Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update - Alaska

Hi there! Right now I'm in my way to Juneu, Alaska; where my family and I will go in a tour to watch whales, glaciers and eat salmon! I'm in the computer room in the cruise, gotta go! If I spend more minutes on the internet my mom will kill me!

Week #5 - The Adventure Begins in Seattle (05/20/2013 - 05/26/2013)

Monday started with me doing nothing for a while, then making up my mind in finishing my math homework and finished, left with nothing else to do. I can't wait til Friday to be on a plane heading to Seattle. Whenever I have nothing to do I watch videos on YouTube, here you can see that day's shout outs: YouTube Daily Shoutout #4 and if you like those here are more: moreother moremore more. And after a long day of nothing to do I went to MMA, the biggest productive thing I've could have done.

Tuesday was an OK day, I woke up early feeling like shit because I'm still not used to waking up so early. very very VERY frustrating day because everything that enter through one ear stepped out of my head through the other one. I hate when you ask something to a teacher and they vaguely answer you and because of shyness you say "ohhh, okay I got it", but even the teacher knows that's not true; however, he pretends it was true. Today I ate alone :( it's not such an easy thing for me to make new friends; however, today I made a new one :) When I came back home I started on my trig homework, then pre calculus and finished with English. For English I had to write a one page essay about being in another person's shoes. I wrote about my best friend and I titled the essay "She is Size Seven". Pretty clever title, huh? Ha ha. I'm also halfway my reading for the week: "Twisted" by K. A. Robinson, which is the sequel to "Torn". So far is good, a lot of awesome shit has happened in the first half, so I wondered what shittier thing can happen now.
And I should get used to it because I'll have to wake up early in the Alaska Cruise for the land stops. Today was a

On Wednesday I finished "Twisted" by K. A. Robinson. And I give it 5 stars. This series is very alike to "Avoiding Commitment" by K. A. Linde and "I'll Wait For You" by J. Lynn. My scale between these three books looks like this: Avoiding Commitment > Torn > I'll Wait For You. One perk I'm really grateful from "Torn" is that although there will be another sequel, the second book didn't end in an open thought. I've got tons of books to read that the sequel's not out yet, and I'm dying a little everyday waiting for those books. A couple come out on August and the rest in October and November. At night I went to a Cirque Du Soleil presentation: Dralion. I have seen La Nouba in Florida and now Dralion here in Panama. For me Dralion was funnier than La Nouba; however, I liked La Nouba more.

Thursday was a night with the guys (guys because there were only two more girls with me), my friends and I decided to hang out at my boyfriend's place. It was so fun. One last time before my trip to Alaska. I am so excited! Bags are packed, devices charged, what about me? I'm a wreck! My issue with travel has always being the trouble I have to get through to finally fall asleep the night before, because I'm so full of excitement.

Friday! It finally came, but is wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. The second flight lasted 6 hours and I had a headache and in the thrid flight my allergies flicked on. We were very tired an couldn't sleep well because there were kids on board singing and crying all the way. Finally we made it to the hotel at 4 AM (Panama time) or 2 AM (Seattle time). 

On Saturday I woke up at 6 AM because I couldn't stay asleep with this allergies. I went down to the lobby's convinience store and bought some medication and a chapstick. Omg my allergies are KILLING ME! Although I was dying this was the funnest day I've ever had with my family! Everyone was at first stressed out (everyone: grown ups) because my cousin wanted to go to church and the rest of us preffered the mall, so there was a big misunderstanding.. And well.. That's how the day began. When the rest of us got to the mall me and my parents went shopping (actually just me and mom, dad just bought a pair of jeans). After shopping about 4 hours we went to the Public Market in Pike Street. 

This is were the fun started. After dinning at a famous cheese restaurant, we all went walking around and laughed all the way there telling jokes and having fun. We were ALL having fun and that's why I love family trips: everyone is happy. We also got to go to the very first Starbuck in the whole world! Tomorrow is off to the cruise so I'll be writing about that next week! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten Things to Ask Siri

Here are ten things you ought to ask Siri! Do it now!
1. Talk dirty to me (2x)
2. Will you marry me?
3. What's your favorite color?
4. Why are fire trucks red? (This one's really a WTF! Must do!)
5. Who's your daddy?
6. Where can I hide a body?
7. Knock knock
8. Tell me a joke
9. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
10. What is the meaning of life?

