Monday, August 18, 2014

Week #67: Done With Work! (08.04.14 - 08.09.14)

Monday was such a dread to me, I've started not eating breakfast at home but taking it in a doggie bag to eat it at work and gaining a little more sleep. Now I wake up at 7 get ready in 5 minutes, sleep until 7:40 (that is a 35 minute nap), brush my teeth and leave.

Tuesday - Thursday: I swear I'm not on drugs or anything but I cannot remember anything aside going to work and having Rod over one time and playing video games with him.

Friday was my last summer working day! And I was payed in a check because they had no cash so that is my first paycheck! I culminated my job earning $400 over a one month lapse. Everybody was upset of my leaving and I had such a great time and met so many great people. But I was also so excited to be finally on a non-working schedule where I can stay up late and wake up early. Later I went to a Debutantes' practice and was told I had to edit the video for the whole opening show so we got together and brainstormed some ideas and I started working that same night. 

The next morning on Saturday I continued with the video before going to lunch, and after lunch I kept editing. Brandon texted me asking if I wanted to hang out, I told him I was doing a video and if he wanted to come over so he came. It's always so fun to talk to him, I feel so at ease and I really hope he decides on USF so we can hopefully live together and don't feel so lonely. I took what I had to the practice and showed it to Carlos and he loved it, Tia Marilu was criticizing of course (my grandpa's daughter...) and some of the other aunts like Tia Rosa asked to see it but didn't even bother to see it through. Then my mom and I decided to have some dinner and we went to La Nostra Pizza for some pizza :)