Friday, October 25, 2013

Week #26: I LOVE CHEMISTRY LAB (10/21/2013 - 10/27/2013)

On Monday I had my first salad I've had in a long time for lunch and it was surprisingly good. After calculus I went to the MSC with Courtney for dinner, apparently we are in Homecoming week and we got free sandwiches :) There is going to be a ton of stuff to do this week, things I would love to go to (the parade and the carnival) but it's simply not the same without your friends. I ate some Chick-Fil-A for dinner while we did our math homework together. After that we went to the Engineers Without Borders meeting for our essay we have to write for Foundations of Engineers Lab class, and we mostly discussed about a color run they are doing to raise funds. I always have a good time with Courtney :)

On Tuesday I was suppose to go out for a run in the morning but I went back to sleep.. And to top it off I had kind of an unhealthy dinner, I had so many carbs :( At noon I was suppose to skype with Alex but she couldn't because something happened with her dad, my package from Forever 21 came though so that recompensed the skype date. I was so afraid I wouldn't like anything I ordered, surprisingly I loved it all! I ordered another onesie! This one with a zipper and it's so fluffy and cozy, I love it! I also got a new pair of snickers that look so good :) And I also got a blue dress that I love, maybe I'll use it for my grandpa's surprise birthday party in December. After Foundations of Engineering I met up with Ricardo and Victoria to plan out our oral presentation for chemistry lab, David was suppose to come too but apparently he dropped the class. We figured out what to do in about 5 minutes and then went to Subway to laugh and complain about David while having dinner. I really like my chemistry lab group.

On Wednesday I went to a Scholarship Workshop in the morning, which was really useless because I didn't learn anything I didn't know. After that I went to chemistry and had a good time with Armando, then I went for lunch at Champion's Choice and this creepy guy (kind of geeky) automatically puts his book on my table and walks away .-. without asking me if there was someone sitting there, he had a beard in his cheeks o.O Before calculus I met up with Victoria and Ricardo to make our poster for chemistry lab, we didn't really get anything done so after calculus Victoria and I gathered to finish it, we would still be working on it if it weren't for Courtney who saved our lives. She sent me her power point presentation and it helped us a lot! For dinner I had a TropiChop from Pollo Tropical, and I thought that was going to sky rocket my calories for today leaving me with a red mark but it actually didn't.

On Thursday I had my oral presentation for chemistry lab and we did very well, everybody was like "WHAT?! Did David really dropped the class?! *they sounded kind of relieved" hahaha, it has been long since I've had fun a a chemistry lab, and I'm definitely loving this class. Our TA, Justin, is so funny and my two remaining lab mates are beyond awesome. After lab I finished the first half of "Wooden on Leadership" book, which is the book I had to read for my book club meeting for my leadership program. I had stomach ache in the morning but it turned out just to be gas. Oh! Something I must write is that today is freezing! It's supper cold and cloudy, when I go to chemistry lab it's usually cold because the sun hasn't come up yet but today it stayed cold even after lab class, we were at 16 celsius, that's about 64 fahrenheit. The day did got hotter thanks to the sun and right now (2 PM) we are at a comfy 21 celsius. Oh, also in chemistry lab there is this group that has two people from the Middle East, you know, the know it alls and in every presentation they would ask the hardest things making the group look bad; in our turn this guy made a question that we didn't even understand and our TA was like do you even know that? Justin let us off the hook knowing how douche bags these Middle Eastern guys were and bombarded them when it was time for their group, HA! Karma bitches. Weeks ago I applied to this Photographer position in the Housing Office of Campus and Greg Bowers asked for my portfolio and I have an interview scheduled for Monday!

On Friday I had my chemistry test and I don't feel I did very good :( I'm so sad right now. At 4 PM I went to an Advisor Appointment because I had a hold and to release it I needed to attend a mandatory first-year appointment with my advisor, after that I came back and watched non-stop Grey's Anatomy. Also my chemistry grade was posted and I got a 76, which is a B in this class, I'm kind of relieved but I was really hoping for an 80+. Today marks three weeks I've spent without drinking soda! And I'm still counting my calories, I also noticed that my blue pants from Gap that kind of fitted okay now feels a little loose. I don't want to get me hopes up but I'll keep on not drinking soda and counting my calories.