Monday, August 18, 2014

Week# 68: MYSTIQUE 2014 (08.11.14 - 08.16.14)

On Monday, my first free day the remaining of the summer after working I didn't do much, I continued working on the video I was assigned, and read some Harry Potter :) I discovered a really healthy way of juicing without buying a juicer and that is blending the fruit with no water or anything at all, just fruit and then strain it and voila! It's really good and I'm so excited to start eating healthy again! I bought a bunch of lettuce to make some salads this week :) Alex was supposed to come over and have a bake date but she got here late because she was at lunch with Ana and Adrianna... so she just came over to talk -bummer.

On Tuesday there was a Debutantes practice in my building so I went down and worked on some videos with my aunt's help. It's coming pretty good. Besides doing the two opening videos now I have to do tons of new stuff, among: sponsor's video, girl's power point with their names and photos, a power point for the central screen, the white dress video times four for each group, the finale video, and the power points for all the prizes with their contributor... That's more than I signed up to honestly.

On Wednesday I had the whole day planned to be with Rod, we were going to the movies and watch Guardians of the Galaxy but Tio Lancho called telling me I had to pick up the girl's recordings and take it to his house for their meeting, and I was so pissed because that's definitely NOT my job. my job is not to pick up stuff and take them to somebody, my job is solely to edit videos and there was I doing someone else's job. That made us late for the movie and we missed it and I repeat: I was so pissed. After picking up that CDs I went and visited my grandma (Popo) before leaving for Tampa and I brought Rod along for them to meet. Because we missed the movie and Tio Lancho had asked for me to edit everything so he could run it at the meeting I rushed and edited everything while Rod hung out at my house and gave it to Tio Poncho to take it to Tio Lancho's house. What made me even madder is that Tio Lancho didn't even bother watching the fucking shit I had been working on the whole afternoon, the reason I had to miss one of my last dates with Rod and I'm still pissed at their lack of respect, consideration and organization.

On Thursday I went early in the morning to Alfavinyl to finish working on the videos since Tio Lancho asked me to and we worked on it. Tia Sandra, Tia Rosa, Alan Emilio and Dorianne came over from time to time to work on their stuff too (well, not Dorianne haha she was just hanging out). Alan Emilio bought us some pizza and I kind of finished the important stuff. The whole point for this was for Tio Lancho to take the videos to the company in charge of running them and that's why I woke up so early and worked on them as fast as I could for Tio Lancho to not do anything with them... Not even bothering to watch the whole thing. Tia Rosa kept bursting into the office yelling and pissed, and Tia Marilu and Tio Lancho kept telling her there was nothing to be pissed about but Tia Rosa was already on fire. After a hard day working -that made me miss my third re-schedule of my bake date with Alex- we headed to the practice, I picked up Patty at Apo's and drove to my house. At 8 pm me and Rod went to Friday's to have our last date, the service was awful but I had such a fun night with Rod! It doesn't cease to amaze me every time after a date with him how much fun we have together, I swear I never stop laughing with him. This evening's fun topic was: winking. Haha I just love how he winks and we kept winking the whole evening. After dinner we headed to Juan's farewell party since he's leaving for Taipei because he won the scholarship! I saw so many old and current friends and although I didn't stay for long it was really nice :)

On Friday we went to the hotel and checked in. My mom, grandparents and I were to share a suite at the hotel -which was huge. We had lunch at "soy..." the sushi place at the hotel and it was so good! The best cheesecake I've had for sure, and sushi too. I had a banana and guava cheesecake and it was absolutely glorious. After lunch, which took longer than expected, we headed to the convention center to see what was going on and to prepare what needed to be prepared. I went to try the videos but the big screens hadn't arrived and the video guy didn't have the software to try it out either so I rushed editing the videos and going there early for nothing. I stayed for the practice and helped in what I could. Dorianne, Alex, Brandon, Mafe, Mei Lin, Agustin and Esteban came to watch the practice so we hung out for a bit. For dinner I wanted to make use of the room service we had so I went back and had a delicious Sancocho at our room. The practice finished at around 1 or 2 am and we plopped to bed.

On Saturday, the big day, I was woken up by Acun shaking me. We went to breakfast and it was really good, there was a great variety and quality in the buffet. We headed to the convention center and it was the last and must day to try out the video, they had problems with the screens and such so I waited from 11 am until about 5 or 6 pm to finally try out the videos! It was really stressful. I did my own make up and tried to go for a cat eye. Alex didn't approve but I was actually proud of it. I spent the whole night in my Sperry's because I was running around from edge to edge. The show went perfect, except for the audio mess up in which the audio guy played the wrong recording on a girl. Tia Rosa came running to me to complain and I pointed out the audio guy was next door. Tia Rosa and Tio Lancho kept running to me with every audio problem and I always had to point them towards the audio guy... It's like they thought it was my fault. Anyways, I loved how the screens looked with the show and I'm so fucking proud! After the show I went back to me room with Brandon after a few round of greetings and small talk. We picked up my Apples to Apples and headed back to the convention center, as we arrived Dorianne pulled me over to accompany her while she dropped Nicole Cam and Karina at their houses. We got back at around 2:30 am and went over to David Chu's hotel room where Brandon, Priscilla, Juan Camilo, and Grace were hanging out. We had some food, talked and played Apples to Apples. At around 5 am I headed back to my room and finally slept.