Friday, November 8, 2013

Being a Good Person is Directly Proportional to Having a Strong Conscience

Today I realized that good people have a very strong conscience. I have noticed throughout my whole high school that irresponsible people don't give a damn about the outcomes in whatever situation you are stressed about. A difference of them and me is that I agonize with my conscience for weeks, even months, and I can surely say years; when I do something wrong. 
Irresponsible people, and bad people seem to hide their guilt very well, if they have a conscience at all; but good people struggle with it every day until they do something good about it. And that's me. 
The thing about me is that I can't get myself together to do the right thing, or what socially and ethically seems to be the right thing, and if I do it always comes in a very awkwardly way. 
I despise my strong conscience, but at the same time I'm grateful for it because it let's me be humble and keep both of my feet on earth. 
To all those bad people out there, there's no shame in hiding your guilt, once you uncover it you'll change for the better.