Monday, September 29, 2014

Week #74: DARK TIMES (09.22.14 - 09.28.14)

I had a pretty rough night last night, I went to bed around 4 am on Monday and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't sleep. My head just kept throwing thoughts at me without even waiting for me to even catch them (process them). When I woke up in the morning I was pretty darn tired and headed to Calculus class, I think it's nice to be excited for Calculus because Ricardo is there. I got really thoughtful about how I don't have the friendships I'd kill for in here, somebody I can just hang out with every day or go grocery shopping or to a soccer match with... I'm really missing out on that, but I honestly can't seem to find somebody who'd like to do those things and I can feel natural with. So I'm happy one of the closest thing to a friend I have in here is in Calculus with me. I also got an email from Study Abroad announcing a photo contest they are having and I think I might have a chance at that so I already ordered some prints for my pictures.

And if my life could go any worse, I overslept Tuesday morning making me one hour late to my physics lab... So I got half of the points deducted because of that. I'm miserable, I don't see any point in life you know... Is future really worth all this crap? I can't even cry... I don't feel like eating... I want to just give up in future... My whole career can go down the drain because of this class. I had an A assured in this class but because of this lab I won't get an A, meaning that my GPA could go below 3.0 and that could cost me the entrance to the Computer Engineering department. I kind of really want to major in that, I like it, but I don't like the process to enter. I sick of physics and calculus. I feel like I cannot take it anymore. I know I am smart and bright enough to do it, but I'm not emotionally ready for this roller coaster. I need my mom, I need Rod to cry on, I need my best friend to talk to. I'm alone, emotionally broken, and because of one little mistake my life could go down the drain. I know I can make it up and just drop and take it next semester, same with physics and calculus; but I've never been the kind of person to just repeat courses or to fail. I'm not used to this... I know what Alex said is true, that college is a whole other thing, but I just feel like I don't belong. I don't know what to do... I know I said all I needed was my mom, Rod, and Alex... But honestly, whatever my mom says won't make me feel better, Rod wouldn't know how to handle it and I can honestly feel how tired he is of listening to me, and I don't want to feel belittled by Alex... I running into walls in here...

Wednesday almost starts the same way Tuesday did, I almost over slept but got just in time for class. I think it's funny how a 150+ students classroom is always almost empty, only around 30 people attended the Discrete Structures lecture and people kept leaving. I don't even know why I go since I obviously don't pay any attention. It's Chen Kan all over again as Armando might say. After class I went to the library to continue my weekly study sessions, and this session was all about Calculus III. I did some problems from the vast collection of problems we've been assigned (around a 100 for only one chapter). 

On Thursday I had planned with Ricardo to study all day but he thought I was kidding so he left less than two hours into the study session... like, really? I thought I was going to study the rest of the day but guess I didn't. I did my physics (still mad) pre lab, the jazz concert assignment (in which I got a 100), yet I don't feel productive at all. I also ordered pizza which is biting my conscience in this very moment, no more pizza the rest of the semester! And that's a damn commitment I'm going to follow. My face also feels gross so I decided to go for a face mask (Kiko's anti aging mask, it's simply perfect).

Well it's raining right now, like crazy, it's almost 7 pm and it has been a semi-productive day. After my only class today, which was amazing because we got to review for the up coming test on Monday, Ricardo and I continued with our study session. It went really bad since none of us knew what to actually do so we did nothing for like an hour. Back in my dorm I made my formula sheet and intended on doing homework and keep studying but I just can't focus. At the end of the day I just did my laundry, finished up packing for Disney and applied for an off campus apartment for next year. I'm so excited to be living off campus like you have no idea!

My procrastinating game is strong on Saturday, I was supposed to do my Discrete Structure's homework but instead I filmed a Youtube video of my dorm XD In the end I finished my homework and made my cheat sheet around 2 in the morning. I'm so close to finishing HIMYM on Netflix but I'm too sleepy to finish it.

