Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week #23 (09/30/2013 - 10/06/2013)

On Monday I went to Chemistry and this guy with british accent asks if he can sit next to me, he starts talking to me and I BARELY understand, he name is Sam. We ended up doing the group assignment together with Armando and another guy named Adam. After Calculus me and Courtney had planned going to the "Engineers Without Borders" meeting, since we have to go to two meetings for our Foundations of Engineering Lab class. We had some dinner before going to the meeting and we had a great time, when we got to the building where the meeting was going to take place nobody was there.. we waited like 10 minutes and nobody was there. We gave up and went back home, I said that we stayed for nothing and Courtney said that it wasn't nothing, because she got to have dinner with a friend, how cute? So when I got back I skyped with Rod and the funniest thing happened, his Dad walked into Momo's room in nothing but his underpants XD I just covered my eyes and laughed haha.

I like Tuesdays because I have two really easy classes, and I did absolutely nothing in them. In Foundations of Engineering though I did got a little nervous, because I've been kind of avoiding Ahmad, I know it's the wrong thing to do since he has done nothing wrong but I feel awkward with him. So I was really nervous because we have that class together, I think he came late though because he didn't sit next to me. I did heard his voice a couple of rows behind me and from then I didn't turn me head anymore. I also texted me and I was kind of cold with him, and at the end I stayed a little bit longer so I didn't bumped into him. After that class I went to the CSL Orientation (Certified Student Leadership Program). So for this program I need a coach to kind of mentor me, and I'm very introvert when it comes to new people so I asked Justin Fitzgerald, hi is the coordinator of the Civic Engagement program and he said he was honored :) After that I met with David to start the poster for our Chemistry Lab presentation, Victoria and Ricardo were not there. Ricardo it makes sense because he has to work but why didn't Victoria show up? Well, I worked with David. Strangely he was kind of pleasant today, it may be because he forgot to take his ADHD pill and was all hyper and stuff. I ended up doing most of the work but that's okay, I kind of wanted to be in charge. He also told me the clases for Spring 2014 were just scheduled so at 10:30 I began doing my new schedule, it ended up pretty well, I have no classes on Thursdays and just one class on Tuesdays. I'm just taking four classes next semester (Calculus II, Physics I, Physics Lab I and Economics for Engineers), which is good because next on the summer I'll be taking a couple more in Florence (maybe).

I now love french toast, I don't know if I have never had french toast but I just love having them for breakfast. Every morning if there are no bananas or apples I eat a french toast. Anyway, today was a boring day, the only exciting part was that I donated blood! I saw the bus and went straight into it, they pinched my finger and measured I don't know what. It hurt a little and I felt kind of clumsy and tired afterwards but I was wearing my bandage with pride. They gave me two t-shirts and a $10 gift card from IKEA. I really want to do it again but not in the near future because it really drained me. At night I met with David and Victoria to do the poster, it didn't come out as I wanted but what kind I do? They are not Alex or Ambar or Zhanzhy... I also had to go to a American Studies screening about a very boring movie. These movies of the 50s, today I saw "The Manchrian Candidate". The thing about these movies are that they are related to their background history because at that time the study of the mind was very popular.

On Thursday I delivered my Chemistry lab speech, I was really REALLY nervous and that gave me stomach ache, and it really hurt because I had eggs and milk for breakfast. The milk really had that factor that made me sick, still, I said my speech all right and I didn't forget a thing. After lab I went to the bookstore because they had a flash sale today on all hoodies and sweatpants so I bought myself a sweatshirt and I bought Jose David a hoodie because he had asked for one. I lunched some pasta with meatballs and that worsen my stomach ache to the extend it still hurt when I was sitting down. Despite the pain I had to get on the bus and go to the Metropolitan Ministry to do my first volunteering session. The first half of the ride I felt really really bad, the second half was a little bit better though. When I got there and got assigned my tasks the pain went away. I met really nice people, Juan and Daniel, both from Venezuela. I chop onions and peppers, fixed over a hundred sandwiches, and cleaned the fridge. Yeah, those storage freezers that you an get trap into if you close the door haha. Juan offered me some dinner from the buffet and I enjoyed some nuggets and fries, I also had a juice with a very particular (in the good way) flavor, it was strawberry-kiwi-banana :) The ride back was really tiring, I felt asleep a couple of times. Back here I watched x-factor and chilled for a while, after that I hung out with Peyton, Chelsi and Kaitlyn.

On Friday I had some breakfast, and they have not had french toasts for two days now :( they had bacon though, but it was kind of thick and greasy and yucky! Armando wants me to go to this dancing thing at the MSC tonight haha, if only he knew I'm so not a dancer. On Chemistry I forgot my clicker and I loose a couple of points :( I've been waiting for this weekend for a long time, a weekend where I don't have to wake up early or do anything other than a couple of school related work. After American Studies I went to Armando's because I was having trouble with my chemistry homework and we finished it, I had a good time :) I ended the night watching Grey's Anatomy, X Factor, and finishing up "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" by J.K. Rowling and I give it 4.7 stars.