Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #82: Another Week at the Hospital *sigh (11.17.14 - 11.23.14)

Monday was my first day on my new studying routine, now I'm gonna study every MWF and have my TR off. I started off good, studying two sections, however I was supposed to run but did poorly at night after coming home. I picked up Patty from school and went to my grandma's and stayed there. Tia Marilu, Patty and I googled other stuff we could do on our trip and I'm excited to spend Christmas in Amsterdam and New Year's Eve in London! We had pizza as a family (and that includes Acun!) and then I went grocery shopping. -Happy Birthday Alex!-

Tuesday was Rod's birthday! And the birthday boy wanted T.G.I. Friday's so we went there of course. He had a cheeseburger and I had pasta (I regret that, I should've had cheeseburger too). We hung out and had a good time :) He had to leave early though because I had a group homework to attend to so the rest of the day I watched Netflix and edited a new Youtube video (mac and cheese in a mug). 

On Wednesday I studied, ran, watched Dora clean the house, and watched Netflix. That was my whole day and it was totally worth it to just chill out. Dad also came late in the night and we just had an update with each other as usual.

On Thursday I did a lot of errands, first off I went to the dentist -yikes, to get my twice a year cleaning, then I picked up my dad and drove to the bank to deposit my mom's funeral's money, then Rod came over for a couple of hours and I helped him with a homework he had and then we just chilled on the couch. Later that night Brandon texted me asking if I wanted to hang out and we played Mario DDR on the Wii and it was so much fun! We burned so many calories, omg.

On Friday Patty and I were supposed to paint Cristy's room but my grandpa is yet again on the hospital for the third time since I've been here, and I really thought he would have ended his emergency streak, sigh.

On Saturday I woke up super late and watched Netflix the whole day until 4 pm which is when I drove to the hospital to be with Acun and Apo. I took some banana bread in a mug mixture to make over there and I finally figured out why it keeps getting soggy from the bottom down, it's because the mug is too tall and it obviously doesn't cook due to that so next time I'm gonna try it out in a bowl or something, or maybe two mugs and pour half and half.

On Sunday I had a late start too, I woke up and watched my daily Youtube videos and had a pretty lazy morning until around 4 or 5 that is when I headed out to the hospital once again. Last time my grandpa was in the hospital was because he had lung problems, but when they treated it they stopped with the heart medication so now he's back at the hospital again due to the heart. Everything seems to be getting better and their house is fully under renovation right now.