Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August is Finally Here!

What to expect from August? This is the most anticipated month of my 2013, why?

  • Heading off to Tampa and start living on my own. 
  • Three weeks of vacation!
  • Bruno Mars concert.
  • All the college prep shopping.
  • Hello University of South Florida!

Monday, July 29, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #29

So one of the Vlogs I watch went through a major milestone! Missy and Bryan from "Bumps Along the Way" and "Daily Bumps" welcomed their first child Oliver James Lanning. This Vlog obiously brought me to tears, I love this family so much. 

This video went viral over the last week and it's about a stupid employee throwing FedEx packaged in the truck and laughing about it! She also encouraged her co worker to throw them too! She's just plain stupid. 

Last week we also welcomed the new King-To-Be of England, Prince George Alexander Louis. Here's a video about his first appeareance to the media. (The Duchess of Cambridge was highly criticized because of her weight, but come on, she just had a baby the day before!)

I'm Plain Naive

I used to trust people and expect to be trusted. Truth is I trust everyone and they don't trust me or I trust them and they take advantage of me. Recently I got hit by reality. I used to trust this person I considered one time on of my closest friends. Friends warned me she wasn't what she seemed on the outside but I protected her like a loyal friend would do. Turns out she's the monster everybody talks about and I realize after I got hit. I have learn the hard way to trust. It still hurts that as time goes by less friends you have, it breaks my heart that I gave her a lot of my love and care and received gossip and judgement from her. I lost a friend today, but I gained wisdom and certainty in who my real friends are. I wish I could say I no longer trust as hard as I did, but that's simply one of my flaws. However, I do consider that flaw as a strength because I rather be hurt than to hurt someone. I'm plain naive. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ambar's 19th Birthday Party!

Ambar, or Pachi as I like to call her, turned 19 yesterday (July 27th) and we celebrated her birthday today at Anny's. We ate Mexican and Chinese food, and for the birthday cake I bought a Cheesecake Blizzard from Dairy Queen and we wrote "Estas vieja Ambar". We played "Heads Up" on my iPad and ended the day singing and listening to new tunes on YouTube. I had a lot of fun and hadn't realized how much I missed my girls. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Book Review: Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series

Last week I started reading the first book: "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". Before reading these series all I knew about them was a blurry memory of the movie. The book is totally different from the movie and I made a comment about that in this POST. I finished the whole series (five books) in two weeks, and I consider that fast because I usually take half a week to a whole week to read one book, specially these ones because they are over 300 pages. All five books had the perfect amount of action and mystery, maybe the one thing that lacked over the first four books was romance, however it's acceptable because at the beginning Percy was only 12. The last book had a lot of action and the battle took about 80% of the book! Every quest was well written and planned, the characters were hilarious (specially Tyson), and the ending was perfect. 

When I was reading the first book I thought Hades was the bad guy (SPOILER) however, Hades turned out to be one of the good guys. The problem that led all of this to happen began with the god's ignorance towards the importance of their children. Dyonisious turned out to be a really good guy too. The ending was very surprising, I would never have thought that Luke could become good. He was just driven by his hate until he must have realized he was wrong. 

These series would've become a lot more popular if the movie had stuck to the book's plot, and if they had filmed the sequel right away rather than 3 years later. 

This series have been really good, and I would totally recommend it. Next stop: The Heroes of Olympus Series. I thought these series had other characters, but I read the description of "House of Hades" (book 4) and it mentioned Percy. So now I'm really excited to read them, just because of Percy and Annabeth. I really fell in love with those too. 

I can't get over the fact that I laughed A LOT with these book, primarily thanks to Tyson and his childish personality. Pony! he called Chiron, Chicken Pony! he called Blackjack and Fish Pony! he called Rainbow. That's what cracked me up the most. 

"Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief" 
"Percy Jackson and The Sea Monsters"
"Percy Jackson and The Titan's Curse"
"Percy Jackson and The Battle of the Labyrinth"
"Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian"

Friday, July 26, 2013

Week #13 (07/22/2013 - 07/28/2013) - Last Week of Classes!

Monday was 2013's most royal day, William and Kate welcomed their first child, a boy. I'll look back someday and will be able to say that I was alive when the future king of England was born. I was born when Beyonce's first child was born. I was born when the first black President took the office. I'm glad I've been born for these events instead of the WWI and the WWII. Monday has been a homework day. I have a trigonometry midterm on Tuesday and I have not paid attention to any class, wish me luck. I also reconnected with Grace, a couple of weeks ago I greet her through Facebook and it appeared that she saw it but never responded. I wrote to her today to have a safe flight and she said she had not seen the previews messages, so I was relieved. We talked for an hour or so and I really like her. I wish she was my roommate instead of the new one, I wish Hannah was still my roommate. I finished reading "Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse" by Rick Riordan over the weekend and I rate it 5 stars :) Right now I'm reading the book #4: "Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth".

