Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Florida has it pros of being a warm state, unlike New York or Washington. However, being here as really upset my feelings about being "lucky". 
The thing about the Florida weather is that is so bipolar! The sun has a lot to do with the weather actually, in fall the mornings are pretty chilly, and in five minutes it can raise literally 10 degrees! That's what I don't like about this weather. Also the rain, Florida gets affected by the hurricane season, but I get that; what I don't get is how can a pouring thunderstorm change to a sunny day in minutes?! 

Dear Florida, 

I really appreciate that it's not snowing, or as hot as Panama; but you gotta get some help, because these bipolar issue will never get better. 

Stacy Kam

P.S. This is the weather I like: