Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week #54: ANNIVERSARY AND FINAL GRADES! (05.05.14 - 05.09.14)

On Monday I got up at 9 am, and went for a run at Ciudad del Saber. I didn't do very well, it was freaking hot and the sun was unbearable; however I stayed within my limit of running under 15 min/mile pace. I'm now following a training plan, and I intend to stick to it. After getting back and showering I went to Rod's and along with his little brother we played some ping pong, it was really fun! After that we just chilled out and watched some TV.

On Tuesday I woke up and drove to my grandma's house to pick up my cousin's bike and went to Causeway to do some cross training. Cause was pretty empty and the bike shop guy was nice enough to pump up my tires since they were flat. I biked for a little over half an hour and a little under 6 miles and it felt pretty good, it wasn't sunny nor too hot and the roads were almost completely empty. At 5 pm I went and picked up Alejandra, Carla and Shey from UTP because we had a "girls night" and we hung out, ate chinese food, Skyped with Ambar, Albany got here later, and we watched "Friends with Benefits", well... half of it haha.

On Wednesday 7th of May I celebrate my 4th year anniversary with Rod :3 I went for a run in the rooftop, ran 4 miles which is about 6.45 km. I'm slower than what I just to be back in Tampa but I guess it's because of the heat factor. At 4 pm, Rod came over and we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban along with a salad for dinner :)

On Thursday I found out my final grades for the spring term 2014! And they were better than expected by a thousand!
My overall GPA went down to 3.6 but I'm more than happy with that, now I know how much hard work I must input from the beginning at a consistent rate to never experience all this stress I went through again. At 2 pm I had a dentist appointment and it went better than expected, it didn't hurt like it normally does (I know... yearly cleanings aren't supposed to be a big deal but I still hate them) and the tooth paste flavor was piƱa colada! I also started packing for Italy and I'm growing in excitement :3

On Friday my alarm went off at 5:30 am and I had a green smoothie for breakfast, my intention was to go for a 5 mile run but I was unable to because I had a stomachache :( Then I went to Lung Fung to help my mom decorate for Agrupa's Festival de la Amistad which is retro themed this year. Jose David came by to trade stickers for our FIFA World Cup sticker album and he also helped with the decor. I also started packing for Italy and my excitement is this far from going through the roof haha.