Tuesday I was totally lost in precalculus, I got a 12/15 in my Essay #3, and did a trigonometry midterm. Busy day. After that I went to Rod's house and did a Smoothie Challenge! Well not me but Rod and Alfonso, how fun?! After making the video Rod and Alfonso played LOL, I even played a game. We ate Burger King for dinner and they messed up our other, surprise. Today was a good day, the smoothie video was hilarious and gross at the same time. 

Men will be men. 

On Wednesday I went out with Alejandra and Ambar, we went for lunch at a Chinese "fondita" and it was the one I'm disgusted with. I had some noodles and steak, it wasn't very good but the dumplings compensated it. Ambar's dad gave her money to pay for everything, he's an awesome dad, and then we decided to go to Yogurt Factory and make our own yogurt. I did a mixture of blueberry, strawberry and pina colada yogurt with Oreos and chocolate chips. Memo to myself: hold the chocolate chips next time. When we were in line to pay a guy approached to me asking if I knew a Rodolfo Naranjo, and I was like yeah, and he said your boyfriend right? and I said yeah, hmm who are you? And he said just a friend of his. He looked like he was working on a vending machine truck, but he looked too young to be the owner or whatever. I told Ambar to take a picture of him to send to Rod to ask him who he was, and he had no idea. That was so creepy. On our way back to El Dorado I made a wrong turn and we ended up in a highway toll, and to use the highway you need to have a highway card which I don't have. I got into the recharge lane and I was praying for them to sell cards at the toll, I asked if they sold any cards in here and she sais YES, and I started cheering yay! And the toll lady cheered with us, how funny! Back home I got a friend request of a guy named Harvi Castro, and I looked into his pictures and it looked like the creepy guy from Yogurt Factory so I told Rod about it and he was like "oh yeah, now I remember. I used to play Call of Duty with him but suddenly he dropped out of school and disappeared for like three months". That totally scared me more. I also met another classmate from USF through Facebook, he's from Pakistan and was asking me questions about the meal plans and stuff. 

On Thursday I got to talk a little bit more with Hamza (my USF classmate from Pakistan) and he was pretty charismatic. He's also going to USF knowing nobody so if we get to hang out we can make each other company :) Last day of classes finally! I didn't understand a thing in precalculus, I got home for lunch because we were dismissed early from English and trigonometry was a torture. I got a 67 in my trigonometry midterm :( After classes I hung out with Alex to catch up, we had not talk in a long long time. I also finished "Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth" by  Rick Riordan, and again 5 stars for the Percy Jackson series. So now I'm reading "Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian" the 5th and last book, this will be interesting. It already started with love complications haha. 

Friday began with stress. I'm so stressed out. I'm gonna do an Extra Credit for precalculus but it turned out to be very hard so I'm stressing out. Also I need to make up my grade for trigonometry or else I might get a C on that course, and I understand little to nothing about what's coming on my precalculus final. I'm freaking out and can't focus, therefore I'm procrastinating. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #28

We did a SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! This week we went to Rod's place and did a Smoothie Challenge, well not me I just filmed. This is the grossest Smoothie Challenge by far I've ever seen. (The video is in private so you may not be able to see it. It's in private because well.. we were not okay with how it turned out).

This video was a prank, the guys made this groom think he was going to bongee jump off a bridge. Instead the put him in front of a kiddie pool. This prank is timeless. 

I didn't actually watched this video to get a review on the iPhone 5's breathalyzer. What I love the most is this guy's drunkenness. I belief that's one of the reasons I don't drink, so I can see other people drunk. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

I appear in a Taco Bell commercial! Wait what?

Taco Bell did a "Flash mob" in Multiplaza, Panama. And the video was posted on 2011, and just now Keny told me like "Hey look at what I found". At least I was smiling and not making a weird face or anything haha, funny thing is that I appear at the beginning of the video!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Sunday (07/21/2013)

Today we went to lunch as usual, and my great grandma made a ball out of the straw's paper cover. She played with it as if she were a little girl, how sweet. After that my grandma made her a bigger ball with a napkin and she kept throwing it at me! Like more than 10 times, and it hit me right in the head and she laughed!

YouTube Daily Shoutout #27

I'm in love with John Stamos. I'm obsessed with Full House. And guess what? Jesse and the Rippers "reunited" for a segment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! I couldn't stop screaming from the excitement. First it was Jesse, and Danny and at the end Rebecca kissed Jesse like if they were a real couple. Also from the band the only one I recognized was Gary, he's bald now haha. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #26

This first video is a cover of the song Animal of Miike Snow by Brandon and Leah. Brandon's father is Bruce Jenner, former Olympic and father of the Kardashian and Jenner kids. Leah's that was the guitarist of The Eagles. They got married and started doing music. Brandon's voice is so beautiful while Leah's is so unique and delicate. 

