Monday, March 31, 2014


Today my great-grandma, Atai as we great grandchildren call her, turns 100! I can't believe it. She's the first born of all her 8 (or 9?) brothers and sisters, and looks like she's the healthiest of all, thank God. She used to baby sit me when I was younger and she was always very kind to me. While my older cousins neglected me for being the youngest, she came and played with me. 
I remember once Cristy, Yoyi and I were playing with some building blocks and I didn't know how to put them together. My cousins, mean as they were didn't want to teach me; then my great-grandma came to the room and she taught me. That might be the most colorful memory I have of her. 
What I love about my great-grandma right now is that even though she's old, and can't walk as she used to, she's still happy and says hi to children and smiles at strangers. Even in her grumpy days she always takes a laugh out of you. 

Happy 100th Birthday Felicia!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


I'm a very undecided person, and when it comes to choosing my major I think that was the most important thing I had to choose. However, I was biased. Biased by the amount of people studying engineering, by the expectations people had about me (specially because I had a silver medal from physics olympics), pressure from both my mom and dad wanting me to pursue a career in a strong field. Now that I've finally cracked under the pressure and my mom has finally left me off the hook I have the freedom to choose whatever I want, and I had around a week and a half to choose due to my registration date. I looked into the college of architecture but it looks as they only offer a Master's program in USF. USF also doesn't have a graphic design major in tampa or industrial design, and I feel trapped because I have to stay here because of the good price. So I had to find the major I liked within the list USF has. I thought about Industrial Engineering, a little doubtful because it's kind of similar to Mechanical Engineering. But I really don't see myself doing the stuff an Industrial Engineering does. I know they have such a broad field of work at their disposal but I really don't like any of it. I started eyeing all the other engineerings; I liked the curriculum for Civil Engineering a lot, but I really don't see myself inspecting blue prints and stuff... So, I stumbled upon Computer Engineering. I never thought about being a computer engineering because I didn't consider myself a wiz at tech stuff, but a computer engineer doesn't only have to do with the hardware of a computer but also with the software. And I remember being good at programing in computer class at high school and I really liked it. So I decided to give it a try with computer engineering. Plus, computer engineering is the engineering with the highest rate of available jobs; yup, not industrial but computer engineering. And I would love to work at Apple, or Google, or work on a fun app or something. 

So that's all for now, wish me luck in my new major. Although I still need to declare it. 

And another note: It's okay to change majors if you don't feel comfortable doing what you do now, because what you study will be your area of expertise in the future and basically what you'll do your whole life from the minute you graduate. Just know that you need not worry about people's thoughts and opinions about you. You need not worry about people doubting you will make it in the field you choose. You need only worry about your happiness, and stability because that's what's really important. 

And here's a duck in the rain because it's raining right now ;)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Week #48: University Meltdown (03.24.14 - 03.28.14)

This whole weekend I've been excited to finally put my hands on my new iPad Mini, the moment I saw that the package was finally delivered on Monday morning I went nuts. What bothers me is that the Mailing Office has not sent me an email telling me to pick it up so my patience is running low. Also last night was a tough night, I had to literally count sheep to fall asleep (I counted over 200). I finally got my iPad, a 128 GB iPad Mini and uploaded my stuff that only left 31 GB left from the 128 GB! The rest of the day was A REALLY CRAPPY DAY! I went to the office hours of my calculus II professor, to get extra points on my second test and I wasn't really ready and he got really mad and started to frustrate with me. In one of the questions he asked what method to use for a certain integral but I didn't know what he meant with method, and he screamed at me writing the word method in capital letters while yelling it slowly... If I had to award the worst professor in the history of universities I would grant him the honor... I left his office crying and got a call from my mom, I finally told her that I couldn't keep up with engineering any more and I was streaming water currents down my cheeks. I don't see why my mom makes me get an engineering degree if I don't like the career itself and the subjects to make it. I tried looking up for other majors in USF (Architecture and Graphic Design), but it was useless. Architecture was only a master's program, and for graphic design I need to apply with a portfolio. I tried to focus in the library after my meltdown but I couldn't... I texted Jose David later for support and he is such a great friend, I love him with all my heart. I offered to help me with calc and was so sweet about it! He might be one of the best, if not, friend I've ever had. So selfless and loving he is. I wanted to Skype with Rod... I told him I needed him, but he told me no because he had to go to sleep... That really hurt my feelings. 

