Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week #80: National Holidays in Panama ⚪️🔴🔵 (11.03.14 - 11.09.14)

Monday was November 3rd so the city was empty since more thank half of its inhabitants went to the beach for the long weekend and the remaining less than half were staying at home or honoring our country by marching on the streets. So it was pretty smooth driving to the hospital to visit my grandpa. Patty finally started watching the Harry Potter series and hence decided to sleep over at Apo's with me to keep watching the series, we only finished until the third one though, at 3 am.

On Tuesday, Patty and I went to Deli Gourmet to buy some sandwiches requested by Acun. We spent the whole day at the hospital yet again and I'm getting so used to hospital food. In some way it reminds me to being in Orlando in the hospital with my mom, the only difference is that this time I'm cheerful. The streets are still empty since we are still on national holiday and driving like this feels so good. We also watched the following Harry Potter films and got until the 6th movie around midnight.

Wednesday was yet another free day due to national holiday and yet another day at the hospital with my family. Since Patty stayed over again we went to Deli Gourmet together to get my grandpa's sandwiches and headed to the hospital once again.

Thursday was a different day now, since we were no longer on national holiday people were back at school and work, except me. I feel like I have no time at all in my hands since I've been busy since I came back. I think the whole purpose of me coming back and taking the semester off was to be relaxed and having some alone time to think, but I've been surrounded by so many people I can feel my self time escaping through the gaps between my fingers. And to top it all off, I don't even have time for Rod and I feel so bad. First, it was the cleaning; and then my grandpa's in the hospital. My grandma keeps delegating duties as if I'm here so serve, which I absolutely don't mind. But I'd really appreciate some time alone. And since I'm not allowed to sleep at my house, I spent half my day driving to and from my house... Today my grandpa said something that really pissed me off... He was complaining of not being able to go back home for a mere week while workers clean the house and remove the carpet. One of the plans is for him to stay at my house in the mean time and he was complaining "but it's not the same as being in my house" which I almost yelled back 'what do you think I feel like?'. I need to be home. I miss my home. I want to be home. They won't let me though, as if they knew what I truly needed, when I truly just need some time alone in the place where I spent most of my time with my mom. In the place I feel most comfortable. I feel trapped.

On Friday I came home and did my usual (Youtube, eat, and oh, film a Youtube video about how to make banana bread in a mug :3). After that I went and picked up Patty from school to head to the hospital but first stopping by Apo's to leave some boxes she asked me for. Days at the hospital are becoming more and more boring, don't misinterpret it, I love being there with my family, but there's just nothing to do. Poor grandpa, he's trapped in there.  

On Saturday I woke up early and went on a run with Tommy and Andrew, Andrew picked me up at my grandma's at around 6:30 and we run/walked two laps on the park after taking and shower I peaked in Cristy's room to see if she wanted to come with me to the hospital but she was fast asleep in the weirdest position. She had a triangular pillow and was in a kind of seating position with her head to a side and her arms just everywhere (and by everywhere I mean to the sides like if she was attempting to fly, lol). I got to sleep home because dad came back for tomorrow's mom's first month's mass. 

On Sunday we all went to mass, and my grandpa made us seat in the first row. I didn't want to because it was supposed to be a regular mass but we did anyway. His excuse was for people to have easier access when greeting us and there were a lot more people than I expected greeting us plus the ones that didn't but I saw. Rogelio's family has been extremely supportive and for that I'm deeply grateful, they have just been the greatest sports. After mass the tribe and I went to Golden Unicorn to have some lunch and then we all head different places. Dad went to my uncle Fred's to play Majohng, and some of my friends came over to just chill out. I ended up telling them to go at midnight because I was just so tired and falling asleep. I also got to convince my dad of two things: letting me stay home alone because I'm fucking tired of going back and forth, and to accompany my Tia Marilu and my cousins to London! The latter is if and only if I study Calculus III before next term so that's what I'm gonna do. 

Fun at the hospital: