Friday, November 22, 2013

Week #30: Rocking Combat Boots (11.18.13 - 11.24.13)

So I posted my iPad 2 for sell on EBAY since I don't use it and I got a buyer! I got to sell it at $230, and in Amazon it's at $250 so it was a good deal. The buyer sent the money through PayPal but I haven't gotten the notification of the payment so that worries me. I also asked Armando if he could give me a lift to the airport the Saturday I'm going back to Panama and he said yes! :) Something less to worry about. Yesterday, Sunday, Nick, Chad and I met up to film the commercial for the Foundations Lab and here's the video:

On Monday I also received my Forever 21 package and the Mickey Mouse sweater I was waiting for was not what I expected :( and I can't exchange it because it was on sale! I also have been applying to Penn State, Rutgers and U-Mich since I can reapply to the Senacyt scholarship, I can feel the stress all over again! Today was also Rod's birthday and he went out with the guys to Friday's :) I wish I'd been there I miss the guys so much! 

On Tuesday right after waking up I went to the post office to mail the iPad! I received the notification of the payment yesterday, it was in the junk folder oops. The next day delivery was around $40.00 and the buyer gave me $50 for the shipping so if she doesn't notice might have gained $10 extra :) I had green juice for lunch and let's hope I don't get hungry. My group and I gave the speech of Foundations of Engineering Lab and everybody laughed at the commercial we made, I also went to Publix to buy more pineapple and bananas for the rest of the week and I finished my chemistry report in one sitting! I got in a fight with Rod because I spent the majority of his money in a PS3 game when I told him to buy some weights to do some lifting and he ended with not enough money for the weights and I got super mad because he keeps telling me he wants to lose weight so bad yet it seems like it's not his priority. We kind of made up, I'm not mad a him but I did told him I was frustrated and it made me sad whenever I saw him in pictures.

On Wednesday I was planning on wearing my brand new boots from Forever 21, but as always I backed down last minute... I gotta get some new confidence on me. In one week I'll see my mom! Woohoo! I'm so happy and excited :) I also weighted myself which was really worthless because I have nothing to compare it to since I always weight at different times, but usually I'm between 113 and 115; however, today I weighted myself and I'm 112.5 :) I'm also acquiring taste for The Beatles, which may sound lame but I'm beginning to like them, I like that old vibe they have.

Wednesday night, or Thursday early morning was hard on me... It was 2 o'clock in the morning and my roommate was snoring! I couldn't fall asleep, I tried putting on headphones, putting pillows in my ears and nothing! It wasn't until she rolled over that the snoring stop, my theory is that she snores when she's sleeping flat on the bed because once she turned sideways I felt asleep. Lab this morning was normal, we only stayed for an hour and graded each other's lab reports; also I got a couple of compliments on my new leggins! I also used my new boots which weren't very comfy after a long walk but I'm guessing that's because they are still new. An issue happened with the transaction for the iPad, the thing was that the buyer had a minimum amount for transactions which is $500 and the iPad was $280 so I had to transact $220 back to her, so I'll be receiving my money by next week /: I went to the library at 5:30 and spend the next two and a half hours studying chemistry! I don't feel a 100% prepared but considering I've not payed attention to any lecture nor done my homework consciously, a 90% it's a good number. Also, today's also Armando birthday :)

On Friday I had my chemistry exam and I feel I did better than the second one so let's hope for the best. Yesterday Missy and Bryan from Daily Bumps asked us to send them pictures doing the thing with our tongues where you kind of separate into three parts and I sent them my picture, and I got mentioned in today's vlog! Bryan was scrolling in his TL and he stopped at my photo, only mine, and said "Oh that's a really good one too, good job Stace"! Haha, that was awesome because he only mentioned mine :)