Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week #59: ALMOST MISSED THE PLANE (06.09.14 - 06.15.14)

And Monday, last day in Paris, I had to had escargot for lunch and I got the 12 piece, and it was SO YUMMY! Specially when I got to dip the bread into the sauce, OMG haha "foods are memories". Then I bought some pastries (regret it) and ate them in the shade in front of the Eiffel Tower and then craved something refreshing so I bought an ICEE (regret it) and drank it on the way back. I went to the airport and got to be an expectation for a really terrifying scene. A group of women where checking in for a flight in Vueling, and were in the counter next to me. One of their carry ons was too big by a couple of inches (the wheels and handle) so the women teared the handle off the carry on and kicked the wheels off and it still didn't fit because of one screw. People were laughing in the line and this woman from the group started yelling at them "siganse riendo que les pasara a ustedes tambien" (they were from Spain). They kept trying to put the luggage in the box that specified the luggage size and the lady from the company denied their carry on for a third time, the woman that yelled at the line got so mad that she kicked the carry on in the box and it fitted but they were still denied permission to use it as a carry on. It was so scary to be next to those women. And then, I finally got back to Florence! Home sweet home! Although I'm still really homesick from Panama and miss my mom and Rod :(

Tuesday was a normal day with classes and stuff. I found out that Conad sells freshly baked bread! Omg, I'm gonna get so fat now.  One of the girls from wine class, Andrya, came to our apartment to work on our group project and of course the wifi went down when Shao and Hao came.

Wednesday was SUCH a hectic day, we almost got late to our bus that took us to the Pisa airport because Stephanie lost track of time; we made it to the airport none the less. The plane was empty so Steph and I sat on the back and snoozed off. Sicily was BEAUTIFUL. With its windmills and agriculture. We took a bus to Palermo since we were told the world famous slides where close to Palermo, then we asked around because we had to take a train/bus to get to the slides and we trusted the old man the worked at the ticket booth to take a train to Cefalu. Turns out the slides were no where near and were actually closer to the airport we arrived in. What's curious about this day is that we almost missed our trains, we ran like crazy, and we barely made the plane! Yet we had a fun the at the beach although we never made it to the famous slides. But we got to rent a boat with its own slide for 10 euro! That boat was the shit! And I had such a good time with Stephanie, she's so nice and sweet and we can just talk for hours and hours, we are pretty similar in personalities so it wasn't stressful to go on a trip with her because we kinda wanted to do the same stuff and were always on the same page. I'm so lucky I got to meet Stephanie :) 

On Thursday we went to class and stuff, I was so tired from the day before though. I had a surprise quiz from my wine class and another one on my italian class, it rained when I had to change buildings and I had to pack for Rome for Friday. Thursday was not a very nice day to me. 

On Friday we woke up before 6 am and met up with USF at Piazza della Independenza to head off to Rome. I was in the same bus as Sam (thank God) while Stephanie and Shao went on another bus. It was a 5 hour ride and it was uncomfortable as heck, at least I didn't need to talk because Sam was into her music 24/7. The first day in rome we visited the Vatican City and it was pretty amazing, I liked it a lot and I even got to see the tombs of past Popes! I bought some rosaries for Rod's mom and grandma and after the Vatican we went to the hotel, we had expected it to be worst than Venice actually but it had A/C, wifi and it was a nice size and a really nice bathroom! Dinner was not as nice though, for the first two dishes it was kind of the same thing: spaghetti with red sauce and seafood, and spaghetti with red sauce... what are they playing at? 

On Saturday we walked to the colosseum (a 25 min walk) and it was really interesting, and that's says a lot because I usually don't like historical information but our tour guide was so nice and interesting (she was also young which was a plus and a better much improvement to our Vatican old lady tour guide). The colosseum was also beautiful and I wish I could have gone there in the past to the 100 day entertainment thing they had when they opened. Then we walked A LOT, we walked through the Roman Forum which was just a big space with tons of "important" rocks... Then we had free time and of course our group split into the Chinese gang and then Sam, Stephanie, Andrew (eew, the creep), and I. Before splitting up we went to a Chinese restaurant and I had my dear dumplings :) When we divided we went shopping and Andrew suddenly disappeared, he bailed on us and I told Sam and Steph but they expected the good out of everybody (which they later realized he had actually bailed on us, and we were actually relieved). We also went to an Andy Warhol exhibition and it was really amazing and inspiring, he was the guy who did the Campbell's Soup and the four Marilyn Monroes. He was also inspiring because he was into photography! When we went shopping I bought two really cute jumpers from Zara and some cheap oxfords from H&M. 

On Sunday I wore my new dress from Zara, bad decision... it was cold, windy and it rained twice in the day :( the tour was also annoying because we kept walking and walking and nothing interesting happened (the most interesting part of this tour was the gelato I bought...) and even the Trevi Fountain (the famous one from the movies) was in restoration! (The colosseum was in restoration too btw). When we were meeting up to get back to Florence the rain started heaving and we had no idea were the direction of the wind was because we were getting wet 360. We were all soaked when we got to the bus and from there it was 5 hours straight wet... Although I got to change at the beginning of the ride :) Something creepy also happened, actually two creepy things happened at lunch. 
1) the waiter said something about me being his girlfriend and asking where my mom was... And he treated me extra (creepy) nice... He even got me free juice. 
2) Andrew got all psycho (more than usual) and Sam is finally cutting up that weird friendship (thank God). 
And then we got back home and nothing could be any nicer :) Oh, funny story: back at Florence when I was hanging all my wet clothes I dropped a sock by accident on the balcony :'( and it was a brand new sock!