Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week #65: GOT PAID! (-7.21.14 -07.27.14)

On Monday I went to work and did my usual, the financial-secretary duties of recollecting this month's financial record and transcribing it onto excel and organizing it into a binder. The bright side of today is that I got paid for the first time! It was not a check though so I guess I can save that excitement for a real well-paying job. I got $100 and I'm payed weekly so that's $400 a month which is how long I'll be working if I decide to work the last full week I've got in Panama. I also cook my mom an awesome dinner, a homemade whole wheat mac and cheese from scratch! I dare say I put a little bit too much parmesan but the trick of the culinary business lies in practice. I ended my day doing some yoga, abs and reading Harry Potter; sounds like the perfect night doesn't it?

Tuesday was a pretty slow day at the office, I had to search for some numbers that were in the system and the only way to have the program is for the boss to turn on her computer but her office was locked and she arrived later in the morning so all morning I was doing nothing -i.e. Buzzfeed. I had reheated pizza for lunch and that is my absolute favorite kind of pizza! Also my abs tingled all day long because of the abs I did the day before, and I just can't get enough of that feeling.

On Wednesday I kept working on the filing of financial stuff for the month of July and finished it completely, it feels like it's my baby but no so much because I'm using older formats. I can't wait to have my own company and treat it as my real baby, that would be a blast. I had a date night with Rod too, we went as usual to Friday's and we had an awesome time. We laughed so much, I was even embarrassed of laughing so hard, that guy is so special to me :) Oh, and for lunch I had the most amazing/healthy lunch! I made zoodles (zucchini noodles) again but skipped adding any sauce to it and it was really good, I paired it with salmon and I'm so proud I had a healthy lunch!

Thursday started a little chaotic, the company's truce got pulled over because the car didn't have the insurance with it and the boss went nuts and we had to back up every single insurance paper and distribute it among the company's cars. One exciting news from today? Well, actually two: 1) I impressed my boss when I did this thing on our excel documents where I hyperlinked everything that could be hyperlinked to make it seem more like a program than boring spreadsheets. 2) I learned how to make quotations! So I also finished reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for a second time and it was as good as the first time :) I just like re-reading because there's always, always things you forget! Also, did I tell you my mom and dad are letting me live in an apartment next year and are a hundred percent on my side?! It's like the first time they've gotten to understand and have empathy with my feelings of having a roommate, and it's just such a new refreshing feeling to have your parents back you up a 100%, and I'm bringing this up because I went into my mom's desk and there was a list of apartments with their prices, location and all; like it even had checkmarks if they were near a bus stop or a walkable distance. And the third and final also, the girls are planning a pajama party in my house this weekend and the only ones that have confirmed that they are staying over are Shey and Zhanzhy... I'm a) pretty doubtful it will happen and b) if it happens I don't think I'm gonna fully enjoy it without my main bitches (ehem, Alex).

On Friday the things got crazy at work at the end of the day, like the calls kept coming and all of them were "urgent" and we couldn't do part of it because the boss is the only one who could do what they were calling for.  After work I had to pick up Patty at her school and I got there early so I just chilled in the car which was really nice because I had burnt a new CD and it was just nice to sit there with new good music. Since I had nothing to do I decided to accompany my mom to the practice.

On Saturday I went to lunch with my grandparents as always and then my mom dropped me off while she went to practice. It was the most boring afternoon I've had by myself in my house, I even came to just putting music really loud and singing loudly like I didn't have a care in the world. And then, Alex came by and then Vivianne and then Albany. It was supposed to be a girl's night but only 3 out of 7 came over... not even Zhanzhy which was the one who planned the whole thing, in my house, came. But I actually liked this night better than if the other girls'd have come because we had really fun night. And I actually enjoy every single time I spend the night with these three girls in particular. We played Apples to Apples, talked and ate horrible pasta but it was fun.

On Sunday I went to the mall as always to have lunch with my family, and me and my mom tagged along with my aunt and cousins because Patty needed to find a pair of white high heels. She found them, thankfully, and they were on sale lol. We did some grocery shopping and when we came back home I tried out this juice I saw on Youtube which is basically to blend watermelon and drink it... that's the recipe haha, but it was great nonetheless. Also Cristy is taking all of us out to dinner tonight because my grandma kept bugging her about how when you start working and receive your first salary you have to take your family out for dinner and take care of the bill.