On Sunday I studied a bit for my Calculus test, I watched Harry Potter 7.2 and yeah haha that was my Sunday!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dorm Room Tour

Here's my room for this 2014-2015 sophomore year here in USF! I'm living at Cypress C which is an apartment style dorm, meaning that I have my own room and share a kitchen and living room with three other girls :) Just yesterday I signed up for my very own apartment next year so fingers crossed! 

In the meanwhile here's my Harry Potter/ TMNT / blue, turquoise and pink themed room :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Breaking Out of My Shell

I officially dipped my two feet on the water by recording a second running video and publishing it on Youtube. This one is about my running gear and my running apps. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I was talking to Rod about making more Sancocho Youtube videos and decided to watch the first ones we made, they are hilarious. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week #73: More Downs Than Ups (09.15.14 - 09.21.14)

Monday was a rough day, actually just an unlucky night... I went to my flag football practice and I felt kind of useless because they put me in the offense, I liked it but I honestly suck on the bright side I introduced myself to somebody and we started talking; we saw the Quidditch team enter the field and started laughing about them (sorry, I actually like Quidditch but I'm not a fan of real life Quidditch). After practice I went to do my laundry after a week and a half of my mom teasing me I was becoming Juan Diego, and the since I'm cheap I decided to throw everything into a single dryer to save one dollar, ONE MISERABLE DOLLAR; in the end all my stuff didn't dry a 100% through so I had to pay that one miserable dollar and wait for another hour. The rough part of the day was that it was already late, I was sleepy for once since it hasn't happened in a while and I couldn't go to sleep because I had to wait for another hour and then do my laundry.

On Tuesday I was pissed at Armando, he didn't know though but I clearly tried to make signals. The thing with Armando is that he thinks he knows everything on the class and on test day he gets a low grade, he brags about how easy it is and that is the part that bothers me... I was trying to make him know that that habit is not friendly by saying "oooombee" but he wouldn't get the clue. I mean, I like him and all but there's just that tiny small part that pisses me off. After class I went for a very long run, two minutes under two hours indeed. I ran 13 km! My farthest run so far but not for long. I love the runner's high five, since the other day when I high fived a runner funny things have been happening to me, specially with old people. That old lady on her back and this time an old man having his daily walk high fived me twice, I did a loop around the trail so he bumped into me at the beginning and then when I got out. After running I showered and hopped into a Bull Runner to the library, my intention was to stay there until I understood physics but who was I bloody kidding? I returned to my dorm an hour before midnight and read some Harry Potter to relax before a nice sleep. 

Wednesday was a stressful day, I had two tests: physics (yikes) and discrete structures. I died in physics, the last questions I kid you not, I guessed; I've never guessed on a test before. However, I feel I did good in discrete structures. I also went to the mail room to complain I haven't received an email for the package that arrived on Saturday supposedly from the tracking and they realized they made a mistake so I finally have my running belt! I'm seriously planning on making some running Youtube videos like the ones I've been obsessing with because they are really helping me, and I'm gonna start right after my 10 miler race. Wednesday night was heaven, no stress, no class the next day, and all the time in the world to do whatever I want. I've never felt more grateful.

I had a really productive morning on Thursday, I finished my physics homework and the pre lab for next week; sadly I wasted my afternoon meeting up with a guy who I thought wanted to meet me to create a project but instead it was more of a not so scam but not really what I thought he meant. So I wasted my afternoon on that, I biked to Target afterwards and bought a couple of things I'll need for the coming Disney trip and came back to my dorm. I watched some Netflix and then the email I've been waiting for arrived, my grade in my first physics test which I knew was going to be low. I got a 68, I mean it's not as bad as I thought but the raw score was a 6/24, that's baaaaad. That must mean the average was low, thank goodness. Either way I feel really bummed... Whenever I fail in tests like these I feel I shouldn't be majoring in engineering... I'm really depressed right now, not as bad as last year but still... I know I can pass the class if I put work on it, it's just that I simply don't like the subject and the professor. As a way of procrastination I made a YouTube video about what I'm packing for the Disney race on October, I was really nervous but it's up and going (click to see). 

