Monday, November 18, 2013

First Days with Raw Diet (RAW #2)

So I've been eating at least one raw meal since Friday and it's been going good. 

Meals from this week:


  • Breakfast: Lucky Charms
  • Lunch: Strawberries with Whip Cream
  • Dinner: Apples, Pears and a Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
  • Lunch: Peperoni Pizza
  • Dinner: Green Juice

  • Lunch: Pizza and Hamburger
  • Dinner: Pineapple and Green Juice

  • Breakfast: Eggs and French Toasts
  • Lunch: Carrots with Peanut Butter and Bread
  • Dinner: Green Juice and Nuts

What I like the most of the Raw Diet is the green juice, because they always taste good and it takes away the hunger. I'm going to keep having green juice for dinner, and recently I ordered a mini fridge so I could stock up on more fruits and veggies without disturbing my roommate since I store all my stuff I have in her mini fridge.