Saturday, May 3, 2014

Week #53: FINALLY SUMMER! (04.28.14 - 05.02.14)

Finally Monday! The last Monday of the semester! The last day I'll be in Tampa and the last day of my freshman year! It's been a journey all right, I've done so many things I never would have expected like skydiving, going to the beach, meeting people I can trust, and getting along with my suite mates. I had my last and only two finals and I know I did good on the economics final, I'm not so sure about physics though. It's been the hottest day this year! I was sweating from just walking around campus. I finished packing and cleaned up my room, went to the storage container for a second time and finally stored all my stuff. I stopped by Target to drop some clothes at the Goodwill bin and also to buy some food for dinner because I wasn't craving anything junky so I bought a bag of cut apples, three bananas and a Naked juice :) And now the waiting begins... Until 4 am when the shuttle comes for me, actually 4:15 am. What I'm most excited about Panama besides seeing my friends and family, is to finally be able to go to the grocery store and buy everything I want! Because I have a full size fridge and freezer, a blender, a toaster, everything :D It's so sad that that is what's making me excited.

I had a rough morning, Tuesday morning. Didn't sleep at all because the room was so cold and I had absolutely zero blankets. Sam inspected my room and I didn't get charged for the chipped paint! Or maybe she didn't see it because she was inspecting with a flashlight because Kaitlyn was asleep. I got to the airport, and the guy in the counter that checked me in last time checked me in today too and he recognized me! I had a flatbread pocket for breakfast along with an OJ. I was asked if I wanted to move up to row five because it was available and I said yes because the guy said there was no one sitting in the middle of that row. When I was about to enter the plane the crew members thought I was underage... What's new? And they were treating me like a baby, and asking for my passport, and I was like "I'm 19..." before they could ask anything else. I slept the whole flight and didn't even bother to breakfast. When I got here I had some KFC and did some grocery shopping :) At 6:30 I went on a date night with Rod to our usual, T.G.I. Friday's, and something funny happened. Rod ordered a salad and I ordered some Jack Daniel's ribs, and when the waitress set the food on the table she gave me the salad and Rod the ribs hahaha.

I woke up early on Wednesday, that is at 9 am, and had the green juice I prepared last night for breakfast. I drove to Parque Omar to run, and I hated it. I just hate the amount of hills that trail has... and to worsen it, the blazing sun on my face. I felt pretty tired and ran less than 5k! Next time I'll go run somewhere else, somewhere with no hills. After my run I went to my grandpa's house to visit them since they are flying to Dallas on Friday and I had a nice little chat with Apo until Acun came back, we hung out for like an hour and then I left because I was starving. I had mac and cheese with chicken tenders for lunch, what's new, right? I went to Rod's and we played some video games and ping pong :) Then I came back and finally finished my globalization essay! That means I'm officially over with college for now :) I also got my final grade for physics, and I got a B-!

Happy Labor Day! Isn't it weird that I get to have two labor days a year? Haha, because USA's is on September and PTY's is today. Anyway, I woke up early and went for swim to do some cross training today, I intended to swim for an hour straight but that is actually really hard and unrealistic so I only did half an hour. Jose David came to pick me up for lunch and we went to a place called Mama Rosa, a pizzeria around Condado, and it was really good! I ate a whole pizza by myself, something I'm not really proud of but I had a light dinner to balance it all. After lunch Jose came to my house and we watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince :) It's always nice to have a Potter Head as a friend. I was planning on hanging out with Brandon but he has finals to study for, then I got a call from Patty (the Debutants and the grown ups are practicing for the Friendship Festival) to go down to show her and Izabel the video of her QuinceaƱos so I went down and had to say hi to every uncle and aunt down there. It was nice because I hung out with Austin and Enrique :)

I woke up at 9 am on Friday and went to Ciudad del Saber for a run, I'm not very fond of the many hills at El Parque Omar, so I wanted to try something new. The trail at the park in Ciudad del Saber is pretty neat, the only thing though, is that there's no shade at all. I ran 8k! And I finally made a training plan, I was going to go with no plan at all but with enough research I came to the conclusion that a plan is much needed. For dinner me and my mom went to Ruby Tuesday's and they had the yummiest pretzel burger I've ever tasted, and I'm not a fan of burgers so that's something. When we got out there was like a commotion going on and a part of the mall was closed, we didn't know what was going on and when we were driving home we saw an ambulance; Vivianne then texted in the group that there was a shooting at the mall :O and I was meters away! Ooh and I also bought a Garmin Forerunner 10 watch :3