My Shopping Cart This Week #2

This boots are from Forever 21. In this post I'll put everything from Forever 21, from a non-american point of view, Forever 21 is the best clothing store. And since I don't get to shop there more than 2 times a year I really go nuts when I get to shop there. Back to the boots: these are Metallic Heel Booties and you can get them for $32.80. This go so well with an informal dress. There's also a floral version :D

I love wearing loose sweaters, and I particularly like this one because it seems that now wearing a big cross on your chest is trending. I like it, although it does seem a little disrespectful. Just don't wear it at church and everything will be good. 

These looks so comfortable, maybe to use when in the airport. That way you'll be comfy and look good without having to use a sweat pants + sweatshirt combo. You can get these for $17.80.

I love this color, but it also matters what size it is. Because I'm not going to buy something where my keys won't even fit. But if it's a good size I would definitively buy it. I goes well with those black and white outfits.  

YouTube Daily Shoutout #5

I loved to play with dominoes, not the traditional way, but the way where is a maze and you push one and one after one follows. I used to do that a lot in my childhood, sometimes I even filled the room with plastic rectangles (not dominoes because plastic rectangles were cheaper). So here's a video of it, but instead of dominoes or cheap plastic rectangles, they do it with iPhones! It was insane because they even used the elevator and also the iPhone's screen.

Second video of the day is HILARIOUS! It's from JacksGap with collaboration from Sam. They get in an elevator and do pranks all day. Their pranks are freaking hilarious. You ought to watch it. 

And finally some Smosh! Smosh is pretty great because one: they are funny, and two: they upload videos every week or so. Recently I've been watching Anthony's girlfriend Kalel's Video Blogs, I think I have a little crush in Anthony ha ha; that may be why I watch it so much. Either way, it's Smosh! so obviously is funny. 

Monday, May 20, 2013


If I could I would have a pet penguin and have a room where its floor is like a trampoline and covered with pit balls. If I could live without a good job I would play the saxophone or the guitar on the streets of New York City. If time wasn't measured the way it is I would spend a great amount of my life traveling around the world and reading every book ever written twice. I would love to eat without getting fat, and being able to cook without having to wash the pans and pots. I would love my world to be that way, but so far I'm thankful for every extra second I have. 

YouTube Daily Shoutout #4

This week is Comedy Week in YouTube! Here is one video I loved which is done in a subway. This video is not actually highlighted on the Comedy Week, but it's the user who is. If you are a fan of Star Wars, subways or laughter, watch it!

Following is another video (this one does appear on the Comedy Week highlights) and is a video (musical) about YouTube history. This year YouTube turns 8! Round of applause! 

My guilty pleasure is to watch Ellen DeGeneres videos on YouTube, and I think this is far the best interview Ellen has ever had. Zac Efron and Taylor Swift do a song on the set and is turned out AWESOME! Is kind of a parody song. This is a MUST WATCH VIDEO.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seattle Here I Come!

And the countdown starts! 5 days to go! In five days I'll be flying from Panama to Seattle for a family vacation trip, we'll be boarding in a Princess Cruise (Golden Princess) for a trip to Alaska. I'll be stopping by Ketchikan, Juneu, Skagway and Victoria (Canada). 

So what can you do when you go to Seattle? If you have any ideas please comment! I have a couple of days where I don't know what to do. 

I did some research and some of the most known attractions are:

  • Space Needle
  • Pike Place Market
  • Washington Park Arboretum
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Game Works
I have no idea what else we can do, please comment recommendations! 

