I also added a little bit of orange juice to camouflage the spinach flavor). And for dinner the whole family gathered and we had Chinese, where I ran into my favorite uncle. He's quite young for being an uncle and we used to go to the movies together. He's distanced himself for a couple of years now and I do miss him, but whenever I see him I feel that uncle to niece spark we've always had. At the end of the day we went to my grandpa's house to see the pictures we all took in a big screen with a projector. It was fun, I love to spend time with my family; if only some of them would like that too, sigh.

How cute is this?

I want a puppy so bad :( My mom won't let me even have a fish. 

This melted my heart ;) 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #10

Again with my guilty pleasure: The Ellen Show. I didn't know she did this in her show, there's a couple of these in YouTube. Here Ellen shows embarrassing pictures she found in Facebook from here audience.

I think Starbucks is totally overrated, but I do like their brand. I mean, the coffee is overrated but I love to buy their souvenirs haha. Here are 7 things you didn't know about Starbucks :)

I love Anthony and Kalel together, and here's a collaboration they made with Joey Graceffa. This video is a Pokemon Challenge. If it were me I would have lost after Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasour and Charmander. Btw. Kalel and Anthony have a new Vlog called "Watch us live and stuff", it just opened like 6 days ago. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #9

This was a challenge to myself; I wasn't really listening to the YouTubers reaction, rather focusing myself on not trying to laugh. I think I loose it at the second video. It's a must watch for when you need a little laugh. 

I LOVE DESPICABLE ME! And it's so awesome that they are releasing a second movie. I'm such a child at heart and I laughed a lot with this video. I just love stupid cartoon videos. I can't wait for so many movies (cartoon ones) coming out. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I've always been into poetry, and song lyrics. I started writing when I was 10, and most songs are pretty personal. At the beginning the songs were kind of silly, but know that I know love and pain, I write less silly songs. I created a blog called Underground Poetry ( And I'll be posting whatever I write in there. 

I love what I do, and I'm not ashamed of anything. That's the way you gotta live your life. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #8

So I was watching The Fine Bro's videos of Teens React and found one about their reaction to a video called After Ever After by a user named Paint. I went to the original clip and absolutely loved it. You can see in the video that the whole thing was shoot in ONLY ONE take. He had perfect timing for every little peep and also has a great voice. His lyrics were also funny... in conclusion: I love this guy, and this is why the shotout is all about him. 

The second video, who's also his, is a mash up of songs. Btw. he's not gay, I thought so at the beginning but he stated he wasn't. 

And the third and final video is another song written by him about villain's lives. 

To The Greatest of All:

Recently I went on a family trip to Seattle and Alaska. This may be one of the last trips we take together. My family is pretty close, we are 13 in total. That includes my parents, my two aunts, my uncle, my grandparents, my five cousins and me. This may be one of our last trips together because my grandparents are getting old, and the older you get the less chance you get to do stuff like walking the whole airport or touring through town. 

I never saw my grandpa the way I saw him on this trip. He always seem strong to me, he was able to build things in his wood shop and repair his house while taking care of everybody. But this trip he always stayed back saying he wouldn't be able to finish a tour because of the distance you had to walk. One of the things I hate and admire at the same time is his pride, because of that he denies help and misses on a lot of family quality time. We did had great moments. I do love that he is so childlike and fun to be with, and just thinking about it makes me smile. 

I am very grateful we made this trip, because although he missed some things I was able to realize I won't have my grandpa or grandma with me forever. My children may not even meet them. And they are truly the coolest grandparents you could ask for. I hope this is not the last trip we make together; but if it is, it was a great one. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #7

Lately I've been watching a lot of Vlogs and one of the most addicting I've seen is called Its Judy's Life, which is about a couple and their newly born baby's life. 

Last time I posted a Draw My Life video of Harry Potter, now this one is about Kim Jong Un (is it spelled that way?). I don't really know about this man, besides that is not a very loved man in his country. 

I don't hate Honey Boo Boo, but I do am disgusted with her mom and her attitude. Ugh it's just horrible. In this video is the reaction from kids towards Honey Boo Boo's reality show. 

And finally some Jacksgap. I love making people laugh and this was a great idea, already put it on the bucket list. 

This past weekend I've been Youtubing all day long. On saturday I woke up at 2 on the afternoon and did nothing but to watch videos on YouTube, and then on Sunday I did the same with the only difference that I woke up at 3:30 in the afternoon. Now it's midnight and I have to do my homework yay.. Thank God I don't have classes on Monday. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #6

As a Harry Potter fan this was very funny. I never thought about a musical draw my life lol, but this was very cool. 

I'm also a Friends fan and as many of you wish for a comeback this is as big a comeback you'll get, hopefully for now. 

I love people who are not afraid to embarrass themselves to make other people happy! Recently I did that on a cruise ship's elevator with my cousin and we made laugh tons of people! I like making people laugh.