Friday was a really stressful morning, after not doing good on the calculus quiz I drove to Publix to do my weekly grocery shopping, I was running late on the way back so I had to add 15 more minutes to my rent then when I drove to leave the car at the parking lot I had forgotten my car rental car to lock and close the rent so I had to run from the MSC back to my dorm pick up my wallet bike back to the MSC and look the damn car. The rest of the day I just relaxed and finished my Discrete Structures homework as well as one of the Jazz modules. I was feeling really depressed just like last semester with Calculus II because I got a 68 on my first Physics exam, I called the only person I know would understand me, Alex, and then made up my mind and made a study plan. From now on I'll study Physics and Calculus weekly even if there's not a test coming soon. That calmed me off a bit but I still had the sadness within me.

On Saturday I woke up pretty late, well after noon. And all throughout the day I've been doing the Jazz modules, which I finished! All of them, i.e. I finished the whole class and I just have to do two discussion weeks plus a concert test. I also went on a run, I'm not proud of it but I've been feeling the need to taper since the big race is coming soon. I also got my grade for yesterday's Calculus quiz, and remember that I was pretty bummed? Well now I'm farther under the tremendous pit I've lunched myself upon... I got a 45, I know you get one quiz dropped... But I still feel like moving crap.

Sunday was a pretty chilled day, I just studied some Programming, watched some Netflix and read some Harry Potter. I also did my laundry. I call this a perfect example of a college girl's Sunday. Oh, I also had to drop flag because I really want to focus on my studies. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014



Get all you need to go on a run, i.e. just a pair of running shoes. You don't need to be fancy with all the new gadgets when you start running, the most important and foremost thing you have to do is just go out there. 


Work on that playlist. If you like music and it helps you to be focused make the perfect playlist, add those staple songs of yours that make you wanna dance or sing your heart out every time it pops from shuffle and add a couple of new songs too so you can add excitement and surprise to the playlist. Try to make your playlist a little up beat, it doesn't have to be electronic music but don't go all the way to good ol' Mozart. 


Make a plan. Plan out the days you'll be able to squeeze in a run, plan the distance you wish to achieve (but always be flexible) and plan out the times you feel most comfortable in. If you make the time to squeeze in a run you'll never get the chance to just say no because you're packed with things to do. 


Bring a running buddy. Ask around your friends who'd like to get healthier with you, I don't think all of them would prefer to stay fat and have the same activity level as a couch, there must be somebody; and if there's not, make a running buddy. Sure you've seen somebody from your neighborhood running around. 

Go little by little. Don't overdo your first run, it will only make you wanna crawl back home and never come out, do until the point you think is your climax and then walk your way back. Increse little by little and never feel bad for a little mileage. And never ever compare your runs to other's. 


The first one to two miles are always the worst. Just tell yourself to keep going because around mile 3 you'll never want to stop. 


Sign up for a race if you need a little motivation. A simple 5k will do it!

Go out and run. Stop reading this blog, don't second guess it and tie your running shoes on. GO!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


I find myself judging people constantly while walking through campus. Judging their looks, the way they walk, what they're carrying or their facial expressions. Yet I always finish my judging with 'everyone has their own war'. One of my flaws is how judgmental I am, and it's becoming harder and harder to stop judging since I have to walk to every class, heck everywhere. When you are driving all you are paying attention to is the radio station and the jerk honking at you (*sigh, everybody has their own war). 

Where did I learn to judge people and qualify them against the norm of regular society? Where did I come up with such norms? People are judging me based on their norms too... It's just a vicious cycle. Will we ever stop judging and for just a minute see the good in each other?

Now I'm trying to fix my flaw, for every non intentional judgement I make on somebody I will think about an intentional compliment, and one day I'll be that guy/gal that walks to you telling you your hair looks pretty. 

Actually, I tend to judge on people with tattoos, I think that people change through time making something better out of themselves and a tattoo is a symbol of who you were. I honestly believe them to be anchors to your past, but that's just my opinion of course, not the regular norm for normal people. But today, I saw this girl with a Harry Potter tattoo, and I just couldn't help myself complimenting her and telling her I loved it. Yes... progress everybody. 