7 Things To Be Thankful For.

  • Have a good customer service
Today I spent half an hour in a cellphone company waiting for my turn, they were with number 16 and I was 28. I went out and did a few rounds around the mall predicting it would take a long time before my turn. When I came back they were just changing to number 20. The company had 4 people attending customers and took an hour to attend four people. I surrendered and went home. What made me nuts was that there were workers standing doing nothing, and what I wanted to know is if my roaming was on... I mean, they just had to look up my number in their system. So whenever you have a good customer service, be thankful, give them a compliment or a tip. 
  • High-speed internet
Have you noticed that when you most need high speed internet to do a paper due the next hour or something, and the internet is trying to mimic a snail. I hate it when the computer enter its bad moods and decides to lag every ten seconds. Be thankful when you've got high speed internet. 
  • Having a good hair day
I love those days when you wake up, look in the mirror and feel awesome. You go out and your hair's not frizzy or anything. The wind blows and your hair stays perfect, your friends take pics and you look awesome. A good hair day is an awesome day. 
  • Staying at home on a cold and rainy day
Sunday monday, nothing to do, and no need to go out. It starts raining and you've got a blanket, couple of DVDs and plenty of money for pizza delivery.  It's cold and dark, and it stays that way the whole day. That's a perfect sunday for me. 
  • Finding what you're looking for in the fridge
How many times have you gotten off your homework and went to open the frigde with nothing in mind, and just happen to find exactly what you didn't know you were craving! That's awesomeness in its pureness. 
  • Car ride with a set of your favorite songs
Going on a long trip is not always fun, but when the radio station plays THE perfect set of songs. Every song you like and know the lyrics to, and sing all the way til your destiny. 
  • Having a productive day
I'm not lying when I say I never have a full productive day. I mean, there are times that I wake up, log into whatever social media, and spend the whole freaking day doing nothing. I do love those productive days when you go shopping to the market, or finish a lot of assignments and have quality time with the family. I love those days, when I feel i fully took advantage of. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week #4 - Summer Term Begins.. (05/13/2013 - 05/19/2013)

Monday I had my first class of summer term: Public Speaking, at 10:30 A.M. That's the only class I have on Mondays and Wednesdays thank God, because it felt soooo loooongggg D: I could have died and resurrected on that frame of time twice. I volunteered third to say my speech. It was a speech about me. And I began: "Who am I? You don't know me and I may not even know myself. But what I do know is that.. I'm Gay! - no ha ha just kidding - What I really do know, besides that I'm straight, is that I like everything blue, I'm into photography, and I'm very adventurous" Then comes some nonsense about questions and opinions and then I had to tell an anecdote: "As I told you, I'm very adventurous, and one time I was in my beach house with my cousins and we decided to go explore in the woods (BTW. It as Holy Week). Usually we went with our bikes, but this time we went walking. Suddenly three pairs of red eyes stood out of the dark, and we hear barking and growling. So we ran towards our house, we could hear them behind us, but when we arrive home and turned around they were gone! It was the scariest night of my life". And then more nonsense and that was it.

Tuesday was a very exhausting day! Panama's been saving electric energy because our lakes are getting empty; therefore, malls, universities and schools, super markets, everywhere.. is air-conditioner-shortaged. So I arrived to Florida State University at 8:30 A.M. for my Pre Calculus class; oh God, I know it's bad to mock people or judge them or anything, but my precalc professor speaks so so so weird! He pronounces words with a very unusual accent. Maybe Hindu? The case is everybody was struggling just with understanding what he was saying, let alone how to do the math problem. At 10 A.M. I went to ENC 1102, I liked this professor. He's funny and easy to follow. Easy-to-follow professors are very hard to find these days. And finally after a long day I came to my last class, surpriseee! Everybody signed up because it was taught by a very cool professor... Turns he changed place with another guy, and this one's totally the opposite. What to do when you finally have something you want and it's taken away from you just like that?

On Wednesday I had again a Public Speaking class... not to be premature but I'm starting to dislike it. I know I'll need it in my professional life, but somehow when I get a professor I do not like I tend to dislike the subject because I relate everything that has to do with the subject with him or her. Besides college, I also read "The Rise of the Elgen" (Michael Vey #2) by Richard Paul Evans. I still have about 40 pages to go or so, and so far it's been amazing! Oh my God, Evans has such a creativity in what has to do with torture systems, or maybe not creativity but also knowledge of the mind power. I rate this book so far 5 stars, seriously. Finally at the end of the day I went to MMA. My previous professor had to leave due to his other work schedule problems, and he left HIS sensei in charge of us. I don't like this new professor's technique so much.. I miss my old sensei. The new one doesn't pay as much attention to details as the previous one, and always leaves me behind because I'm the only girl.