It's Tuesday and I still feel crappy from what happen Monday, maybe things will get better. It's not the end of the world right? If I fail I can take the class again over the summer... I just feel stupid, that's all. Every minute I'm alone, watching Netflix or doing nothing I feel guilty because that might be the reason of my failures, but I try to remind myself that this me-time is extremely important. However, doesn't matter how many times I tell myself... I keep beating myself up and my eyes keep watering. This is definitely the worst week of this whole term... I feel so stupid, useless, and good for nothing. Everyone around me is getting good grades, and is easy for them to focus; they want to be engineers in the future because that's what they love. When I grow up, I'll let my children decide to study whatever they want; because this right here is not worth it. My mom after offering yesterday to fly over here because of my sadness, gave me the chance to change majors, but from the list of majors in USF I couldn't find a single thing I'd like. If I wanted to really pursue my dreams I would have to change schools, and that would be a shame because of the great pricing due to my scholarship here. This topic just keeps going on and on in my head, beating the guilt out of me. I wish I hadn't rejected the offer my mom made to come visit me. I rejected it because in a couple of week I'll be in Panama for Patty's 15th birthday party and my dad would kill my mom if she just came to visit because I was sad. I had never cried like that in front of my mom, I must have triggered her motherly instinct. My eyes are watering right now just thinking about all of this, I really want my mommy here. 

On Wednesday I had a quiz on economics, and the professor never told us like he usually does. I did well, but I missed one question because I skipped it unintentionally! I have everything else right and that infuriates me! I could've gotten a 100 on that week. I just feel that it seems as if I can't catch a break this week. I just want really to take the next semester off and just relax you know... So now I'm intrigued in the whole computer engineer thingy, it got me thinking and I research a little bit about it and I really liked it. I remember in high school programming HTML and it was really fun, I even like it more than industrial engineering because this means that I could work for big companies like Apple or Google or even create apps! So after more than a week and a half without doing laundry I finally succumbed. The load was huge and well... you know: the struggle. 

On Thursday I had planned a calculus date with Courtney to learn everything we haven't but at last minute she had to go pick up her brother... So I took in the extra hours of sleep and relaxed a little. Then I went for a run and ran over 6 km! :3 That really brightens my day. Then I showered and headed out to the library to work on math. I got some Pollo Tropical for dinner and then returned to the library. I feel quite proud of myself for practicing so much and having long term focus sessions. I'm also loving my iPad mini :D I've been playing Hay Day and watching my YouTube videos here while studying. 

On Friday I woke up at 8:30 am to meet up with Ricardo to help him with economics, we met in a room at the MSC. It's the first time I've ever been in one of those rooms. I explained as much as I could because he only had until 10:50, I really hope he does well on the midterm on Monday. I also biked to Target to buy an iPad cover, a stylus and since I was there I bought makeup for Patty's birthday and for some YouTube videos I'm planning to do when I get back :3 What also surprised me about the makeup I bought was that the Elf brand, everthying was under $3! And I got a pretty cool lip color which is the red in the picture below. I also forgot to go out on a run! :'( I really wanted to... The rest of the day I finished Pokemon on Netflix and skyped with Rod :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I miss the sunny days where the sun rays came through my window and woke me up, then my mom knocking on the door thinking I overslept and me telling her that I'm almost done. Pulling my purse from my BFF and LOL rack I've got hanging on my closes and grabbing my keys with the donkey keychain my mom got me from Greece. 
I come out running in the dark hallway, and meet my mom at the door. She's all ready waiting for me and asks me if I have my keys, wallet, and license. I say yes without even checking and my mom hugs me and waits until the elevator doors open to close our main door. 

That was morning routine with my mother, and although I sometimes thought it was awkward and too-much-mommy-like, I miss that. The thing I miss the most about studying abroad is my family. We are very close, we have lunch at least twice a week and never run out of topics in conversation. My grandpa always has this new project he's working on and my mom and aunt help him giving him opinions. My grandma listens quietly while keeping an eye on my great-grandmother since she's a little lost. Me and my cousins talk about what's trending right now, either be music, movies, or a new app or gadget. 