This second video is a from Anthony (smosh) and Kalel. They are making some drawings to people who send them stuff, and the drawings are totally improvised. I laugh a lot from these two. 

And last is a video I uploaded. It's from the Farewell Presentation we did at school, and these are the girls from my class dancing some traditional Chinese Dancing, a friend of mine doing a Kung Fu routine, ending with some modern dancing. They created the choreography from scratch and it turned out really good. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Week #12 (07/15/2013 - 07/21/2013)

How many times have I set an alarm early in the morning to get up and finish my homework early? TONS. And how many times have I actually woken up and did them? NONE. Yeah, those are usually my Mondays and Wednesdays since I have them free. This morning though I had to go to the bank for some errands with both of my parents, then we stopped by McDonald's and I had fried chicken. When we got home I watched my daily YouTube vlogs and also Tyler Oakley and JacksGap's new videos. Tyler's was from his trip to England. I want so badly to go to England. I finished my English essay before 2 PM and it was one of the hardest essays I've had to do. It was about Buchanan's assumptions in immigration - boring stuff. I also finished over the weekend the book "One Tiny Lie" by K. A. Tucker and now I'm reading "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief" by Rick Riordan. I gave 4 stars to "One Tiny Lie", it was not as great as the first book "Ten Tiny Breaths", but I liked it overall. The Percy Jackson book has been really interesting. Usually the beginning of the book is what takes me the most because it usually starts slow; however, I read more than 30% of the book in one sitting. I was getting bored of romantic books, so now I'm back to fiction :) Oh my God, how crazy is it that I got a comment replied by Missy (from "Bumps Along the Way" and "Daily Bumps")? She was commenting about the pain she had in her ribs due to the weird shape of her uterus and I commented: 

It's the first time something like this happens, besides the RTs from Diego de Obaldia of QuienTV. I'm really procrastinating, like big time. I have not studied for any of my tests I have on Tuesday and I hope I won't be this lazy on USF. I found this song that somebody posted on my Facebook TL and its an original song: Going. It is very relaxing, there's something odd with the percussion but I like it :)

On Tuesday I ran into Mafe Wong at FSU, and I feel so sad and disapointed with myself. How can I be so stupid, dumb, and stupid times 100? I feel so below the social and intellectual status people around me usually are. Besides that, I HATE MY PARENTS, not hate them, but actually their actions and decisions. They won't let me go to Coronado because they feel a bad vibe.. I mean, I'm 18 years old and have proven to be very responsible and smart. Can't I just have fun one of my last weekends with my friends at the beach? It's not like we are going alone, or that I'm going to drink alcohol, I'm not even going to get into the ocean because I'm afraid of it. It's late and I confronted my parents as to why I wasn't allowed to go, I confronted them individually. Obviously being more tendered on my dad because one: I'm afraid of him, and two: because I'm daddy's little girl. So the thing is, my dad's okay with me going, the issue is my mom. Dad says she's being overprotective, and I hate it! Changing subjects, I can't believe I read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in less than two days! It's the first time I read a book so fast in a couple of months. And it wasn't a short book or anything, I usually take up to two days on books a little over 200 pages and about a week on books over 300, and this book was over 350 pages. I'm now off to book #2: Percy Jackson and the Sea Monsters by Rick Riordan. 

It's Wednesday and I finally have my new roommate assigned, her name is Kaitlyn and I just friended her on Facebook. I hope she likes me because I'm so apprehensive about making friends in college. Funny thing happened, like I mentioned on Monday I commented on a Bumps Along the Way video about Missy's pregnancy compared to Bella's, and in today's vlog she was watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2, the part where Bella was pregnant. Did I make that happen? Lol. I can't believe is barely Wednesday, I feel like it's Friday already. The week is passing way too slow.  I got to finish my math homework in no time and also did my draft #2 of my research paper which is due to Friday, I almost did my English homework due for next week... Almost. Rod's going to cancel the beach trip to Coronado since I won't go, and Ambar's kind of uncomfortable with Alfonso going; so I don't feel so bad about all this trouble since it's not going to happen. I'm craving of doing a photo shoot so bad, maybe I'll ask Patty or anyone to do it. 

Thursday was fine except that people told me there was a trigonometry homework for today and I had only one hour to finish it on the computers upstairs. Because there's something wrong with my username I asked Edward Mackay (Cristy's brother in law, I think) for help. I started doing my homework and was a little over half way through when a pop up said I had no time left, I finished at 66% and my homework average drop to 92%. I'm so mad at that guy because he uploaded the homework merely hours before it was due. Today I also discovered Edgar (my trig buddy) lives near me, and how funny is it that today I literally followed him on the way home. Not following him on purpose but we take the same route back home. I also drew some sketches including this one of my grandma when we were in Seattle. 

