Friday, October 10, 2014

Week #75: DISNEY'S TOWER OF TERROR 10 MILER and MOM'S HOSPITAL SCARE (09.29.14 - 10.05.14)

I honestly thought Monday was going to be one of the roughest days I've had but it went smoothly. I had two tests, one quiz and one homework and one of the tests was Calculus III. I hadn't studied what you might call properly but I somehow feel I did fine. Maybe not an A+ fine, nevertheless fine. The programming test was easy as well, taking me only 15 minutes to complete. I completely bailed on my physics class because Courtney skipped and she made me realize that I could actually use this time to do some serious studying or relaxing after a stressful weekend instead of sitting in the lecture pretending to be interested. And after a crappy last week I feel I'm finally entering the clearing, I feel like Bambi, the lost of my mother is long gone and it's February 2nd and spring is here (ok... that was a weird zone out). Well, the only mishap of the day was not doing too good on my Discrete Structure's quiz but I really believe she made it difficult on purpose because a lot of students have not being showing up, which is really immature from here and unfair to those who have been staying every class...

I don't know why but every time after a physics lab I feel so good, I feel I accomplished something and it came out right, no uncertainty an waiting to see if you did good, just like programming lab. I really need to sleep more... I don't know why but I go to bed at around 12 am and toss and turn the whole night, At least I don't have a roommate anymore so I can make all the noise in the world when turning. Yesterday I got an email from the guy from The Province (the apartment I wanna live in next year) and I'm pretty sure he told me I had got the apartment but I'd have to wait for the contract leases to come out so I'm pretty stocked because he mentioned that I was pretty lucky since 1-bedroom apartments go out fast; and today he emailed confirming me the lease contract and I'm going there on Thursday to sign it :)

Wednesday was a very chill day, most needed certainly. I went to Calculus III and got my first test back, I got a 77! Which is not that bad. I decided to skip Physics and Discrete Structures because honestly I feel none, NONE, of my classes are helping me learn anything... I feel most of these professors are rather incompetent. Either way, I had a relaxing day, watched Pocahontas on Netflix and turned in my photos for the Study Abroad photo contest. And my mom and dad are getting here tonight!!! I won't see them until tomorrow though because their plane lands around midnight.

Thursday was fun, my parents and I went to the mall and did a little shopping. We also went to Wal-Mart, Target, and Michaels. I wanted to go to Michaels to buy supplied to build my own bib and medal holder. 

On Friday we left early and headed to Orlando, we checked in at the hotel and hopped on a bus to the expo. My folks fell in love with all the transportation system and how well organized it all was. The expo was really fun, both me and my mom bought flip belts, then we got my shirt and bought a couple of things at the official merchandise booth. While my dad waited in line to pay me and my mom went ahead and looked around the expo. My dad didn't look too please but we went ahead anyways. I bought a special hairband for my Little Mermaid costume for next year. Before leaving my mom bought a pretzel and she tried out paying with her key/bracelet. Then we went to Epcot since out room wasn't ready yet and we realized the Food and Wine festival had started. We walked through all the countries which is what I really wanted to do and my dad bought cheese bread from the Brazil booth at the festival. We went to a couple of rides and before the night fell we went to Hollywood Studios to watch the first Fantasmic showing. We bought a turkey leg, pop corn and drinks and we ate as we sat on the very front row only the three of us to watch the show. 

On Saturday we slept in since it was race day, we went out and toured the hotel facilities and took tons of pictures with the oversized decorations, this hotel is so fun and pretty. After a very relaxed day we went ahead into the race and since we got early we just sat in the parking lot with the other 12k people in there and my mom was so in love with all the customs just as well as I was. I went into my corral and it started. I finished the race in 2:21:38, earlier than expected. While running through Hollywood Studios I was looking at the crowd trying to spot my mom and dad and could not see them, I didn't think anything was going on until I got to the finish line where I noticed a Disney staff stare at my bib number and after crossing the line two crew members came up to me and gave me the news: my mom had fainted and had been moved to the hospital. At first I thought it couldn't have been a big deal and that my mom would be totally fine, maybe just a little dehydrated. But when I got to the hospital my dad told me my mom had had a bleeding in the brain due to high pressure. My mom was transported via helicopter to the main facilities in Orlando. Me and my dad have to drive there. 

Over there the doctor told those that the scan showed a big bleed but it didn't worry him that much and there was no need for surgery and that a week or so would alleviate things. After the second scan they realized they needed surgery so they decided to operate on her. The nurse called me when me and my dad were about to have breakfast at IHOP and we raced back to the hospital. The outcome of the surgery was not bright. The doctor told us that there were only two paths, she either died or she wouldn't be able to live on her own (that includes thinking, moving, everything). We couldn't believe it and we were panicking and extremely sad. Apo and Tia Marilu flew over that night and thank God they did, they have no idea how thankful I was for them flying here.