I miss those little lunch dates I had with my family, the impromptu family dinners when we all are craving something fancy. But I mostly miss my mom. She knows when I'm sad, she senses it and it breaks my heart that I break her heart. She's willing to swim every ocean to get to me if I'm feeling down (and I'm not kidding, she offered to fly out to Tampa when I told her how sad and miserable I was). 

I miss my comfy food, my bed, MY BATHROOM, the smell of my house, my friends, my TV, even my desk. The change of desks makes a huge difference in my studying routine. 

Anyway, I miss loads of things; but what I miss the most is my mom. She's my rock and although I never saw her that way when I was younger I do now. And I never miss the chance to tell her that I love her too and to text her or send her a silly picture because she keeps me ground and sane. 

You never know what you have until you go away to college, just be smart and don't let it go while abroad. Keep a tight hold on things and love ones and don't let go, ever. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014


A few weeks ago I presented my aunt the idea of creating decals I designed since she works with the vinyl company. I designed them all by myself in a moment of procrastination at the library. They are for sale now at :) This is just a testing process to see if we should keep making these. Please share comments if you like them or feel if they need to be improved. 



Sunday I was walking towards the library to get some shit done, and right when I was near Castor Beach a cute guy approached to me and said: "Hi, my friend here is very shy and he thinks you are cute". Totally blushing I said thank you, and his friend introduced himself. Sam's friend left and said that a cute girl like me shouldn't be walking by herself to the library (blushing 110%). Sam then offered to walk me to the library and we got to talk a bit. I totally knew what he had in mind but I couldn't build the courage to tell him that I had a boyfriend. We talked about our majors and stuff and he seemed pretty nice, he even told me I seemed like a very good person. When we got to the library he asked for my number and afraid to turn him down I gave it to him. Sam was really cute, with brown hair and gray/greenish eyes; he seemed like a gentleman and was very sweet. This is the first time a guy came to me like that, and I liked that feeling. However, I feel bad because someday I'll have to tell him that I'm already taken, but I really want him to be my friend because I seemed pretty cool. Things like these boost my self-assurance and this was obviously the highlight of my Sunday :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

FREE CONCERT - Miley Cyrus

So, during spring break, USF Housing noticed on Facebook that they had vouchers to redeem free tickets for the Miley Cyrus concert! Lucky for me, I stayed during spring break so I went and got 2 vouchers (equal to four tickets). First, I asked Courtney if she would like to come with me since she's the first person I thought of, but she said no because she's not into that kind of music and didn't want to take the ticket away from someone else. Which now I think was the right choice because after asking in the suite mates group and nobody texting back, or texting back they couldn't; Sam texted me saying she heard that I had tickets and asked me if she could come with. Of course I said yes, thanking God that I had someone to go with. She then asked if her best friend Juan could come along with and I of course said yes. Grace also joined the group, which was weird because I asked the whole suite mates group, she should have read it; nevertheless I'm glad she responded back through Sam. 

Before going to the concert we had a bite to set at Fresh Foods, and there's where I met Juan. He's a pretty cool guy, plus he's Venezuelan. I have a keen for Hispanic people. Then we headed out to downtown to Tampa Bay Times Forum and parked a few blocks away (Mental Note: every time you go to a concert park a few blocks away on the side parking spots. $1.65 vs. $15-$20). 

Our seat were not that bad, we were right above Miley and it was amazing! The only thing though was that we couldn't see the screen very well. Miley's entrance was amazing! A big Miley face appear on the big screen and a tongue started coming out of the screen's mouth and making a slide which Miley used to slide later. Her vocals were right on key, the props she used were stunning, and the song set list was perfect. Even though I didn't know every single song, I danced all night long and it was very fun. Miley was not only crazy which I expected from here, she was sincere and funny. Miley has an awesome personality, and a very good musical talent. The ending of the concert was spectacular too, she ended up with "We Can't Stop", "Wrecking Ball", and "Party in the USA"; which  I think were the perfect songs to end the concert. 

I have never had so much fun during a concert. As Miley said, this was not only a concert, THIS WAS A PARTY. And I feel so lucky to have gotten four free tickets! This definitely was a whole experience and I couldn't have asked for better people to share it with. 

