Friday, October 11, 2013


These past 8 weeks have flown by so fast! Actually we are still on week 7 but still. When I first came here I was so afraid and nervous about all the changes and things I would have to adapt to. If I'm being sincere I thought that I would end up this term without one single friend, but things work out eventually for good.

So, some things I have learned in my first half:

  • Learn to communicate with your roommate if they are being to noisy or annoying. Nothing will change if you don't communicate and take for granted that they won't realize by themselves what a pain in the ass they are. 
  • It's not a big deal to eat by yourself sometimes. We all have different schedules or classes after lunch and you can't afford a chance to get late to class because you didn't want to be rude and leave your friend alone. Eating alone gives you a piece of mind you won't get when you are back in your room with your obnoxious roommate. 
  • YOU WILL BE HOMESICK. No matter how brave and independent you say you are, you will always miss your family and friends, specially your mommy and daddy. Don't be an ass and skype with them once in a while, they will feel that you love them so much you are sparing your study time for them. 
  • Don't get your panties in a knot if your first assignment was not an A. People always feel the first assignment should be an A because it is the easy one, when in fact is the hardest one because you are not used to the new system yet. 
  • Use weekends to make errands and rest. If you are a party person plan the weekends when you know you don't have any big tests coming up. You will see what I'm saying about using weekends to rest when you get there, you won't have enough time to take a quick nap in between classes or during the week because you'll use all that time to school related responsibilities and taking care of yourself (gym, food, social). 
  • FRESHMAN 15! I'm lucky enough my university provides so much tools for me to be healthy; a gym, a trail, outdoor recreation (kayak, rope course, stand up paddling, frisbee). Take advantage all of these to never get the freshman 15. 
  • Don't bother taking the bus if the building for your next class is a 15 minute walk. If you don't wanna get those freshman 15 a good 15 walk everyday will help a lot. 
  • BE GOOD TO SQUIRRELS and they'll be good to you :)