Monday, October 7, 2013


I'm very indecisive I know... Maybe mechanical engineering is my thing and I'm just a little afraid of the future math and physics courses. But I also would like majoring in graphic design.. The courses of that major kind of bores me but I would really like to work as a graphic designer in a future. I really need to think this through and talk to my mom and that about it. It's midnight and I'm just writing my guts out in here because I know dad is gonna be mad at me and mom is going to be disappointed. Tomorrow I have a meeting with an advisor and I will ask her opinion, maybe she can guide me. 

I would really like to be a graphic designer, but what will happen to all the money my parents spend in for the past month and the next 2 and a half? That is why I'm scared, I don't wanna be a waste of money for my dad and mom. 

I'll have trouble sleeping tonight, I'm sure about that.