And here's a clip of my favorite parts of the concert :)

Week #47: MILEY CYRUS CONCERT! (03.17.14 - 03.21.14)

Monday was said to be rainy all day and it was the moment I got out of my economics class. So far so good with my eating habits, I had fruit and whole grain crackers for lunch. I'm stressed though, because I have a calculus II test and I tried to study yesterday but couldn't. I understand the new concepts, what's hard is the integration itself :S thumbs up for all you college of engineering students struggling as I am. Honestly, I don't imagine myself studying anything else; business bores the crap out of me, I'm not that good at designing (I have the ideas but not the skills), and everything else I just don't like it. When I got done with the test all my hopes were down, I feel so depressed and sad :( 

On Tuesday I had my usual. I can't stress enough how much I love my leadership class, it's not the class, it's the group of people seating at my table. I just love them, they are so funny and good sports. I kind of feel bad because after class I ate ramen, not one but two! I went for a run and ran a little over 5 km, which was good. I felt the run wasn't that good but compared to my last run I ran further and faster! While running I saw a cute little grandpa riding his bike with a orange flag and a fluorescent vest so as to warn drivers he's riding a bike. And to top it off he was carrying things to recycle which I saw him pour into the recycling bins! So cute :3 I just have a weird love for old people.

Wednesday, was boring while at economics class because Ricardo didn't go. Armando is as usual guessing the answers as if he knew what was going on... And Victoria was playing Minesweeper on her phone. The funny thing is that Victoria knew what to exactly do for the class activity. I really need someone to talk to in that class... Otherwise I equal the quality of human characteristics as somebody who is dead. So after the first five minutes at economics class my day was practically dull. I went for a run at the track in the gym, and went for dinner afterwards at Champion's Choice. I kinda feel bad because I ate past and two slices of pizza (and a cookie too but shh), but hey... I'm getting into my period so I have an excuse. I got an email from INTO USF, the place I applied for a job and had a group interview the week before spring break, and they want to have a second interview! Then it came calculus and I got my test back :( I got 32.5... But I can better it up to a 50 so that kind of makes me feel better. I know I can pass this class but I'm seriously thinking about changing majors :( I'm at the library right now, studying the material we saw today, I want to get an A on the next and last test! I was also texting with Jose David while at the library because he was helping me with math and congratulated him at midnight because it was his birthday! I stayed at the library until 12:30 am, which is the latest I've stayed ever. I also Facetimed with my mom, because I was down because of my test grade and she always encourages me not to change majors.

I woke up early on Thursday, tired as hell because I stayed up last night watching Pokemon on Netflix. I went to the Study Abroad Orientation session, which was kind of informative but pretty obvious stuff. Then I went to my second job interview at INTO USF *crossing fingers. After that I had an advisor appointment to release the holds I had for registration. Finally I went to the Health Insurance office to release that hold as well. It's been a very busy day so far dare I say. And at last! It was time for THE MILEY CYRUS CONCERT! I met up with Sam and her best friend Juan, who turned out to be super awesome at Fresh Food to have a bite before heeding out. We then met with Grace and drove downtown to Tampa Bay Times Forum. When we got there we took some pictures and Grace and I bought Miley Cyrus concert shirts (the less obscene they had of course). The concert was amazing, the props where perfect, her entrance is the best entrance I've ever seen, and the concert was not just a concert; IT WAS A PARTY. I danced, sang, and had fun like ever before. The closing was spectacular, ending with We Can't Stop, Wrecking Ball and Party in the USA. And after a long day I had a late bite at Fresh Foods with Sam and Grace and then headed to bed. 

On Friday I woke up to go do some physics homework with Courtney and we nailed it! I got over a 100% on the homework and randomly decided to go see Divergent since it came out that same day. We went to see Divergent and were almost late to the theater! The movie was awesome, and OMG, the thought of Tobias just melts me <3 I had an awesome time with Courtney as always :3 She's a really good friend. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014


The first bucket list I wrote is now different from all the things I want to do before I die, so why not write my new bucket list :) 

  • Travel with my boyfriend
  • Run a half marathon
  • Write a book and publish it
  • Draw a really good portrait
  • Love my entire wardrobe
  • Love my body
  • Have a six pack
  • Go on a ski trip with my friends
  • Go to New York, London, Paris, and Bora Bora
  • Do an internship in another country
  • Work for Disney (even if it has to be a cashier or cleaner, I would really like to be a character!)