I drew her head kind of fat, not on purpose tho. 
Friday morning I woke up at 9 AM because I had to turn in an English paper, I drove all the way to FSU to find out that I had to turn in the draft too.. there goes my gas money, the professor let me turn it in on Monday so I wouldn't have to come back again. So Alex just told me that she's going to Penn State next January which is super exciting! I admit it, I was a little jealous but I'm glad I chose USF because I'd be saving tons of money for tuition since I got the scholarship. Also, I would likely get Cs or Ds at Penn State.. Why pay so much if I'm going to be qualified as a mediocre. Anyway, I'm so happy for Alex because I know she will survive and experience what she's dreamed of. I'll stick to my goal of being a magma-whatever-it's-name-is and go to a good college for my masters. I finally bought my student annual pass for Busch Gardens! It was only $50 compared to the $200+ of a normal annual pass. I'm not sure which privileges I get with this pass though. And I scored another friend, booyah! Her name is Grace and she added me on Facebook a couple of days ago and she's chatting with me right now. How cool is that she's also majoring in Engineering!? At night I looked again at my classes and arranged my classes for this Fall, hope all the classes I want at the time I want are available. I would literally die if things don't work out as planned. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Look at What I Found!

So my friend Alex told me that I couldn't draw and I proved her she was wrong with some drawings I did on  2011 in a drawing class. I love to draw, and I feel such at peace. Too bad I'm not that good

This is my first portrait. I have no idea who that lady is haha, but I think I messed up her nose. 

This is a town with a chapel at the center, and this is the one everybody likes. It looks like a cartoon. I loved making this picture, some tips: draw lines on the streets so they look used, and make brick uneven so it looks more cartoonish. 

This is suppose to be Rod's baby brother when he was born, his name is Ricci (or Richie for Ricardo) and he was born on 2011 so I drew this literally a week or two after his birth. What's very characteristic about him was his chin. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


How can we understand people if we can't even make sense of what's in our minds? How can we help others we we can't even help ourselves? Maybe the answer is that you can't survive without human contact. You bring to the table what you've got even if it doesn't help you issues. We share our wisdom with the people that we love with nothing in return, and we receive advice from those who think could be useful. Many of you may disagree with me thinking the world is not what it used to be, or that humanity has never had compassion towards our own kind. But I always like to see the bright side of things, and hope that some stranger will do something kind for me as well as I'd do for any other human being. Kindness starts within ourselves. We have enough power to encourage people to follow our lead, and one at a time we can change this world's view into a better future. Hope can't be the only source of force that will change things, hope is only there struggling with the weight until enough of us care to help. I believe in human kindness, and I do everything I can to turn a bad day into a great day to strangers. Doing something has giving tips to a cashier, or petting someones dog. Those are the things that warm my heart, and motivates other to do the same. Humanity is in its way to better things. 

YouTube Daily Shoutout #25

This first video is a cover of "Landslide" by Beatrice Miller. I wanted her to win the X Factor because she has a very unique voice, I don't like her attitude though. She's may be that way but 13 year old girls trying to be tough guys and cursing and stuff.. Not what I'm used to. But no judging. Her voice is amazing and I can't wait for her album to release. 

This a a slide show of Missy and Bryan's maternity photos from a vlog I watch: Daily Bumps. I'm making a shout out to this video because I loved how the pictures turned out and I hope I can be such a good photographer and maybe make a career of it one day. I loved how the sunset shots turned out, I guess it was the perfect day at the perfect time in the perfect place. 

And this is a HISHE (How it Should Have Ended) video about Man of Steel. I love these videos, I spent a whole afternoon watching them.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Movie vs. Book: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

I saw the movie years ago, and just finished the book today. I started watching the movie again to remember how was it to compare it with the book, and it definitely changed the MINUTE it started, no kidding. The movie started off Zeus accusing Poseidon's son of being a thief. In the book we don't don't whose Percy's father until chapters ahead (off course you should know by the book cover or the description). There's no Clarisse, the capture the flag teams are totally different, the whole plot is different. The search of the pearls that appear on the movie is going to another level on difference, in the book they are just trying to get to California and the pearls are a gift from Percy's father. I didn't finish watching the movie because I thought it wasn't worth it, besides the fact that I've already seen it. There are a few exceptions on movies being better than book, this wasn't one tho. 

Book wins!

Monday, July 15, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #24

First off is a video of Carly Rae Jepsen throwing the first pitch in a baseball game. I felt so sad and at the same time laughed a lot. The pitch was so girly. 

