Saturday, November 16, 2013


As you read in this week's post I decided to sail into the raw food world, I don't plan on being a full time raw vegetarian but I do intend to have at least one raw meal a day.
This week I went to the super market and bought a bunch of fruits, nuts and veggies, and also whip cream and peanut butter since I don't like the veggies and fruits alone (which is going to be a real struggle since this is a raw diet). I also bought a blender in Target for jut $20! It's one of those personal blenders that the blending cup is also the drinking cup, it's called Bella.
I plan to drink at least one smoothie per day as a meal, and I'll try to put as many veggies as I can. And some of the ingredients for the smoothie I'll get them from the dining halls for free hehe.

All this raw diet inspiration came from a Youtube channel called FullyRawKristina, where she explains what to expect, how to start, recipes, and what to buy. That channel helped me a lot! I'm basically doing this diet based on that channel.

Here are some videos from Fully Raw Kristina:

This one was essential for me since it talks about how to be fully raw while in college. I'm not going to be fully raw so it doesn't apply in its totality for me but it still inspired me.

This video has tips on how to start a fully raw diet, this was the first video I saw from Fully Raw Kristina and from there it was like a snowball watching all of her videos.