Thursday started of by a sleepy Pre Calculus class, off to a boring English class and ending off in a dull Trigonometry class. I decided to drop Public Speaking, because I feel like I got too much load on my back. And I also finished reading "The Rise of the Elgen" (Michael Vey #2) by Richard Paul Evans, the ending was so cliff hanger. Some recommendations: if you don't like cliff hangers don't read these books until the series are complete, "Red Ruby" by Kerstin Gier (worst cliff hanger of all time), "Avoiding Resposibility" by K. A. Linde was not much of a cliff hanger but it left me curios, and "The Rise of the Elgen" by Richard Paul Evans. At night I finished my English homework, which took me 4 hours! Not of effort I mean ha ha, it's very hard for me to concentrate.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #3

I found this Ellen video in which Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson from "How I Met Your Mother") talked about his amazing 40th birthday planned by his fiance. This birthday was Legen.. wait for it.. DARY! Wow you've got to see it. 

This video was cool because you can make one yourself, like if you are going on a trip (which I'll definitely to when I'll go to Seattle), or of your own house; to have a memory of where have you been and what did it meant. Now, the video made me a little dizzy, but the concept is pretty nice. 

I couldn't find this video in search but here's the link: click me!
This video may be old but is for all the Harry Potter fans :) It's a documentary of Daniel Radcliffe and is pretty complete, it lasts over 40 minutes. The link I posted has the complete documentary on one video, unlike others that are separated in parts. The video talks about Daniel's life before, during and after Harry Potter. I still love and will forever love those books and movies. 

Here's the link again if you don't want to scroll up: click me!

Good Reads #2

For most of you is summer time! How exciting? Well not for me, I enrolled in summer term. Nevertheless, I still read quite a lot. And here are some readings I would like to share with you:

This name will sound totally bizarre  and it's not one of those, let's call them cliche book, those who become famous and have a movie and so on. This book was written in 2009 and it's called "Tales of the Madman Underground" by John Barnes. It took me more than  my average time to finish this book, besides that is over 500 pages, I had a really rough week that week. So back to the book, is about a group of teenagers who call themselves the Madmen Underground, this group was created in school to help children that had problems or act abnormal in class. The truth is, they do have problems at home, but the group never changed a thing because the instructors where, well... incompetent. This book narrates the story of Karl Shoemaker and peeks into everybody in the group's troubles. I learned a lot of humble from this book. It reminded me a little bit of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", they don't have as much similarities but still. 

Book #2 I recommend is called "The Edge of Never" by J. A. Redmerski (btw. just dicovered that it has a second part, I'll be giving you feedback of this one later when it's published). This book is not the normal romantic novels in which the boy meets the girl in school and they both have superpowers or whatever and they fall in love and more BS. I liked this book because the place they met was unusual, the activities they did were too. I mean they were on the road. I think a story is more exciting if it's on the road rather than a specific place. This book was one of the first ones I read after my three year long reading break, and I totally fell in love with it. The end was super shocking (in an amazing way) and I'm super excited to read the sequel. In conclusion, this book is very different from those you've read, and it'd worth a shot. 

