Friday, August 1, 2014

Project ME - 2014

So throughout the years I've noticed that my likes, dislikes, perspectives, and goals change dramatically from year to year (even from month to month!) so I decided to write everything related to "me" down each year in the month of August since that's when I have free time to explore myself because of the summer vacation. 

I'm obsessed with:
Generally - Harry Potter, TMNT and Jelly Beans
Book - Harry Potter
Role Model - Albus Dumbledore
Movie - The Notebook and Harry Potter series
TV series - Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Youtube - Itsjudyslife, dailyBUMPS, vlogbrothers, WULAS, PointlessBlogTV and Jim Chapman
Website - Buzzfeed
Hobby - Running and reading
Food - Zoodles and mac and cheese
Drink - Water!

Pet peeves right now: Mom not knocking before coming in

Stage in my life: Just got back from Europe - started a new job - going into sophomore year

Goal for the next year: Have amazing grades, start vlogging and live in an apartment off campus

Goal I'm pursuing right now: Eating healthy, exercising and get good grades in next term

Goals reached so far: Running a 5 k, running 10 k and earning money

I want for christmas/birthday/presents in general: Lighting for videos, books, Harry Potter stuff, and a Wii U

Most amazing experience so far: Going to Europe by myself and meeting the most amazing people

Today's picture: