Friday, October 18, 2013

Week #25: Week Full of A's! - (10/14/2013 - 10/20/2013)

On Monday I had a virtual tour about from the website I'm interested in taking the graphic design certificate, I liked it a lot and when I told my mom she told me that it was best for me to not take that one and instead work with Tia Marilu in December.. I've been asking her this whole weekend what to do and she never answered me.. and when I take the tour she says no.. WTF? It kind of makes sense because the program is kind of pricey but she was also the one who told me to get a certificate.. I was so mad a her. This past weekend felt so productive! I finish my chemistry homework and my 3 math assignments in which I got a 100 in each! Today I spent my hours before calculus at the library highlighting geography and I finished! I feel so proud of myself. Also, Alex told me she and Christian broke up :( I felt angry at first because I think they are a good couple.. but Alex says it's for the best so well.. My duty here is to be for her :) At 7:30 I went to this University Lecture Series with Dolvett Quince, one of the "The Biggest Loser" trainers, and it was really cool. Thanks to him I going on a run tomorrow morning :) Dolvett mention that a great help when getting healthier is to have an absolute, like me and soda right now. I plan on adding more absolutes as time goes by, maybe no more easy mac. That would be a good one, but I wanna first reach to one to three months without soda first, I don't wanna push myself so hard as I normally do.

On Tuesday morning I set my alarm at 8 am and went on a jog, I ran about 2 km in a little over 15 minutes, it's not a bad number but I used to do better; however, I did burned more calories running outside than in the gym so that's a good thing. For breakfast there were no french toasts again :( I had to eat eggs and a banana. I read two of my assign readings for American Studies before lunch and I feel so good about myself, I've been very productive these last few days and I intent to keep it that way. I feel I ate a little too much for lunch, I ate over 600 calories yet my calorie counter says I still have over a 1000 left .-. sometimes calorie counters make me eat more. After the foundations for engineer class I went to the Marshall Student Center to try to do my American Studies paper, and bought some Chick-Fil-A and a drink from the soda machine, I wanted iced tea and the machine gave me an orange soda! I almost felt into the temptation but regained my senses and paid another $1.50 for an iced tea. I am proud of myself :) I finished my American Studies paper due Monday! I can't believe I'm so far ahead!

On Wednesday I finally had french toasts for breakfast! :) Armando didn't show up at chemistry class today so the class was totally boring, I did had small talk with Marc though. Armando texted me that he over slept, the day we had 3 clicker questions haha. I went to the library before calculus so I could highlight me geography chapters for next week and there were no desks available so I ended up sitting in the floor in front of the window between the aisles. I feel I ate so much today! I was about to have a light Jamba Juice smoothie for dinner and ended up having Panda Express.. How the hell did that happened?! I feel so sad :( Food does have the power to make your day either better or worse.. actually it's your decision itself.

Thursday morning I was so tired! This thing of having chemistry lab in the morning is not good; however, the tiredness goes away after a three hour exciting lab. Today David was kind of an ass again, being a know-it-all. Victoria, Ricardo and I did a good job :) we were doing some research on the computer and I thought Victoria was done with scrolling down so I took the mouse and scrolled up a bit, and she got all sassy on me, I should have told her that I thought she was done with it, now I feel all bad. Next week we don't have a lab, we have a presentation so no stress next week.. kind of haha. At noon I went to the Metropolitan Ministries in bus to do some service hours, the ride didn't seem that long although it took about an hour to get there. I got sent to Metro Outfitters which is where homeless people can pick clothes for free, a limited amount of clothes of course. And I hung and distributed some of them, when I was at that I saw Perry Ellis, Coach, Pink, Hollister, Forever 21; even I wanted those clothes haha. After that I got sent to the Metro Market, which is where homeless people can get food which is awesome. At the market I met Michelle and Sara, they both go to USF and Sara gave me a ride back to campus! How sweet of she? She even installed her bike rack for her car just for me :)

On Friday I spend my chemistry class talking with Armando and Marc, we three are going to do the homework together this Sunday :) making more friends woohoo! In my American Studies class I got my first 3 (highest points in the discussion questions assignments) and I also scored a 95 in my American Studies first exam! I went for a jog in the afternoon and ran about 3.16 km, I feel I'm regaining my capacity, because in Panama I used to run over 4 km. Also my Forever 21 package arrived to the post office! I can't wait until they email me to pick it up :)