And finally, book #3, for the fans of superpowers and heroes, is the Lorien Legacies. The Lorien Legacies consist of four books so far: "I Am Number Four", "The Power of Six, " The Rise of Nine" and soon to come out "The Fall of Five" by Pittacus Lore. I actually watched the movie several years ago, but as every reader tells you: the books are so much better than the actual movie. In this case the movie changed a lot of things. One thing I don't like about movies based on books is that most of the time they skip the very beginning of the book; usually the beginning of the book is the principal telling you his story, how he or she got there or just a peek of their personal thoughts. 
I actually discovered the book after I saw a movie, and I was in no intention to read the series. But one day at Target, I was searching for the Divergent series in hardcover so I could have it in my bookshelf additionally to the kindle version I have. And as I was walking through the aisle an old lady saw me taking a book: "Free Four", which was a little extension of Divergent; and asked me if that was part of the Lorien Legacies. I politely said no, and recommended the Divergent series, because the old lady was looking for something to read. As I recommended her my favorite book at the time she did the same, and I ended up purchasing "I Am Number Four".This book is about a group of alien kids than come from a just-destructed-planet, and their mission is to stay alive and develop their powers. They are distributed all over the world (initially only 9 kids), and their enemies are on the hunt for them. The thing is: they can only kill them in order, that is 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. This book was very very good, and for fiction fans this would be like the next Harry Potter (but not as great OBVIOUSLY). 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Childhood Golden Rules

Today I was walking through my house while drinking some juice, when I remembered all the rules parents used when we were kids. What's funny is that we don't even remember these rules, and now do whatever we want to. We no longer care how to carry the scissors or whatever other silly-now-but-important-then rule there was. Here are some I can recall: 
  • Don't walk at the same time you are drinking something
  • Always hold up the scissors pointy-side-down
  • Don't run on wet floors
  • You have to wait half an hour after a meal before you go into the pool
  • Don't run with scissors
  • Always put your seat belts on (even in the backseat) 
  • Don't talk to strangers

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm Kinda Into Photography #5

Some items from my room: 
Why? Because I'm so antisocial I never leave my room (just kidding). The reason I only have pictures of things in my room is because I don't like to take out my camera, it's just too risky. 

This is my panda. I bought it in a toy store in Taiwan, and it can walk by himself!

This is my Holga. I bought it in UrbanOutfitters. 

This is my iPhone's USA flag case. 

This is my favorite guitar :)

Here is my favorite guitar again :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week #3 - Vacay (05/06/2013 - 05/12/2013)

Monday I slept until 11:00 A.M that's not late for me, that's usually the time I wake up when I'm neither tired nor hyper. But today I had the privilege because I'm on my one week vacation! I went for lunch with my two best friends to La Nostra Pizza (which if you are in Panama, is located in front of Do It Center in El Dorado). We shared a Big Jim which had pepperonni, salami, chicken and ham. I also got a roommate request via RoomSync in Facebook (I'm going to University of South Florida this Fall). I never though I'd get a request... I'm shy, quiet, and pretty much a couch potato. The good news is my maybe roommate is too! How exciting to have someone as your roommate who is almost exactly like you. And at night I went to MMA. Today was full locks. Yuck! I got a sweat bath again.

My anniversary outfit: Wool sweater from
Zara and a Tribal skirt from Forever 21
On Tuesday I went to lunch with my BFF again to T.G.I. Friday's. We had the executive lunch where you can have an entree, main, and dessert for only $10. Then she came to my house and just hung out and watched YouTube videos (she's a big Rita Ora fan). At 7:00 P.M. my boyfriend took me out for dinner for our third anniversary. We went to La Hacienda Real, which is a Guatemalan steakhouse, my boyfriend ordered entails and I had a filet Mignon. We joined our meals with an amapola and a melon smoothie, and for dessert a strawberry cheesecake. The service was really good, and the quality of the food was outstanding. The tenderness of the steak was unique. And at the end of the day I fell asleep reading "Ruby Red" by Kerstin Gier. So far it's been a really good choice of reading. 

Wednesday was a lay back day. I woke up at 11;00 AM, did nothing for a while, had fried chicken for lunch, and went out to buy those plastic bags that shrink your clothes for my trip to Seattle. I also rented some movies in Blockbuster ("The Five-Year Engagement", "Rise of the Guardians", "Iron Man 1", "Wreck It Ralph", and "Here Comes the Boom"). I watched "The Five-Year Engagement" starring Jason Segel. I give it 3.8 stars. The beginning was a bit off, but I liked the end, plus I love Jason Segel. And at 9:30 PM I went for my MMA class. Guess what? I was the only one who showed up... Is it better to be the only one? or worst? In my case, it was for the better. The coach focused more on my techniques and helped me with special movements, because I'm very short, and some movements are harder to do the regular way.

