Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week #29: Beach on a Monday (11/11/2013 - 11/17/2013)

Monday was Veteran's day so we got the day off. Armando invited me to the beach with his friends from Castor, Kiley took Armando, her boyfriend and I to Treasure Island where we met with her roommate Adrianna and her boyfriend Alberto. It was the kind of day to lay down in the sun so that's what we did for the first half hour or so. Armando was in the ocean so I stood up and went over there to cool off but the water was as Armando says "cold as my ex wife" in his scale of 1 to ex wife. Armando and I played some Frisbee and let me tell you I improved with practice. It felt weird being in there because it was two couples plus me and Armando and I definitely felt like a third wheeler, plus the fact that my shyness and being new to the group made me even more introvert. I kind of wanted to leave at some point, when Armando fell asleep and it was just me and the two couples but I just took it like a big girl. I really enjoy being with Armando, but it's really hard for me to make new relationships, like REALLY hard. Today Rod started his new workout routine, which I basically arranged for him and I'm gonna remind him every night to do his workout.

I have a lot of things in my bucket list, and one of them is to write a book. A couple of days ago I started writing this book about a name girl Elise, and this is the longest I've kept writing a book. For now is seven pages long and about to start the third chapter. I wrote the second chapter on Tuesday after having lunch. After class I went to the library and finished my chemistry homework, as a reward I went to Starbucks because I was craving a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frappe, but they don't sell it anymore! :( So I had to deal with a Double Chocolate Chip Frappe, which was so-so. At 5 PM I met with my Foundations for Engineering Lab group and we just built the slinky iPhone holder in about 5 minutes, we'll get together again on Friday to make the video commercial.

On Wednesday the weather was super cold, not a lot but still, it was around 17 C but it was very windy. It was also a bad choice to just wear a cardigan and leggins. Today was just another common day, the highlight of my day was honestly being the last in line to get French Toasts. The server served about 6 french toast sticks to the guy in front of me! So I got what was left which was one whole stick and like 6 nuggets of toasts. The night was so chilly I opted to go back to my dorm in the BullRunner. I also skyped with Alex today! I guess that could be the second highlight of my day, she asked her mom if she could come for spring break and her mom says that that is a good idea! I'm so excited! :)

On Thursday Sara and I went to the Metropolitan Ministries for volunteering and we got assigned in the kitchen today. I saw Juan, the guy kind of in charge of the kitchen and he remembered me! I remembered I'm from Panama :) We made sandwiches and cleaned the kitchen. Today was also out last chemistry lab! We finished an hour and a half before time and our TA, Justin, didn't let us out until it was time so we just hung out watching vines and stuff. I learned about something called Raw Diet, which is eating like a vegan, but like food that is not processed either so like not cooked vegetables; and let me tell you, I'm kind of interested in that. For this week I'm gonna be a full vegan, eating raw. This weekend I'll go out and buy some fruits and veggies from Sweetbay and a blender from Target. I want to change, and I'm inspired because I weighted myself today after two and half months and I'm over 3 pounds heavier! I wanted to become skinnier in college not thicker, although I do see myself skinnier which can be the muscle adding pounds, but still there's a lot lo loose.

It's Friday and the USF Study Abroad Office finally uploaded the 2014 course list for next summer! I'm so excited, I saw a fine arts course that I really liked it's a Collage Workshop, and I also want to enroll in the Breads of Italy and Italian for Beginners courses. So all those courses are on Session A which is from May 18 to June 28. I also decided to begin my raw diet today so I went to Sweetbay after chemistry and bought 5 apples, 4 peaches, two pouches of cashews, some bananas, strawberries with whip cream, baby carrots and celery. I had the strawberries and whip cream for lunch and I am full! For dinner I kept going with my raw food diet and had an apple and a peach, but I was getting tired of the flavor so I dipped them in whip cream. It's going to be hard to heat fruits and veggies without whip cream :( I was supposed to meet up with Chad and Nick to do our Foundation of Engineering project but Nick is out of town so I'm just chilling in my dorm. At the end of the day I consumed less than 1500 calories and I feel kind of full so I guess it was a good day. I also drank nothing but water today!

Also a couple of weeks ago I sent a package to Alex in Panama with a bunch of little presents because her birthday is this Sunday. I sent it to my grandpa's address and got Brandon to give it to her at FSU. She got it Thursday and it felt awesome :) I also sent Rod a couple of t-shirts for his birthday since his birthday is one day after Alex's. Among Alex's gift I bough a USF t-shirt, 3 pairs of thighs, whoppers, an EOS lip balm, a poster for her dorm that says "keep exploring" or something like that, and a bunch of other silly gifts.