Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week #63: BIGGEST MALL OF THE US! (07.07.14 - 07.13.14)

On Monday I was called in to do nanny duty since one of my great grandma's nanny quit over the weekend and my grandma left already for Dallas I think. So I was her only and last chance of a nanny she could get. Atai behaved pretty well the whole time I was there, that is from 10:30 until 2:30. She mostly slept and kept changing seating positions, she ate with no tantrum and only went to the bathroom once which Eli took care of, thank God. I read while she stared at the window and finally finished the last book of the Harry Potter series! Eli prepared fish for lunch at my request, God bless her and then I drove back home when the afternoon shift nanny got there. I watched the last movie of the Harry Potter series to compare to the book as I always do and obviously I prefer the book, how they explained things that seem simple but you kind of want to know like the story of Helena Ravenclaw or the real reason why Harry didn't die in the forbidden forest (it was because Voldemort created a second and stronger bond between them when he used Harry's blood to re-humanized himself, so he only broke the first bond when he 'killed' him) and then Harry won the battle because of the Elder Wand's allegiance. That's something that was not very clear from the movie and I'm so glad I read the book. I even want to re-read some of the books (3,4,5, and 7) :)

On Tuesday... I'll be honest with you, I have no recollection of what I did on Tuesday haha.

On Wednesday my mom and I flew to Minneapolis, Minnesota; Yoyi took us to the airport and we were almost late (we were kind of late actually) because he picked us up late and drove like a literal turtle! Our first flight was to Houston and it was all right, I played on my iPad the whole flight. In Houston I tried the famous Pappadeaux and it was no big deal for me, we ate while watching the Netherlands vs. Argentina match. We also went to the United Club with my grandma's card (thank God for my grandma and mom to have the same name, lol) and I stole some cookies and stuff :) The second flight was from Houston to Minneapolis and it was a short flight -it was delayed though. And we got to Minneapolis around 10 - 11 pm, which means we spent the WHOLE day traveling! 

On Thursday Patty and Tia Marilu came loudly to our room early in the morning because that's when their flight got here and we had breakfast at the hotel which was actually good, we stayed at Fairfield Inn Marriot and let me tell you oh how much I missed high quality hotels (compared to Europe). We went hard core shopping the first day but before that Patty and I went to the Nickelodeon theme park inside the mall and it was pretty awesome! They had some really cool rides that spines a lot and best of all no heat or sun or mosquitoes! I didn't shop that much but I did get some clothes, the cool thing about this mall is that you don't have to pay taxes for clothes and shoes (every girl's dream!)

On Friday we went again to the mall because we only did the first floor the day before, but we went all together to the aquarium first and it was really fun. I think it's cute how my grandpa comes with these ideas and proposes them all shy like "would you like to go to the aquarium?", like how could you say no to that when you know your grandpa doesn't enjoy shopping as much as the other five girls on this trip haha. Then we went shopping on the second floor of the mall and this time I did buy a little bit more :) After the mall we went to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and had dinner at Applebee's.

On Saturday we decided to go to this theme park kind of similar to Knott's Berry Farm in California and it was really cool, it was Snoopy themed too and we rode a couple of sweet rides. Just before leaving it started pouring so I volunteered to go get the van so nobody, specially my grandparents, would get wet. We went to the mall again to shop on the third and final floor. There wasn't much there but we went to a mirror maze and it was pretty fun :)

And on Sunday we finally returned home, we had Pappadeaux for lunch at the airport and Acun paid $8 to watch the world cup final (Go Germany!) on the plane, just for the cable to drop minutes from the winning goal and the end of the game! Well, at least Germany won haha I had my shirt on the whole day and it was pretty nice seeing people with a Germany shirt too. In the Panama airport the security people "randomly" decided to check my grandparent's and aunt's baggage... My grandpa was about to burst with anger from such racism... And I'm mad too you know... Fuck racist people and their stereotyped vision of the world... We finally had dinner at Golden Unicorn with the whole family including Cristy and Yoyi who came to pick us up. Also, my iPad is dead... my water bottle spilled in my backpack and my iPad got soaked! It's ruined... and the only way I can get another one is through the out-of-guarantee Apple policy that let's me buy a refurbished one for $200 which is better than nothing, but I got so attached to my iPad this summer! It's gonna be really hard not to have it until August.