On Thursday I woke up early to play tennis with my two cousins in the Sheraton Hotel. We are awful, but we play because we have played our whole life (that we have played our whole life doesn't mean we are good at it). After the match we went for lunch with our moms and our grandma. I had a sancocho (Panamanian soup), my younger cousin had some waffles, my older cousin a wrap, and mom and my aunt a salad and my grandma had a bandeja tipica (a dish full of native food). Have you heard "Warrior" of Demi Lovato? The lyrics are insane! I love how Demi writes, and also the way she sings it; because I can feel the pain in her eyes, even if I'm not seeing her. It's amazing. I also finished "Ruby Red" by Kerstin Gier, the epilogue blew my mind! However the actual ending of the book was kind of lame, although the end of "Ruby Red" was kind of lame, I bought "Sapphire Blue"(the sequel).

Friday, May 10, 2013

Good Reads

Here are some books I recommend for this month of May: 

"Wait For You" by J. Lynn is about a freshman who decided to leave her hometown in Texas and go to an out of state college. She decided to leave due to reasons of her past (boy problems), and she had no intend to have a relationship in her new life. However, she met Cam. Cam is so so so so sweet! I fell in love with him. Their love story is amazing. I give this book 4.8 stars.

"Avoiding Commitment" by K. A. Linde is somehow like "Wait For You", somehow in the sense that their present lives are affected by their past actions. However, I liked better "Avoiding Commitment". This story was so much original, and captivating. "Avoiding Commitment" as a sequel: "Avoiding Resposibility", which if you read the first book I'm sure you won't resist reading the sequel. I give this book 5.5 stars out of 5! I won't tell you who I fell in love with, because that would spoil you so bad. 

And if you are tired of silly romances and want some goddamn action on your readings, here is: "Divergent" by Veronica Roth. I read "Divergent" on December 2012, and every time someone asks me for a recommendation I recommend this book. Personally I didn't like "The Hunger Games" that much, and I would definitely choose "Divergent" over "The Hunger Games". Divergent is about a society divided into different sections depending on your personality. Amity (friendly), Erudite (knowledge), Dauntless (brave), Candor (honesty) and Abnegation (selfless). A war develops because the bad guys are trying to eradicate those who can qualify in more than one section (divergent).  I'm into romances a bit more than action novels, but this was definitely a 5 star.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Universe Is Telling Me Not To...

Have you watched the Something Old episode of "How I Met Your Mother"? Can the universe send signs? Do you believe in a bigger force, controlling everything else? I mean, not God, but something else. 

I believe in signs. But I do not believe they are sent from the space and beyond. Those signs are created by your own thoughts and beliefs. I mean, it can rain everyday right? But the day that you are getting married, or making a life changing choice it suddenly rain cats and dogs. 

Those signs you create, may be unconscious at first, but if you really think about it, those signs are really a manifest content of what's latent. In lamest terms: you saying that because is raining you can't do something, might mean that you are not ready or not comfortable with doing something. 

I suggest you to follow those signs, not because they are being send by the all-mighty-universe-know-it-all. But because what those signs really are, are your feelings. People, we actually, tend to lie to ourselves that something is right when it isn't. Listen to the signs, because those signs is you telling yourself what's right. 

You are the universe (Wow that was deep ha ha). 

My Shopping Cart This Week

This outfit is pretty casual yet formal. The navy blue gives it a formal look, while the beige a casual one. I'd love to wear this on a family lunch or brunch. Also the purse and the watch are really pretty.

I wouldn't buy this camera because it's from Instagram, I would buy it because the other brands like Polaroid and Fujifilm are huge. These here seems to be as thin as and iPhone and also pocket sized. I would love to have one to make collages all over my room.

This would have been so cool when I was younger, I would have made my own roads and even a whole city using boxes as supermarkets and theaters. 

I'm Kinda Into Photography #4 - Group Sessions

So here are some pose ideas for groups. Over the couple of years I've been taking shoots for different groups, couples and individual people.

To see more click here: click me!