Next it's a proposal made in Downtown Disney. Lately I've been watching a lot of proposal videos, falling in love with their creative ideas and hoping one day I'd get a proposal if possible better than those on YouTube. 

And finally is another Kids React to, this one has a spin tho. It's not funny like other ones, this one actually teaches grown ups a lesson. Kids see the world's population as a whole, not by sections like some adults see it. These kid's opinions are very pure and we should follow their lead. RACISM SUCKS. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

RIP Cory Monteith

Some people don't understand why this hurts so much if you don't even knew the person, but it hurts. I believed in Cory, I loved his voice, I had a crush on him, and I idolized his relationship with Lea Michele. The fact that he got the strength to say he needed help with his drug use was admirable, the creativity he had in his audition for Glee was genius, and his sweet smile that brought warmth to your heart was irreplaceable. I will miss Cory. I loved his sense of humor and his humbleness despite his success. Glee was one of the first shows I truly felt in love with, and Cory was a part of it and will forever be. His love for Lea and his devotion will forever remain as a guidance to me. 

Rest in peace, Cory Monteith. 
May 11, 1982 - July 13, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week #11 (07/08/2013 - 07/14/2013)

So on Monday I made my daily smoothie, but used organic blueberries instead of the other ones. It tastes so much different and it's definitively more tasty. I'll keep buying organic blueberries and maybe perhaps buy organic strawberries too. I spent the WHOLE day doing homework, and let me tell you it feels AMAZING to have finished before 10 PM. Obviously I didn't do homework the entire time, I watched some Youtube and played Hay Day in between. I heard the new song by Willow Smith: "Summer Fling" and it's really good compared to her previous work, it's very: Cali.

Tuesday! Was so boring... I was in 9gag the whole PreCalc class haha. English was fun though, because I made the Essay #4's Draft (which was optional) and the professor was very excited. I mean, I was the only one who turned in the draft and he was comparing me to everybody, lol. I like being exhibited and putting my shy face, it makes me feel responsible. The professor said this at class and I quote "All of you are slackers! While Miss Kam was the only responsible one" it was so hilarious. I don't mean it in a rude way because the essay was optional and the "slackers" didn't get point taken for not doing it, but I do hope the professor gives me some credit for turning it early. I spent 4 days making the essay, it better be good. Today was the cookout at FSU, and I didn't go as expected. However, I ran into Diana who told me she was going to be there for something to do with AEISEC (?) and I picked her up and went to lunch with her at The Plaza. I catch up with her while eating four slices of pizza. After lunch I went to Trig class and well.. did the usual: NOTHING. When I came back home I read a little (progress: 56% of One Tiny Lie by K. A. Tucker), watched some Youtube (becoming SUPER ADDICTED) and tried to do my Trig homework for Thursday. At night I decided to make a video. What's trending right now is doing videos of you talking by drawing something, and I did that with one of my poems: I Will Stand. Here's the video: Draw My Poem: I Will Stand. I'm really happy with the product, I can't wait to have my MacBook Pro and start making more videos.

It's Wednesday and I'm still pretty happy with my video :) I went to the movies and saw DESPICABLE ME 2! and it was the most awesome movie I've ever seen in my entire life! I laughed the whole movie and I'll definitely buy the DVD. I went with Alex, Zhanzhy and Christian and we all had a great time together. I bought a Happy Meal at McDonald's because of the Minion's toys and so did Zhanzhy. After the movie we were at the food court entertaining ourselves with the toys, it was so funny, Zhanzhy's Minion kept falling from the skateboard while mine didn't. I miss Rod :( I haven't seen him in a while, he's coming Thursday to my house though. We also ran into Brandon and his girlfriend in the mall, and it was so awkward haha, not for me but for Alex. I was laughing to hard in the inside. 8 PM and I still haven't taken a look at my PreCalc notebook. I did my Trig homework in the morning tho. I love my Minion toy! I'll even take it to Tampa if it fits in my baggage. So my mom just booked the hotel she's gonna be staying in for my first couple of weeks at Tampa, it's a La Quinta. We've always chosen that brand when we travel because it's a good balance between price and quality. Besides, she's going to be staying in a hotel for two whole weeks. If it were for like a weekend I bet she would've chosen Embassy Suites. 