Yeap, I decided to start making videos for Youtube again, all last times were total fails so this time I'm attempting to make like a running series based on my two future Disney runs. Here's the first one: WHAT TO PACK FOR RUN DISNEY TOWER OF TERROR 10 MILER

*as you noticed I was a little nervous.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week #72: MORNING CRAMPS (09.08.14 - 09.14.14)

Monday morning has been by far the worst morning I've ever had din my whole life, the worst and most painful one! I woke up like normal and headed to the bathroom, after doing my business I returned to bed to sleep a while longer before actually having to get up but when I got comfy the lower part of my stomach was cramping really bad, I went to the bathroom again to see if I could just flush it out but there was nothing to flush, on my way back to my room I couldn't see a thing, I had my eyes open but kept seeing black with a couple of flashes of the real picture. I curled on the floor, undressed, moan in pain, I made it to bed again and all that was going in my mind was the fact that Courtney would be here in 30 minutes to leave her stuff because she was staying the night because her car got rear ended. I didn't even had the strength to take a peptobismol and I was sweating like if I had run a 10 k. Gradually the pain started decreasing and now I get why people tell you to sweat it out. I gathered strength when Courtney told me she was here and slowly walked to the entrance, I didn't show any sign of sickness but I was slowly un-dying on the inside. After a horrible morning, I had a Calculus III quiz, I was unsure about three, answered two of them and left one blank but besides that I think I did the rest just fine. I bought Pollo Tropical since I didn't even had the strength to cook or anything. As I mentioned, Courtney stayed the night and we had so much fun. I showed her my photo album, we made a funny video, and had a great time.

On Tuesday I tip-toed when getting ready because Courtney was still sleeping and headed out to my Physics Lab, I love labs because I feel so accomplished at the end of it. I had the most delicious Tilapia for lunch and also signed up for a flag football team! On my afternoon run I ran 11 MODERFREAKING km! That's the farthest I've run ever in my life and I'm so happy! I got a couple of positive comments on Facebook (from Teacher Rolando, Andrew and Javier) and that really brightens my day :) I planned on studying for my Discrete Structures after my run but who was I kidding.

My morning routine consists on waking up an hour and a half before my class, dress and go back to bed to wake up half an hour before my class, brush my teeth and leave. This morning those 55 minutes I got for extra sleep went by faster than ever, it felt as if I had slept only for 5 minutes! Anyway, I went to my Calculus III class and we got our quizzes back, I got 55... but then I noticed that because of one sign it messed up my whole quiz! So I went to his office hours with Ricardo and he bumped it up to a 70, either way we get one quiz dropped but I don't wanna be too confident either.  I'm also still on the bliss of my 11 km run and this is what I really love about running, feeling the runner's high and feeling accomplished for the next 48 hours or so.

Thursday I woke up and headed to the fishbowl to do some physics homework with Courtney, it was the longest and hottest walk ever D: But I was able to finish the homework as well as do an module for my jazz class that morning where I got a 100. I had my leftover pizza from yesterday for dinner and attempt to go on a run but my boobs hurt so bad when I ran because I'm on my period so I decided to call it off at 0.83 km, I felt bad for calling it off but I just couldn't run like that and I also read that only one long run is necessary per week and I already had mine so I took the evening to recover, watching some HIMYM.

Last night was the worst night in the dorm so far, I knew my little happiness bubble of having perfect roommates who made no noise would burst someday. I went to bed at around 3:30 am because Olivia had friends over and they wouldn't stop giggling or talking loudly. They left roughly around 3 am and I was so pissed because not even my Full House could cover the noise. This morning was no different, I thought the worst had passed and peacefully made my lunch but after I finished my lunch I heard the same voices coming through these paper-thin walls and there they were... The same friends making noise, and now it's worst because now I have to study and do homework and if the laugh of my neighbors distracts me and drives me insane what do you reckon will happen with this strangers over? So after doing my homework, neglecting my studying and relaxing with some Netflix I went for a short run, 5 k, and then came back to continue to neglect my studies... I think I'll do fine with Discrete Structures, what's really worrying me is Physics II. Also I forgot to mention that for lunch I tried this new 'superfood' called quinoa and pronounced keen-wah, and it was pretty good :)

On Saturday I literally just did my homework, tried to study, went for a short run and watched Netflix. End of story.