Monday, May 6, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #2

So, I love to watch Ellen videos on Youtube! Specially those including really talented kids, like this one. This one is about a kid who's a truly expert on geography. Here Ellen puts him to the test.

I saw this video about 4 years ago, and it never gets old. I love fairytale weddings, and proposals and all that kinda shit. However, this proposal tops everyone I've ever seen.

It's the first time I hear about Troye Sivan, and in this video he talks about 5 ways to make friends. It's really funny :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week #2 (04/29/2013 - 05/05/2013)

Monday was free because of Labor Day (here in Panama), so I decided to wake up at 7:00 AM (didn't happen) to spend the whole day studying for my math test. It all began with my finger touching the snooze button, one, two, three and plus more times until is was 9:30 AM. I can't believe I spent from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM studying, that's a new record for me! Of course I had my little breaks (including random dance breaks).

I did my exam on Tuesday, I don't wanna jinx it so I won't tell you how it went. Later in the late afternoon I went for a jog. I love running, because there's nothing else to think about than to keep up. I love the soreness in my muscles, and the pain it brings afterwards. I feel great with myself, inside and out. There's just one thing.. Every time I run I feel like I'm getting bigger rather than smaller, unlike MMA that does make me smaller. Today I ran 4 km. I also finished "It't Kind of a Funny Story" by Ned Vizzini, totally recommend the book. I read Little Women when I was in 11th grade, and lately I've been craving to finish it. So I bought the Little Women series (Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men, Jo's Boys).

On Wednesday I spent the WHOLE day studying for my Biology Final. Thank God "Little Women" only cost $1 because I got pretty bored, so I decided to leave it alone until I crave it again and leave it again. So, new book: "Ruby Red" by Kerstin Gier. My boyfriend gave it to me as a gift for our 3rd anniversary this May 7th :).

I did my one to last Final Exam on Thursday, it was Biology. 5 chapters in one exam, studied in one day: INSANE. I think I did pretty well, plus there were like 20 points of extra credits and extra credit assignments. I mean.. with that much extra credit who wouldn't go well? The rest of the day I just battled with falling asleep while studying for my Psychology Final.

And finally Friday! I did great on my Psychology Final! The rest of the day I slept, saw "New Year's Eve", and doodled. I did a Pikachu, I'm not that good at drawing but it makes me relax and have fun. About the movie, I can't believe I haven't seen it until today. I already saw the one of Valentine's Day, and I like these movies. It's funny how you can tell many stories in one movie and connect them someway at the end. What we need now is a funny Thanksgiving's movie.

Enjoy everyday as if it's your last. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Supermarket Expedition

I love going to the supermarket. I love comparing brands and prices, and walking through the aisles while I pretend to skate with the shopping cart. You can do a lot of kind acts at the supermarket, reach something someone shorter can't, pick up something that fell, and make a baby smile while his/her parents are discussing which potato chip is healthier. 

I like to go to the supermarket because that means I'll eat what I want this week. I like to choose my own snacks, and have a say on what I want for dinner. I like the aura the supermarket's have, it's like a family kind of aura, where everyone has the same purpose. Food. Food brings family together. 

Then when I come home, to organize all the items I bought. To put in the fridge, freezer, cupboard, or the microwave to eat right away. Talking about microwaves, what do you think about TV dinners, frozen pizzas, or frozen breakfast? I think is awesome, if you don't want to cook and you live alone. From a family where the mom can't cook's point of view, TV dinners can save your night from the earthy tone meal mamma's making.

In summation, I love going to the supermarket because I have free will within my choice of food, I am a gold medalist in shopping cart races, and seeing babies makes me happy. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout

I discovered JacksGap about a week ago, it's hilarious. And his also handsome ha ha. So I thought this would be a great idea to do sometime... Maybe never; but nonetheless, it's in my bucket list.

Beatrice Miller was my favorite contestant in The X Factor US season 2. Her voice is so unique, I love her voice to death. Plus here she's doing a cover of "When I Was Your Man" which is from my favorite singer Bruno Mars, and I loved her performance.

And finally, some Smosh!, you can't really go to YouTube without watching at least one Smosh! video.