I did my third Pre Calculus Exam on Thursday and am absolutely certain I got an A, the funny thing though is that I didn't study a bit! I just took my notebook and wrote down the formulas, read them one time before the test and aced it. The day was really REALLY cold, when I woke up the sky was really gray and about to rain. At FSU when I finished my Exam I took a look at the window and it was black! I was like wow, when did it turn so dark all of a sudden. I must have not noticed because I was really focused on the exam. It was really cold at FSU and luckily for me I decided no to bring my jacket that day. Oh yeah, funny thing happened Wednesday night. I reached to Hannah (USF roommate) because it had been a long time since we don't talk and I don't wanna lose that bond we have. And we were bonding talking about Nintendo and Despicable Me and then she says "Oh yeah, I've been accepted to the Global Citizen LLC Community. I wish we could've still been roommates though, we need to hang out and stuff. You are really cool!". I got shocked by the fact she told me I was cool, but was saddened that she would be leaving :( The good side of this is that I checked on the internet and it says that I've got no roommate, does that mean that I'll have my own room? :D There's a USF Class of 2017 at Facebook and I just joined in. I typed "Any Latinos here? :)" The first comments were very rude and racist, like "None at all" or "Spaniard don't know how to colonize" or that "Latinos are worse than Native Americans" That's just plain rude! Anyway, several people responded and I got to see a couple of people from Venezuela and Mexico, one Colombian and Brazilian so far, no Panamanians besides me though. I am happy I'd be able to have Latino friends because that means we come from a similar background. Rod came to my house and we had a good time, except with the late night phone call because I was busy meeting Latinos in Facebook and I told him I was busy and he left kind of angry. I should apologize /: I did, feel much better. 

Friday was a not a very interesting day, I spend the whole day literally eating and trying to get some homework done. Thankfully I finished my trigonometry homework, and I don't  mean it as I was too lazy but that I didn't understand at all what I was doing. I used the voodoo mathematics method. I feel like a pig for eating so much, I didn't drink soda though. It's the second day in a row I don't drink soda, however I did drink grape juice and a smoothie today. I found a very fun Smoothie Challenge by Joey Graceffa and Sam Pepper and I think I'll do that with Rod :) At the end of the day I talked on the phone with Rod and we had a very interesting and fun talk. We talked about his and my future business, his a burger shop and mine a recording studio. 

On Saturday we did kind of a surprise birthday party for Keny because he'll be leaving for Canada next month, and this would be his last birthday with us. We bought bites of BBQ from Lenos y Carbon, and we bought a little bit more than needed. Andrew, Vivianne and I went shopping for the food, the cake, the drinks and the ice on the morning and the people came around at two to my house. We had a great time playing Heads Up on my iPad and talking and stuff. For next week we have planned a beach trip to Rod's house in Coronado, and I asked my mom if I could go and she was very skeptical which is worrying me because the whole point of this trip was for me to go because I'll be leaving next month too. She said she had to ask my dad, and I'm pretty sure he won't be happy with that. I don't know why my mom thinks I would have sex, or drink, or do any irresponsible thing. If she only knew I don't like doing any of those things, sigh. It's just like if she doesn't trust me, and that hurts. Also John got awarded with Taiwan's scholarship and my mom won't shut up about it, it's so SO annoying. It's like she's more excited for him than me, and also she now wants to go to Taiwan since John's gonna be there. FML

Thursday, July 11, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #23

I love the Power Rangers, not the ones from now but the ones from the very beginning. This is a video I found showing the 20 different Power Rangers we've had. I funny that I only recognize until the Power Ranger Mystic from 2006, and it wasn't that I watched it a lot, it's just the most recent I can remember of.

This is a video of a woman who was deaf and hears herself for the first time at the age of 29.

And this is a video I found really funny. I really doubt these tweets are real because I search one of Kanye's and never found it. I don't know, maybe some are and some are not or it was and was deleted by the user. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #22

This is a Draw My Poem I did about a poem I wrote (undergroundp.blogspot.com). I really liked how this video turned out :)

I'm beginning to like animated videos, and this one was a little sad but beautiful. I almost shed a tear. This video was made by Sam from Youtube. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #21 - Vlogs

So here are the Vlogs I've been addicted to for months! My first Vlog was It's Judy's Life, it's about the life of Judy, her husband Benji and Julianna. The Vlog started way before Julianna was born, it started as a Vlog for Judy and Benji's married life. So here is one of my favorite videos:

Another Vlog that I've became addicted this past week is Daily Bumps which is about a couple who are having a baby boy, and previously tried to have a baby but there were some complications. I think Bryan (husband) is hilarious and Missy (wife) is so adorable. This video I'm posting is about Missy's maternity shoot. I liked this video because I like photography and this shoot came out spectacular. 

A third Vlog I'm watching right now is from Anthony and Kalel. Yes, Anthony Padilla from Smosh. They are a couple, and now engaged and this Vlog started recently about two weeks ago or so. They are such a cute couple and definitely funny. The Vlog is called Watch Us Live and Stuff. And the video below is about one of their trips to Japan, and I couldn't stop laughing about Anthony's expression in the toilet. 

