Saturday, May 17, 2014

Week #55: Outings With Friends :) (05.12.14 - 05.16.14)

On Monday I slept in and went for a run at around 2 in the afternoon, I ran 5k which I'm really proud of because lately I've been slipping on my running. I ran El Parque Omar twice, and took a break in the middle to play in the empty playground hihi :) Rod came over later to my house and we watched yet another Harry Potter movie :3 

On Tuesday I went out to do a couple of errands with my mom, we stopped by the bank and exchanged some USD into Euros. Somehow I don't remember what else I did but I think it was a really dull day overall.

On Wednesday I went for another run but it was cut short because it was pouring cats and dogs, this is the most scared I've been driving; I could not see through the windshield, everything was blurry! Once back and bathed I went to Rod's because Javier was going to be there and I wanted to see him since forever. Anthony Smith came over as well as Tommy and we played ping pong for what felt hours and hours. Javier taught me a few tricks and I was able to win a couple of games :) And to end the night in a high note I watched Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, my favorite HP movie :)

On Thursday me and my mom headed to a Copa Airlines fair at Sheraton where they would give special prices for certain flights and we bumped into Acun and Apo over there haha, we went for nothing because when we got there the lady told us that we could purchase the tickets online as well so we headed to my grandma and grandpa's and mom bought a ticket to visit me on October for the Disney race :) we went for dinner with the whole gang (Apo, Acun, Mom, Tia, Patty and Cristy) and we ate at El Vecchio Forno. We had a great time, full of laughs :)

On Friday I went for lunch with Alex! It's been almost a week since she's in Panama and this is the first time we see each other :) What I love about Alex is that we never have an awkward silent moment, there's always something to talk about :) Rod came over before time to go to the movies with the losers and we hung out, he played Pokemon while I read Harry Potter (perfect couple haha). Then we headed to Multiplaza and got together with Vivianne, Andrew, Katherine, Lio and Tommy. We had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and then decided to watch a movie; we watched Old Boy and it was the weirdest movie ever, in the psycho point of view. 

Rod matches Max!