Sunday though, was an exciting day. So I signed up for a flag team here in USF! I missed the first practice since I signed up after it so this was the second one. I walked to Sycamore Fields and the minute I walk in they were already doing drills. What I didn't expect of this team was for them to have a coach, I don't even know where they got him from (I think it was the high school flag coach of some of the girls) and how they're paying him but it feels much better to have a coach and have somebody that knows all the technicalities. I prefer to play defense than offense, and I was put in the rushers position first, the rusher is the one that tackles the QB, then we switched and since I mentioned I used to be a corner they put me in corner. I didn't do much but I did overhear the captain saying I was a good rusher so that kind of made me feel good :) I finished my programming lab and right now I'm struggling on studying for physics... I know I'm gonna fail hard... And that I should be studying but I just don't like the subject and the professor and the way this class is being taught, also the book is huge so that obviously is a factor.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Future Mail

I was just thinking about how much I like writing/reading e-mails, and what the purpose of this blog really is which is something I'll be able to look back and remember they way I just to think and the milestones I accomplished. I while back I wrote a post to myself that was to be read in the future, and I kinda wanna do that but in an e-mail form. 

What I'm thinking about is creating and email where I will send emails, each e-mail will be titles for a different occasion, like my 20th birthday or my 50th anniversary, or any Monday from the year 2060. I was also planning on writing e-mails not just for myself but also to other people to read to them in the future and have something to look back upon. 

I really thing this is a good idea, and I'll try to not forget about it and send e-mails constantly. 

The email will be and the password will be the same one I use in everything. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So I've been obsessed lately about Harry Potter, about the books, the movies and the theme park. This is how far my level of obsession has gone:

  • Saw more than one of the movies in one day
  • Watch at least one movie each day for a week
  • Read my favorite books more than once
  • Read all of the character information on the internet
  • Set up a Harry Potter background on my laptop
  • Bought a 'Weasley is our king' poster
  • Find myself humming the theme song
  • Bought not one, but two Harry Potter shirts
  • Own a pair of Harry Potter PJs
  • Been to the Harry Potter theme park
  • Plan on going two more times before the year ends
  • Own a Harry Potter wand (Hermione's)
  • Bought a books series collection
  • Bought and read 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard'
  • Bought 'Quiditch Through the Ages' and 'Fantastic Beasts and where to find them'
  • Scribbled down everybody's full name when bored
  • Knowing the important character's complete name
  • Specially Dumbledore's haha, APWBD. 
  • Will buy my own wand when I go to Ollivander's
  • Wishing for a hard cover book set for Christmas
That's how far I've come with my new obsession. Doesn't matter however if I ever stop watching the movies or reading the books because I know it will be printed in my heart. Always. 

P.D. I should make a BuzzFeed post about this hehe. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week #71: TRAINNING HARD (09.01.14 - 09.07.14)

Happy Labor Day! So last night I spent the evening watching Youtube videos about Run Disney, and I'm getting all psyched, I also realized that I have only one month to prepare! I have one month to double up on my mileage and also to speed it up for speed requirement reasons, I mean, I'm good in speed but if I double up the mileage I feel I won't be able to keep up with it. Anyway, I did nothing at all on Labor Day, I was going to work some stuff for my online class but the class hasn't given out the access codes for week #5 and ahead, so I just did my pre-lab for next week and relaxed the rest of the day.

On Tuesday I only had one class since all labs were cancelled on Labor week, and it was pretty sweet to not have to wake up early. After class I went for a run following the new schedule I sketched since I realized what a long way I had ahead so I ran 8 km. My pace was acceptable, it means I won't get picked up if I run to that pace the whole race but I also don't want to be the last one. I also discovered that Netflix has uploaded a new season to one of my series, The League, which is pretty damn exciting.