And this is a Vlog I discovered TODAY! It's about a gay couple who are now engaged and are planning their wedding! And in this Vlog they explain common questions people have towards a gay marriage, or relationship, or a gay wedding. I find it very interesting because I did had those questions and I'm so happy for them because they are getting married. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #20

This is a bit late, but I decided to finally upload my Family Trip video of Seattle and Alaska to YouTube. Hope you enjoy it :) You'll see the view from the Space Needle, how they throw fish in the Public Market, how they make Cheese in the famous Cheese Factory (don't remember the name), also us on a dog sled. 

This little video was funny and really entertaining. 

And finally some Smosh. I really laughed in this video, lately their videos have been a little bit odd. But this one felt like the old times. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday with Friends (07/06/2013)

Today I went to the movies with 5 of my friends; Vivianne, Andrew, Alfonso, Keny and Rod. We were going to watch Despicable Me 2, but it was full of kids. So we decided to watch World War Z, which I was skeptical at first because of the zombie thing but it was worth it. The plot itself was amazing, -SPOILER- who would have though about that kind of cure? I mean, I though they would find the cure in or at least know where the virus came from. That solution was AMAZING. I rarely see Brad Pitt movies, but this one was really incredible. I still need to watch Despicable Me 2, but this movie was totally worth it. I give 5 stars to this movie. Never imagined a zombie movie like this one. 

And after the movie we went to T.G.I. Friday's and ran into Kevin Hall (speaking of the devil). I ordered some Jack Daniel's Ribs - my favorite dish in T.G.I. Friday's - and we met with Lionel and Katherine later and went to the brand new Lego Store. I think I was going to die of being able to see the stuff and not to buy them. 

I was a good Saturday, I love spending time with my friends. They are so funny and we laugh all the time. 

How funny is Rod's smile? Haha

Week #10 (07/01/13 - 07/07/13)

It's finally July!! Way past half the year! What about that? Oh my God this year has gone so fast, I can't believe next month I'll be moving out of my country! I can't believe this is my last month at FSU. July's not gonna be a very active month, rather a very busy one due to college and stuff.

On Monday I finished "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire and I literally gave it 5 stars! I said when I was halfway through the book that how can it get more interesting if the happy ending already happen on the middle of the book. Wrong was I, the story got more complicated and I liked it a lot. Now I'm gonna star reading "One Tiny Lie" by K. A. Tucker which is the sequel to "Ten Tiny Breaths", now this one is the sequel to the little sister's life when she's off to Princeton. This should be exciting. Now that I'm going off to college I like to read novels related to college, I feel related to them. The rest of the day I played Hay Day and did a paper due Tuesday, as always at last minute. Also a very big bird landed on my window! It's called Gallinazo here in Panama. It was HUGE, it's the second time I've seen one of these at home. The first time it was in front of my car and I realized when I got in and totally froze. This bird was bigger than my printer! And when he landed it had its wings all open. Traumatic. Also the total calories I consumed is humongous, I feel so bad. I didn't even realized I ate so much. I guess this is the purpose of counting your calories and I discovered that eating Mac and Cheese is not good. I consumed 2443 calories in total D: I also finished my paper in record time, I finished before 8:30 and I started today at around 5 or 4!

On Tuesday we went on a field trip to the library so they could teach us how to use the university's data base for our Final Paper (the research paper). After trigonometry, which was endless, I went for a froyo with Alex and bumped with my mom and that since they were picking me up because dad was using my car. I don't get why I couldn't use my car if my dad and mom went together to pick me up. At home I napped, read, and did nothing else at all; later at night I was curious if there was any photography course at USF because I have some spaces in blank - 3 spaces - and it turns out there is! Photography for beginners, Intermediate Photography, Advanced Photography and Special Topics Photography. It's so awesome that I can get to fill my blanks with subjects I like, there's also Keyboard Skills I so I can learn how to play the piano. How awesome is that? I think I'm going to take Photography I my second semester and then leave the other ones for my blank spaces in my last year, so that I can have some relaxation classes. Nothing is definite yet, but I do hope it works the way I'm planning. Countdown until Tampa from now: 46 days :)

On Wednesday I woke up at 8 AM and fell asleep again, that compared to the days when I woke up at 3 PM is such an improvement. It means that I'm getting used to waking up at 7 AM for classes. Alex came by because she had a lunch with some of her other friends nearby and it was easier for her to come here instead of her home. She came at noon and we hung out in the afternoon until 4 PM. Christian also came along, and I had forgotten how funny Christian was. I had a great time teasing Alex and laughing with them. I miss Rod :( it's been a while since I don't see him, I miss him so much. Lately our phone calls have been very short because we are both tired from college and doing homework. For dinner I had sushi from Sushi Express, a breaded roll. I'm always craving sushi but when I get it and am halfway through it I get sick of it, it's so weird. I think that's because there's took much of it. 9 PM and I still haven't studied for Thursday's English quiz :)

Thursday was a rough morning for me, I can't wait to go to Tampa and don't have to drive myself to school. I have tons of homework for next week, I'm gonna literally die from stress. At lunch I bumped with Alex at the library and we went together to the classroom, and she told me some gossip I'm really not content about... That saddened me the rest of the day. After class I stopped by Blockbuster to rent a movie and Rod was there to meet me, we spent like an hour searching for the right movie and ended up picking A Thousand Words starring Eddie Murphy. We stopped by McDonald's to buy some lunch and we used his discount from being from USMA. When we got to his house and decided to watch the movie we realized we left it in the car! And my car as at my place, so we would have to walk all the way there to get it so we decided to watch something online. We clicked on Spring Breakers starring Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudson, but the beginning was so sexual we paused it and started watching YouTube videos. Ricci, Rod's little brother, was bugging us all day. I was fine with it but it was getting into Rod's nerves. How cute that he now can greet you and say good bye, and count to 15 and also sing! It was so cute. Anyway, Rod was pretty pissed and that actually ruined our hang out. At the end of the day when he dropped me off, he was feeling ashamed and I was mad at him for ruining the day but I said something funny and we both laughed and that kind of lifted the tension and we were laughing. I love that even when we are mad, we can laugh at ourselves and be happy again. More than a couple of friends of mine applied for a Taiwan Scholarship, which usually awards people from my school because we are linked with Taiwan. But this year they only granted two and it was because Alhan and Sandra were the three highest positions at school, and those scholarships were set in stone. I thought my friends were going to get it, I'm really sad :( This year the scholarships organizations have been granting less and less scholarships than past years. I know how they feel, I mean, I lost a scholarship too with SENACYT; and let me tell you those people are VERY DISORGANIZED. They only thought that helps me through is that bigger things are waiting for me and I'll show them wrong. 

Friday was errands day, I woke up at noon and head out to pick up my passport. I finally have my Visa for college! No more paper work until orientation, YES! After that we stopped by the bank to get a new credit card for me for college; however, we didn't get anything done because my dad is the account's administrator and he's at the mine until the week after next. So funny what happened at the bank, here you can check it out: Spreading Joy? I also started with my Research Paper about the History of Lego, and so far so good. I hate research papers because you have to search and search and cite, and too much stuff compared to personal essays in which you just write. It's 10 PM and I've got 4 and a half pages from my 10 pages Research Paper. What am I going to do? I have only one more bullet to address and the conclusion, and that's not going to occupy more than 5 pages. I need to come up with more bullets or expand what I already have. I'm in trouble :( Close to midnight I was curious about the Lego collection I had, and went to the room it was to check it out. I was all dusty but other than that in perfect conditions. I moved them to my room and started playing for like an hour. I forgot how cool was playing with Legos, it's such a shame that I didn't had enough to keep building stuff. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

How to Come Up With Topics for Research Papers

I know several people that when they are able to chose a topic for an essay or a research paper they chose something really boring like World War II, or Abortion. The key to a successful paper is to write it about something you like. I've never written a paper about Racism or an Invasion when it's not mandatory. I always chose something I'm really interested in, that way I won't get bored researching about it. 

How to come up with an interesting topic? What are you into? Music, iPads, Dancing? Now combine that with:

History of (blank) 
Production of (blank)
Uses of (blank)
How to (blank)
Impacts of (blank) in society/children/future

And that's how you write an interesting paper for both you and your audience. 

For example, I have to write a research paper and I chose "History of Lego". 

"With more than 20 billion Lego bricks produced per year, more than 915 million ways to combine six Lego bricks and with a production of 306 million tyres a year, Lego, the world’s largest manufacturer brings joy to our children since 1932 (Lego Facts). Lego is a simple toy destined to become a complex structure. Kids, and even adults, from all around the world buy these simple plastic bricks in order to build bigger things such as a replica of the Eiffel Tower, or the Chinese Wall, or even Hogwarts from Harry Potter. We all know how successful the Lego brand is right now, but how did it all start?"

I learned lots of things about my favorite toy, and it's got enough facts for the professor to be satisfied. 

If you like Lego, you might also like this video:

Spreading Joy?

Today I went to a bank for some errands and this bank's logo is 'Spreading Joy' ('Contagiando Alegria' in Spanish) and this lady that took care of me was so not happy and didn't talk if it wasn't necessary. I'm not judging or anything but I took this picture of her being boring and unhappy with the logo of the bank 'Spreading Joy'. 

This was SO IRONIC haha.