Tuesday, July 8, 2014

EVERYTHING from my QUEST through Europe

Six weeks in Europe, knew nobody, didn't speak the language, and no plans at all. My trip to Europe was like jumping into nowhere, waiting for nobody to catch me; yet I met the most special people that made me feel at home. 

My quest through Europe divides into five categories: people, home, food, photography and trips. 

People, my roommates and I did everything together and we felt so comfortable living with each other. It started cordial as it should always be and ended in one of those friendships where pinching the other or making mean jokes just cracks you up. Sam used to always hit me, and man was it hard, but every time she did that I felt closer to her. And Stephanie was really like a brain to interact with, she kept my mind going and we really think alike, all my ideas and thoughts were imprinted on her mind and our responsive moves or expectations were twins. I got pretty lucky to have been paired with these crazy people, I think it's funny how one pulled me to the fun side while the other seek more balance and I used to pull them both to the calmer side. These girls really made my whole trip a pleasant and fun adventure. 

Home, our apartment was huge for being an apartment and had all the necessities we could've asked for. It had A/C which is the most important part for me and we felt so comfortable all the time. Every time we had a long day we all found ourselves longing for home - our temporary home. Having a safe haven so many miles away from our true safe haven meant a lot to me, and I really did felt safe and at home there. 

Food, I'm not into churches, museums or landmarks, I'm all about food. Food can be expressed as experiences, and I recollect little experiences from every place I go and that's how I remember places and create memories. I got to taste different culture in terms of food, and also had my dreams come true in the ones scratched off my bucket list like escargot and Italian pizza and pasta. Food for me is like chocolate is for everybody else, little moments of ecstasy. 

Photography, you know me and my love for the camera. Of course I recollected Europe in small files with an appearance of RAW format and edited for an audience in JPG. Photographs are the best souvenir, and it's art at the same time. It's like a person in a sense, trying to tell you a story, and it can also be a place with a view and sensation strong enough that can be transferred through a screen. For me photography is a science, and right now I feel I've won Noble prizes with all these amazing inventions I've taken. Europe will always be my greatest little amazing invention (although there will always be a contender, Asia 2015 anybody?). 

Trips, the trips where the most amazing part of my quest indeed. Berlin, Venice, Rome, Lucca, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Prague, Munich, Sicily and a hint of Austria. Yes, I went to all those places in the six weeks I stayed in Florence. I found those trips as a place for inner thought, relaxing, adventure in some, and mind opening. I must say my favorite city was Munich and I have no doubt in my mind I would like to live there for a while sometime. I think it's wonderful how I got to experience so many different cultures in so little time, and I'm amazed. Amazed by the people, the scenery, and -duh!- the food. 

Thank you Europe, it was a blast!