Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week #58: I JUMPED OFF A CLIFF (06.02.14 - 06.08.14)

Monday was the best day in Italy so far! We woke up early to catch the 7:45 am train to Monterosso (Cinque Terre) and got there three hours later. Our purpose on this trip was to hike but when I realized that the "hike" was not in the mountains but merely a trail alongside the mountain I decided to spend the day at the beach. Our group separated, as usual, Sam when on her own to tan, Yuning, Shao and Hao did God knows what and Stephanie and I went into the water. The "sand", actually rocks, were really spiky and it was really uncomfortable to get to the ocean but once we were in the water it felt SO NICE! It was cold, yes, but it was clean and fresh. Now I can say I've swum in the Mediterranean Sea :) When Steph and I were not in the water we were hanging out in this huge rocks in front of the water where people lay down (there was this creepy 12 year old looking at us...). We met up with everybody else to go on a boat to Maranola, another one of the five villages of Cinque Terre, and I'm os glad I went :) There was a spot in Maranola that had ocean water but was shaped into a little lagoon with rocks around it making it feel like a natural pool. And that's where I jumped off a cliff :) We had dinner at a restaurant in Maranola, I had ravioli with fresh sea bass and it was really good! 

On Tuesday I went to the market with Stephanie before class and bought some blueberries, I've had blueberries only once before and I didn't like them because they were too bitter but these were perfect. We also stopped by the super market, Conad, and I bought some bananas and a watermelon. For dinner I was dancing to try that chinese restaurant on the street next to us and I convinced Shao and Hao to come with me, the food wasn't great but it was good and the pricing was really affordable :) I had dumplings and fried noodles with chicken. I don't know why but suddenly I'm getting sleepy around 9 pm and I can't do anything because I sleep in the living room of the apartment where everybody hangs out. I also started reading the 4-book series of Little Women since I'm going alone on the trip to Paris and will be needing something to read on the spare time. 

On Wednesday I woke up early and forced myself to go on a run, I had heard about this park where you could run 7 km and googled it. It was hard to find... Definitely not what I saw on Google Maps but after asking a nice lady and a sympathetic old mans I got there. After 3 km I saw the same old man and happily waved at him and he waved back :) I ran 10 km! This is the farthest I've ran in my whole life :D I'm so freaking happy, and I ran it in record time :) For the rest of the day I went to the market to do one of my Italian assignments where I had to write down fruits and veggies and their price and a ton of other things, I also had a piƱa colada gelato from my favorite gelato place, I went to H&M and bought the cutest outfit ever (I'm so proud of myself), I also went to Conad with Sam to buy some snacks and finished the day off with an early end. 

Thursday was a fun day, first a field trip to a wine shop which was really cool because it also had pasta and candy. We had a wine tasting in the cellar too, which was a really awesome environment (but I didn't like the wines). We got out early and then after in my Italian class we had a movie day, so we only saw this movie called "Life is Beautiful", an Italian film that won awards and everything and it was so sad and heart touching. 

Friday at midnight my roommates walked me to the train station to catch a cab to the airport, I'm so lucky to have such lovely roommates who walked me in the short PJs haha. When I got to the airport the security guy told me that it was closed and that it would open again at 4 pm and it was like 1 am! He pointed me towards a "bar" in a gas station that was 24/7. What kind of airport is this that doesn't open 24/7?! I was scared of going to a bar in a gas station alone at that hour of the morning so decided to sit down in front of the reception to park your car because there was a receptionist working and I felt safer that way, but the cold started coming and my butt hurt so I finally went to the "bar" at the fast station which was more of a restaurant/cafe. I had a powdery croissant with cream on the inside and it was really good! Since I had no wifi I spend the time playing silly games until the owner (nice young guy) came to me and said "give me your cellphone" since he looked like a nice person I gave it to him, I also so one of the waiters dying something and signaling to me, and when I got my phone back I had wifi! That was a really nice thing for the owner to do. When it was 4 am and I Was about to head back to the airport ( I had to walk a long loop around the airport) the owner came to me asking me if I was leaving and where I was going, I was afraid but I told him the truth and he went outside with a set of keys. I thought he was going to give me a lift and started saying thanks but no, but then he opened a gate that led you straight to the airport without having to go all the way around! Sometimes there's good in people and you have to learn how to recognize it and trust your gut, and to never cloud your mind that the world is full of evil because it is not true. I arrive in Paris! and went to the hotel, it was smaller than expected and didn't have A/C like the one in Berlin, just my luck! I went out and visited the main points of the city, the Eiffle Tower, the Arc of Triumph, Notre Dame, the Louvre Pyramid, and had a really nice lunch and escargot for dinner! It was a really good day and I got to catch up in a lot of my Youtube blogs thanks to the not so slow internet.

Second day in Paris, destination: Disneyland. I woke up super early since I was going to get there by train/subway and since it was my first time on the French subway I decided to have time to spare rather than loose. I eventually got there and had to wait like two more hours for the park to open. A lot of the rides were the same like Space Mountain  and Star Wars but it's always nice to go to Disney :) I bough a lot of souvenirs from Disney! And I finished the day early. When I got back to my hotel there was a notice saying that the wifi was down and was not to be up until Tuesday! Very upset I went to my room and read since there was nothing else I could do, but later at night the wifi came back! Hurray!

Third day in Paris, I went to the second Disney park in Paris: Walt Disney Studios. It was really small and had some of the rides I already knew like the Tower of Terror and the Rock and Roller Coaster, but it had a whole area for Toy Story and really cool shows like and type of play acted by Donald (not a movie, a real play) and that was cool, it was called Animagique. I do regret not being able to go on the Nemo's roller coaster but the line was over 90 minutes! Also I regret not going to the animation showing they had but when I was in line something happened and they had to shut it down. It kinda inspired me to start drawing again but in the deep inside I know I'm not good at it and I should not waste money on notepads and pencils. Since I finished early I headed to Champs de Elysees, the high end shopping street and why did I do that for? I felt so poor... not from wasting money but from fancying all the things I could not buy.