Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week #81: Arts and Crafts Fair (11.10.14 - 11.16.14)

On Monday I started studying Calculus since I made the deal with my dad of studying in exchange of going to London and Amsterdam with my aunt. It was kind of easy the first chapter since I've already seen it in class and done a couple of quizzes. The rest of the day I just chilled in the hospital like any other day. 

On Tuesday I ran 5 km early on to start the day, and then picked up Patty at school (oh yeah, she's no longer staying with me thank God, my dad also gave me permission to stay home alone) and went to Novey to buy some paint to use in Atai's old room. We painted the entire room with a little help from Tia Marilu and then headed to the hospital at night. 

On Wednesday we finished painting all the edges (Patty finished since I'm pathetic when it comes to edges) and then we headed back to the hospital yet again. 

Then on the weekend we had the Arts and Crafts Fair in which we had a booth. Acun got out of the hospital on Friday and he went to the Aloft hotel to stay during the weekend. After school I picked up Patty and Izabel and took the stuff out of Apo's terrace into the fair. We settled everything and the start of a long hard working weekend begins. Tio Lancho was the stand next to us so we helped him out since he was not there all the time and when he was he was eating or/and texting, lol. We sold all of my mom's tembleques by the end of the weekend as well as a good amount of old cross stitch pattern's of my grandma. We made more than $500! That's more than last year. The funny part for me from this whole weekend is that it appeared as we had eaten more than sold, haha. There was a stand of strawberries and cream which we devoured and between Patty and I we ate around 9 brownies from the stand behind us.