Monday, August 4, 2014

Week #66: CHARADES! (07.28.14 - 08.03.14)

On Monday I went to work, and it's getting harder and harder to wake up in the mornings; now I'm sorta swallowing my breakfast in one swallow to be able to sleep in for another half an hour. Today was a pretty slow day at work, Aracely left at around noon to do some errands so I was left alone in the office. At 2 pm Tia Marilu called telling me I had to pick up Patty from school at 3, so when I told my boss (my aunt's friend) she told me to close up the place at 3 as well. So I went to my cousin's school and I didn't see her anywhere, I asked around and they told me that tenth grade students were to get out at 3:30 so there I was waiting in the car for half an hour. At 3:45 I saw some girls getting out and I spotted Izabel, one of Patty's friends, so I asked her where was she and she told me that she had left on the bus earlier... Rod came over later in the evening and we just chilled, and as usual I sneezed quite a lot.

On Tuesday I went to work as usual, I was expecting a visit from Alex... but she bailed on me yet a thousandth again, she had cramps. So I just chilled until my mom told me to get ready to go to this Chung San Jr. meeting at my high school's library. We got there early on purpose because they were having this thing and we knew they would have free food so I had dim sum for dinner, yummy. The meeting went well and I gave off great ideas, one of them is actually going to go for this BBQ we are planning in motives of the Moon Cake Festival.

On Wednesday I started using this new pacer I downloaded on my iPhone that counts your steps and gives off the calories you burn and the active time which I think is pretty cool so I kept walking unnecessarily at the office. I didn't realize how little we exercise when working or having a normal day at home. So I started reading my books while walking which has helped my number of steps :)

On Thursday I had for breakfast a really good juice I made myself the night before, I blended real oranges with spinach and then collate it (is that how you say it?) to make the thickness go away and the result was so smooth and so good! I really can't wait to have my own juicer. At work I had a bit of assignments but towards the end of the day I was left reading Harry Potter news on Buzzfeed - btw. Happy birthday J.K. Rowling and Harry! Rod came over and we had the funnest night yet this summer! We played PS3, Little Big Racing, and it was so much fun! And I can't still believe it but I beat Rod a couple of times.  

TGIF! I wait all week for this day just so I can stay up late and wake up later than 7 am :) I went to work as usual, and had my favorite for lunch, reheated homemade fish. Just when I was driving back to the office it started pouring, that kind of rain you can't see the horizon aw... And I had to drive it to get to work, I almost called saying I'll be there when the rain sets off because I'm pretty sure the boss would be more worried about my safety than me helping her because that's the kind of person she is and I'm so glad of that. After work I decided to go to another Debutantes practice since I had nothing better to do and after five minutes being there I completely regretted it... Just as all the previous times I've done the same thing. Although I was bored 90% - 5% being with Austin and having several laughs and the other 5% hanging out with my favorite cousin and her best friend Izabel, gosh I cannot do justice in expressing my love and gratefulness of having Patty as my youngest cousin. She's just so like me in so many ways and we can just laughs for hours and hours, like tonight we were just laughing about pregnant women being fat and fat women being pregnant and after a while her friend was like "are you still talking about pregnant women?!". It's like the simplest topics takes us a rely long way and we can never stop laughing. We just click together so well and we kind of finish each other's sentences sometimes and even buy the same clothes or have the same meal for dinner and eat it halfway through each.

The most amazing thing happened last night! So you know the story of my iPad and my water bottle inside my backpack in a plane right? I was devastated of the iPad not working anymore... Last night when I was comfy in my bed ready to dream of goodies I thought "what if God recompenses me for giving away this comfiness in fixing my iPad?" So I stood up and took my iPad out of my drawer and plugged it in. Amazingly, I saw the white Apple glowing in the middle of the screen! I ran to my mom's room and told her to come immediately and when we both got to my room we saw the little white apple change into my background picture! I started jumping and screaming of happiness, I even opened Hay Day and it worked perfectly! So after all the jumping and screaming was over and my mom went back to her room and decided to unplug my iPad since it had 70% on its battery life... and then it died again. So after lunch I went to El Dorado to see if they could revive the iPad but their outcomes didn't sound very convincing so I decided to send it to Apple. At night (or should I see afternoon), all the losers gathered together at Rod's and we watched Tarzan, played poker, made wantons (for real! And it was really good), and played charades right at the end. It was a really really amazingly good day. 

On Sunday I had to wake up around 10 to go to this Debutantes' workshop, I had to take pictures of course. They went through four workshops! And it was boring as hell, the up side is that I got free food (it was kind of plain though, I only liked the soup).