I finished said series on Wednesday, that means I watched a whole season in one day (it wasn't a long season tho). Today a friend of Courtney's sat next to her on physics and it was kind of awkward being there and no talking to her because she was busy taking to her friend, so I turned to Michael and Simon and tried to make little conversation; as the class advanced Courtney and I started doodling on each other's notebooks and it's the funniest thing. After Discrete Structure's class in which Armando nor I paid any of our attention I headed back to my dorm and started on my Calculus III homework due December 11th... You may ask we I'm starting now, well I have around 5 to 6 homework's that average a 60 problem per homework so yeah, I realized I should start doing that. A fire drill went on while in my room and then my family face timed me! It was my mom, Tia Marilu, Patty, my grandparents and Tia Nitzia and Tio Dupin were there too because they were waiting for a Chung San Jr. meeting to start.

On Thursday I went to the library to find a spot for me and Court to do our physics homework but it was packed so I went to the fishbowl and started on my math homework before Courtney got there. We finished physics and by the time we got out it was raining. I went back to my dorm and headed to the gym, I decided to run in the treadmill because I really wanted to time myself and go at a set pace for a time set, I ran 9 km doing 3-1 intervals mostly with a couple of 5 minute breaks in between and I ran really fast. 

On Friday I went to my only class, did some homework and finished my day with relaxing yoga. 

The weekend was nuts, I was so busy the whole time. I had so much stuff to do, I finished my Discrete Structure's homework, finished my programming lab, did some math homework as well as practice for Monday's quiz. And I also went grocery shopping, which was a pretty fatal experience. I thought I wouldn't need a car since I had a lot of groceries on my fridge so I biked there, on my way back my bike's basket was really heavy and wouldn't stay put so I had to walk my way back holding the extremely heavy basket. It was piping hot and I was sweating like crazy and I felt so helpless because it's one of those occasion where you either do it or do it. I also went for a run on Saturday, a fast drill 5k, and a sweet lady said this to me "oh my, you are running faster than I'm riding my bike!" That really made my day. Also while doing my programming lab I realized how much I like programming, I really do. I like how you have to figure out the steps, information, and structure you need and how everything needs to be square clean. That reminds me of my cleanliness of files in my laptop and how everything has its place. I constantly remember how several people told me this could not be my thing, but I feel confident that I will prove them wrong; it's funny how your closest people sometimes don't know who you really are and what you really like. 
funny convo I had with Rod. 

my Minnie ears for the Disney race are here!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Week #70: FIRST WEEK AS A SOPHOMORE! (08.25.14 - 08.31.14)

Monday, my first day of classes after a long, relaxing summer was not that bad. I woke up early and had some cereal for breakfast. On my way to my first class, Calculus III, I was melting on the treeless sidewalk (reminder: never take that route again). When I got there I realized I was on the same class as Ricardo and Mark! I was so happy :) Our professor, Alain Etcherberry, had an hispanic accent and read through the latino names like they should be pronounced so I already have that keen connection with him; he's old and clumsy but I like him. After calculus I went to a shaded table in front of the fishbowl building where I'd have my second class and met up with Courtney and had lunch together. The programming class was cool, this is why I really like; at first I was kind of lost because our section has the lab prior to the lecture but I went through it just fine. Then it was physics time and I'm with almost the same people I was in my physics I class last semester including Courtney; the professor is young and it was kind of adorable seeing how nervous he was for this first class, he just kept sweating and sweating. Returning back to my dorm I ran into Kaitlyn and it was so nice seeing her. Then I went to my last class of the day, Discrete Structures, and the professor is the most boring one I've had (not taking into account FSU professor because that biology lady was just awful); she looked like Cristy haha and she just kept reading off the PowerPoints. On my way back a guy complimented my sunglasses (thank you) and I also ran into Armando! We only had like 3 seconds to talk but at that moment I realized that I really do have friends in here, people that know me and know they can count on me and this semester is going to be so different from the first one. I don't feel that lonely yet if I'm alone I'm totally fine with that.

