Thursday, June 26, 2014

Week #60: 3 COUNTRIES IN 1 WEEKEND (06.16.14 - 06.22.14)

Monday was my day off, the first one I've had since arriving in Florence and it felt really good to just have a day off. In the morning Stephanie and I went shopping, we window shopped Sephora and spend a little at Kiko's, I also bought my dad some coffee and some authentic pasta for Andrew and myself :) We then headed to the market (the market is such a ripoff) and I got some oranges and blueberries, we also went to the normal supermarket and I got some bananas and bread. What I love about the Italian culture is that you can walk every single day to the market and buy fresh groceries. The rest of the evening I saw two KUWTK episodes and the Germany match from the World Cup against Portugal, which we (Germany) won 4 - 0!

On Tuesday I went to my classes, had dumplings for dinner and stressed all day about all the shit I had to get done. I had to write the second part of the wine paper, start writing my review sheet to study for the final, write my assignment for my italian class, and figure out the mess that's going in my financial account in USF. It was a really stressful day. 

On Wednesday I had class, opposite to all the previous weeks where I had it free. After class we decided to go have dinner at Mamma Mia's, the first restaurant we all had lunch together, and one of the best too! Stephanie and I ordered two different pizzas to share, she had the seafood pizza and I ordered a french fries pizza, yeah... you heard right, french fries pizza! Both of them were really good and personally I loved the french fries pizza. Hao came to join us and he's so funny, I'll never forget his quote "Sugar is a bitch, water is my friend". I think that's a good and funny quote to stay on track haha. After our delicious meal we went to three different gelato places, Shao bought her gelato in a fancy chocolate place called "Venchi", Sam bought hers in a rip off place where it cost her 7 euro, and Stephanie and I went to the gelato place that ships to New York daily and I had pineapple and lemon :) And awesome combination! I also downloaded the coolest yoga app so I did a little yoga at night and I also discovered Buzzfeed, and I don't know what I'm getting myself into haha. 

On Thursday I had my last lecture classes for both wine and italian class since next week we'll be doing oral presentations and the final. In my italian class we got to see a movie after class but I had stuff to do, ehem going to another country, so I left early. I went to the train station and met up with the group, we were a group of +20 and our tour guide had an air of Ryan Gosling. I sat on the second row at the window and slept almost the whole way.  On our pit stop I bought an empanada that tasted just like the cheese ones at queso chela! We also saw movies on the bus and I saw Zoolander for the first time. 

We woke up in the bus in Friday morning in Prague and we went to our hotel, the hotel was amazing beyond words and the breakfast buffet was splendid, it's been a long time since I've had a buffet this good. I shared my room with a girl called Sarah Piper and she's really nice, she doesn't drink or party which went well with my own personality and we sort of clicked in a way. We went on a walking tour around Prague and saw a bunch of churches, streets, castles and what not; Prague is really beautiful in its own way and really small. I also saw a Starbucks! And of course I had to go haha. For lunch I went on my own because Sarah wanted bagels and I wanted a Czech meal, so I had something I have no idea what is was, it was good except that it wasn't steaming hot. For dinner I skipped the group dinner because I didn't fancy anymore the Czech food so I went to Hard Rock Cafe, I know what you think, that I should've eaten somewhere else, but this was the largest Hard Rock Cafe in Europe and I've missed it so much. I had some starters and the people there were so nice, as well as the people selling me souvenirs. I also had a Belgium chocolate covered banana, and it was the best chocolate covered banana I've had! Since I didn't eat my whole meal I packed it up and gave it to a homeless man, on my way to the hotel I encountered another homeless man and since I was never gonna use my Czech crowns (currency) I gave all I had left to him (he was cuddling a puppy, crying internally*). 

The next day we had breakfast and left for Munich, first we went to the Dachau concentration camp and it was pretty sad, and a good time to reflect and be thankful on the era I'm living right now and to appreciate all the suffering people went through for us to live in a peaceful world, in a way, we had thousands of Jesus' on WWII. And it was also pretty sad how you could see people taking selfies! The barracks in the concentration houses were made for 200, yet 2000 lived in each. Then we went to Munich and it's my favorite city so far! Everything was beautiful :) At night we went to the Hofbrauhaus to have an authentic German meal accompanied with the famish HB beer, I ordered roasted chicken and a beer with lemonade, I didn't like so much the beer but the chicken was great, and we ate while listing to traditional live German music. I ate super fast so I could go downstairs and watch the soccer match, Germany vs. Ghana. I loved the ambience and everybody was so happy with their beers, of course it ended in a tie but nonetheless it was amazing being there to experience the wave of cheers when Germany scored (twice). I also learned to talk to people in this trip, not learned but improve, I finally talked to my former OTL, Juan, that I've seen on this trip since the beginning but never got the courage to say hi and also with a couple other girls. This time I had to share a room with 3 other girls including Sarah and the hotel was not the nicest but it was okay. 

On Sunday we went on a bike tour and the English Garden is the sole reason I want to move to Munich, a park four times the size of Central Park with its own river where you can get in go through the city in between buildings and flow in the park back again, a nudist section haha, and a beer garden with a legit food court. It was so so so beautiful! The river even had a section to surf! Munich is so beautiful, I really love this place. And our tour guide for the bike tour was actually and Argentinean married to a half German girl haha so we talked a bit in spanish and what not. I just need a dog and a bike and my life is settled in Munich. On our way back our pit stop was in Austria so that makes it three countries in one weekend haha :)