Monday, November 3, 2014

Week #79: FUN PUMPKIN CARVING! (10.27.14 - 11.02.14)

Monday was moving day for me to my grandpa's house, I left at around 3 in the afternoon to pick up Patty at school first, then we had to do an errand for Tia Marilu at El Dorado which was a nightmare  driving-wise (I even drove in the opposite way, oops). By the time we got to my grandparent's it was almost empty with only one car in the parking garage, luckily Cristy was there and I asked her what's up and she told me that Acun was in the hospital because he didn't feel very well. I wonder why all these bad things are happening all at once... I'm not ready to lose somebody else. So after dinner, we three girls went to the hospital with all the bags and snacks, Acun didn't look that bad and I guess it's better for him to stay in the hospital with all the nurse's attention than at home. The Hospital Nacional looked amazing, it was recently renovated and funniest thing is that they put my grandpa in the maternity aisle! So all the neighbors have balloons and 'it's a boy' and 'it's a girl' signs.

On Tuesday Cristy made me go with her to PriceSmart so I went. We filled two whole carts with all kinds of stuff and it was a long ass line to check out. I ran into my aunt's friend, La Jefa, and I'm not really surprised. After PriceSmart we had to come to my house to receive the new treadmill and on the way we picked up Patty. The treadmill guys were supposed to come after three but ended up coming way past six. They pulled over just as we were heading out to the hospital. Then we all went to the hospital and just had a good time like always. 

I came home on Wednesday to spend the day and watch over our cleaning lady while she cleaned the house. I also used that time to try our my new toy, the treadmill. I didn't do that good but I expected it because I'm definitely out of shape, but I have to start preparing for my race in January. I also filmed a video about tips for running a Disney race and my dad surprised me by telling me he had been giving the rest of the week off so I was able to stay in! For dinner I had a healthy meal of organic brown rice + chicken strips, so that means I'm back in my game :)

Thursday was a good a relaxed day, Rod came over after noon and we just hung out, we finished watching a Harry Potter movie I started the night before, we watched some Youtube and had a good time overall. I cooked my dad some dinner, chicken alfredo, and he liked it :3

I was supposed to do nothing on Friday but late at night Brandon texted me to come over and it came to us to randomly go out and buy a pumpkin and carve it since it was Halloween. We got to the grocery store 13 minutes before they'd close and bought a small pumpkin and three chocolate bars. It took us around two hours to carve two faces and our initials on the pumpkin and it was so fun! I always have so much fun with Brandon. We then went to the rooftop to light it up with a candle on the inside and it turned out so awesome. It was the simplest yet best Halloween I've had. 

On Saturday we had dim sam for lunch at my grandpa's since he's still not feeling well. After that my dad and I ran some errands, we went to the mobile shop to fix my internet, we bought groceries and a second router since the one my dad bought was working really good in the living room but since it was put up the one in my room crashed so we decided to have two routers of the same kind and know we have wifi around the whole house and it has a password! At night some of my girls came over just cause, including my favorite lesbian, Alejandra and Shey. We had some pizza and lots of fun. 

On Sunday Dad and I went to the church my mom's at because it was the Day of the Dead so it was rather obvious to attend mass. The rest of my family was supposed to come but my grandparents didn't show up. Apparently my grandpa is back at the hospital after a couple of days being home. After mass, Tia Marilu, my cousins, my dad and I went to Cozi for some lunch and to get my grandparents a doggie bag. He was put in the same aisle but the room next to last time's, so he's still in the maternity ward! How funny XD So we spent the day at the hospital once again.