And this is my new and updated bucket list 2014 :) from my last bucket list I got to scratch a couple of bullets. I went to the Bruno Mars concert and ate healthy stuff from more than a month. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Week #46: SPRING BREAK 2014! (03.10.14 - 03.14.14)

Monday we (Alex, mom, dad and I) went to Busch Gardens, and we rode every single roller coaster except Guazi because it was closed. It wasn't cold or hot or rainy so it was an awesome day; however, it was kind of full. It's been the fullest I've seen the park since August, and it most be because it's spring break. We had an awesome time and after a long day we headed to Olive Gardens for dinner :) Before going to Busch Gardens we ran a few errands (USF credit union stuff) and I gave my dad and Alex a mini tour of the university.

On Tuesday, Alex and I went to Adventure Island! I bought the Fun Card which is good for a whole year! I'll definitely go there later on to relax in the sand or something. It was a lot of fun, we were alone because my parents decided to take the day off. We went on every single slide and they were so cool! Adventure Island was also kind of packed but there was no line longer than 10 minutes. After a tiring day at the water park we went to an all-you-can-eat-hibachi-and-sushi restaurant called Koizi, just outside my parent's hotel. It was good and worth it, I would love to go again to that place. 

On Wednesday we all went to downtown and I redeemed the vouchers for the Miley Cyrus concert I was given by the USF Housing Office! I got 4 tickets for the concert for free! We also went to the mall and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, it was hummers :) I had a Reese's Cheesecake. Then it was shopping time and I had a blast, I bought a lot of stuff and I love it all. I even got my denim jacket I've been wanting. At 8 pm we headed to Bern's Steakhouse, a place my dad has been longing to go since forever. And he being there was just like watching a kid in a candy store, it was rather cute. The food was delicious, and I really loved the baked potato. 

On Thursday we went to my first New York Yankees game at the George Steinbrenner Field and it was so awesome! We all went navy blue and white (except for my mom) and we sat on the first base side, row N seats 11 - 14 (almost at the end of the stadium). The seat were pretty cheap, $29 each. I had a pizza for lunch and it was better than expected; I even like it better than the pizza I had for dinner at a fancy restaurant, Maracroni Grill. The game was against Baltimore Orioles and we won 6 - 0, I still am a Boston Red Sox, but in this game I was rooting for the Yankees. Before the game we stopped by Barnes and Nobles and I bought a couple of things, including a Calculus II for Dummies, LOL. After the game we went to Whole Foods because I wanted to see what was the big deal; it had a lot of cool stuff but I felt it was over prized. We then went to Target in search of some rain boot and I found everything but rain boots, *sigh. 

On Friday we had lunch at On Top of the Palms, a buffet on the third floor at the MSC. The food was not that great but the soup was pretty good, it was corn bisque. Afterwards we went to Busch Gardens for the second time, we got there a little late, around 2:30 and we saw the Iceploration show and rode a few roller coasters. We then had dinner at Chili's and I tried their chicken enchiladas for the first time and it was amazingly good :) Then we went to Publix to do some grocery shopping and I bought quite a lot, I even bought 12 packets of ramen... haha. But I'm happy with our trip to Publix because I got to buy tons of stuff all at once, and I got a lot of fruits! It's gonna be a healthy start next week to detox all the junk I ate this week :)


On Sunday 9th of March, my parents, Alex and I went to the Florida Strawberry Festival at Plant City, FL. It was my first fair in general, in terms of carnival games and that kind of food. We got there early and gave a round to the whole place. Our first taste was from a place where you could make you own strawberry shortcake and my dad exaggerated with the whip cream (just like him). 

I also ate a fried Reese's! And it was so yummy. I've been recently obsessed with Reese's Peanut Buttercups and also discovered that my dad is too! Haha. 

We didn't buy any souvenir, or got on the rides, nor found the strawberries I was looking for (either with condensed milk or something like the strawberries and cream from Chiriqui). 

It was a cool first fair for me, there were plenty of people and food and attractions and what a way to start spring break!