Friday, October 11, 2013

Week #24 (10/07/2013 - 10/13/2013)

On Monday I went to lunch with Armando and two of his friends, Marc and Zach. We had Pollo Tropical :) After that I went to AMS and did my first test. The test gave us 12 terms/quotes about the material and we had to write a short paragraph about each, I think I did well, let's hope for the better. Calculus was endless, two hours of that is enough to kill yourself. I understood nothing about what we saw today. For dinner I had beef broth, a chicken sandwich and a salad. I now have lasted 9 days without drinking soda! Of course I drank last Tuesday to donate blood but that was necessary and I only drank less than half the can. After dinner I went to the library and finished my chemistry lab report within an hour. And I spent the rest of the evening watching Grey's Anatomy, I'm now by season 3.

On Tuesday the Foundations of Engineering lab class was very interesting, we went over through tips for being an engineer and some jokes about being an engineer major in college, I really like my professor. In Foundations of Engineering I was hoping not to bump into Ahmad because things have gone really weird and awkward but my luck didn't go that long, he sat next to me and he smelled weird... He stood up to look for his resume and then he disappeared and never came back, I was so relieved. I know it's kind of mean to feel this way but I don't know, he's just a little weird. At night I skyped with Alex, and we talked and talked and talked :) We should talk more often. After Alex I skyped with Rod and had a good time talking :) I did no homework today and I feel terribly guilty.

On Wednesday I felt so tired in calculus, my eyes were itchy and I was just... I couldn't take it anymore; anyway I went after calculus to meet up with Victoria and David to discuss what we were going to do on Thursday. Victoria had it all figured out so I went to eat Champion's Choice for dinner, I installed back the lose it app and I ended the day with 89 calories under budget! I even had the chance to eat a brownie and drink an iced tea from Starbucks. I thought the iced tea was going to suck since all the iced teas I've had in the US are unsweetened, but it was really good. I finished all my school work before 9! And I ended the night watching X Factor and Grey's Anatomy.

On Thursday I was hoping to see french toast for breakfast but darn my luck, I had to do with scramble eggs. Our chemistry lab turned out pretty good, well... really REALLY good :) I still feel sad that there will always be a unit that will not work yet think they are the boss of us. I have been craving french toast all week and decided to bike to IHOP to get some, the round trip was about 8 miles! and it took me close to an hour in total. It was not really worth it, sincerely I like more the ones they serve at Fresh Foods. I ended up my day with 100 and something calories under budget, and I got there by going to the gym. If I had not gone to the gym I would have surpassed the counter by about 800 calories! All the biking and exercise I did was for my trip to IHOP haha. I watched Glee's memorial episode for Cory, I didn't like it very much but I did cry. I successfully finish all of my homework before 8:30, and I feel kind of proud. My mom told me she booked the airplane tickets for thanksgivings! I don't know is Patty is coming yet, I hope she is, she asked in the group when was my mom flying here so that could be a sign :D Mom is coming from Wednesday before thanksgivings until Tuesday after thanksgivings.

On Friday I finally had some french toasts for breakfast! I only had one serving because I'm sticking to my Lose It! app, and in total I had over 500 calories just for breakfast XD so now I have to watch out for the ret of the day. Today is gonna be a very boring day because I have to do my geography assignment, and it is really really boring, I'm thinking about dropping it and adding an in-class next year or whatever. Every term I get the urge to drop that one course, in spring it was biology (which I ended up with an A), I just hope I can improve my geography grade :S

My mom is right now at the "Feria Internacional de Artesanias Aileen" in Panama, selling my grandma's sawdust decorative bottles, and her left over sewing kits. I really hope they can sell it all :)

Mornings are very cold in here, I still can't get used to these mornings, on Thursday when I had to wake up before 7 AM for my chemistry lab the weather marked 17 celsius. And I wanted to go to Michigan XD Still, I like the coldness :) I like wearing hoodies and fall and winter like clothing.