You know how you always set yourself to start the year off with a good breakfast and a productive morning and gradually stop doing it altogether? Well, I broke the chain today, my breakfast/productive mornings just lasted one morning and that is actually pretty sad haha. I only had two classes: Physics Lab and Programming, a pretty nice day I may say. I was afraid I would get a tough professor for the lab because I had the greatest one last semester and which ever professor I get this one is obviously going to be less great than the previous one but besides the accent he seems ok. Programming class was cool, I really think I'm gonna like programming since I already finish the first lab and it was really fun; I'm happy I found something I like after weeks of frustration and searching. While in class when the professor was explaining the book we were gonna use I get a text from Armando: "Psst, you can find the book online for free". I looked around but didn't see him, and after class we just talked when we got out and we also had, well he had, chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A and I hung out with him meanwhile. You know who also was in my programming class? Ahmed, that weird guy I met on my first semester who just turned out to be really weird and scary-friendly. He was sitting two rows in front of me and I really hope he didn't see me and I don't see him the rest of the term. After class I went for a run, and man am I out of conditions. I barely ran 5k and I did it in 50 so minutes I belief which is not baaaaaad, but I could've done better and now that the big race is coming I'm getting really apprehensive.

On Wednesday I didn't even go for the banana for breakfast, I went straight to class with my bottle of water. It's always fun to be in a class with Ricardo, he is just fun to talk to. For lunch I tried this recipe of 2 - ingredient pancakes, it turned out pretty good but they were sweeter than expected and I accompanied that with chicken. Then I had physics class and this Foley guy is the most boring professor I've seen and then off to discrete structures where the professor is even worse than Foley. I also realized that Armando is with me in Discrete Structures as well so that's fun :)

On Thursday I had an optional class so of course I didn't go, and that means that I have Thursdays free! Woohoo! I woke up around noon and made me a salmon salad (ehem, salmon and lettuce), I did my Discrete Structure's homework due next week, I met up with Courtney and did both of our physics homework's also due next week, I went for a run and ran 7 km! At first I was dying but at the end I felt as though I could have kept going, I only stopped because I was in front of the mailroom and I had to pick up some packages. My Harry Potter poster finally arrived, is a little smaller than I thought but it's awesome <3. I was so productive today, and running makes me feel so so good afterwards. It was one of those good days :)

On Friday I only had one class, which was Calc III so I headed there and as always had a good time with Ricardo. I went for the second run in a row after having a nice long phone call with my bff, it feels so good to be able to just talk to her :) Anyways, I ran 6.5 km and although it's not a lot I still feel good about myself because it's more than 5 km haha. I was also pissed a Rod the whole night because he wasn't texting me at all the whole day and next thing I knew he was a Kat's birthday party... he wasn't misbehaving or anything but the feeling of not knowing where he was and he just taking it so lightly pissed me off. I mean, he just told me as if nothing that he had a drink, took his shirt off (that he's never done in public, not even with me), and kept talking to Vivianne and Ambar to "entertain" them because they looked bored. I mean, I'd have been totally fine with that if he had told me he was going to a birthday party that evening... 

On Saturday I biked to Target, and oh boy was it a bad idea... I felt like ice cream on a hot summer's day which is partially true, it was a hot summer's day. I got a few groceries and personal hygiene stuff like q-tips and I planned on going to the super market afterwards but I felt so damn hot I didn't even want to look out the window. I skyped with Rod, after slowly letting the steam go the night before and it was all good. Also since I had not gone grocery shopping I decided to order some chinese delivery! Yum!

On Sunday I rented one of those USF cars for an hour and a half to go to the super market and did my groceries, I decided this semester to not buy a meal plan because I honestly think it would be cheaper to buy stuff and make it rather than pay to go to the food hall just to end up eating some place else. The meal plan costs between $1400 - $1800 depending on which meal plan you want and weekly I spend less than $80 so that multiplied by four months is much less than $1400 so I'm pretty glad I did the math before buying from impulse which is what I normally do. I also spend the majority of the day reading Harry Potter, re-watching HIMYM, I skyped with Rod too, and just before bed I started looking up Run Disney stuff to motivate myself.