Saturday, July 5, 2014


To all the people going through an awkward stage, 

I've been there and I occasionally go back. Yes, you are going to go through an awkward stage if you have nobody to tell you otherwise. I had the luck of having a couple of friends help me through, older friends (you know who you are). But not until now I feel I have finally got over that awkward stage. 

Not sure what's an awkward stage?

Awkward Stage - oh`~ kuard es~teich -
The ability to downgrade yourself by terms of clothes, personality, and extremely rare talent of saying dumb shit that leaves people judging you and staring at you like you are a monkey doing ballet. 

And yes, they will look at you like a monkey doing ballet, nope... I'm not exaggerating. 

And it seems like just yesterday I broke out of the awkward stage bubble, I realized it does not matter what other people think about you and that the way you dress should be to your own comfort. But also not too comfortable, because yeah... that is kind of awkward. 

So keep you head held high and remember the golden rule to not embarrass yourself:
If it's not important, possible to harm anybody, and it's not relevant to the conversation - KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Yeap, that's a really valuable lesson I've got there.