Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week #61: FINALLY BACK HOME! (06.23.14 - 06.29.14)

On Monday I woke up in the apartment, I got back from the train station at midnight and slept until 8:30 in the morning, I bought some bread and went to the train station to catch the bus shuttle to the airport to go to Amsterdam. In the plane I was surrounded by babies! I had one on the other side of the aisle, one in front, one to the northeast and two at south east! But the one across from the aisle was the cutest baby ever! He was half asian half something else, I'm guessing dutch and had almond hair and asian eyes! The taxi I took from the airport to the hotel was so freaking expensive (tip for next time: research more about public transportation from the airport), it cost me close to 50 euros! The taxi driver was nice though, he recommended some good places to eat and he also asked me if I was in Amsterdam for the congress, isn't that funny? I don't look like a congress woman haha. The first thing I did after checking in was going to the Van Gogh museum which was cool but not my style really. I had Argentinean food for dinner and stopped by the Apple store, yes I found an Apple store! And it was really fancy and had two floors and the way you paid was going to somebody and they would check you out on their iPhones! The city was really pretty and the houses were movie-like.

On Tuesday I went to the Anne Frank house and it was mesmerizing and I really enjoyed it, I also got a tour bus around the city and the canals are beautiful, and my last stop was the Heineken Experience where they show you how they make it and it was kind of the same layout as the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta. I also had a stroopwafel (again haha) which was amazing, I'm gonna buy more at the airport when going back home :)I also had the best burger ever at a place ironically called "La Place" haha. 

Wednesday was oral presentations day, I had one for both of my classes and I stunned the hell out of my wine professor, he was amazed at how much I knew about wine and that makes me feel so good. I usually don't talk much in class so I'm guessing all he was thinking in his mind was "wow! Stacy speaks!" haha. I got off early from the italian class and I told myself to have a gelato every single day from here until the end so I went to my favorite gelato place, Festival Del Gelato, and got my favorite combination: pineapple and lemon :)

On Thursday I had my two finals, I know for sure I didn't get a hundred but maybe something around the A- :) I had gelato twice! Once right after my italian class and another one at night when Stephanie and I decided to go for a stroll. We walked without having any direction and saw the funniest thing, a guy was playing romantic music on the violin and the environment was perfect, and we were talking about how romantic it would be to be here you you S.O. and the guy playing the violin suddenly has one of those great coughing episodes yet he keeps playing and we laughed for like 10 minutes straight about how passion killer that was and how funny it looked XD 

On Friday me and Sam went on train to Cinque Terre once again and it was so perfect, the weather was amazing, we had seafood all day, we had piña coladas, we stand up paddled (I did twice) and it was and amazing end for this amazing 6 week-journey. We came back to Florence, I showered, went for a gelato and Stephanie and Sam sent me off to the train station. I went by shuttle so I got there at 1 am on Saturday and had to wait until 4 am for the airport to open!

And finally Saturday! I got back home after a two and a half hour flight to Amsterdam where I bought more stroopwafels for Panama, I actually checked in my carry on because they offered it to me for free and without thinking I said yes but that whole way until Panama I kept worrying about my laptop and my camera, never again. The flight to Panama was living hell actually, I got seated next to two middle eastern guys and the one next to me every time he raised his arms his armpits stank the whole place with the middle eastern smell, I was also in the window and he had this tendency of opening the window shade, for what I don't know since all you saw was clouds and sky... After 10 and a half hours I landed in Panama and went home :) I went to dinner to my favorite place, La Mexicanita, and my dad told me he knew I was going to wanna go there haha. 

On Sunday I had to work already, Chung San Jr. was having this family day and I had to help out. I told Rod to come over and help too, and he actually drove there, I'm so proud. I saw my grandparents, Cristy, Beto, Ana, and lots of people and it was so fun! Of course, everything is fun with Beto haha, and Rod actually behaved really nicely with my family and stuff, my grandma actually called him "el gordo". We played ping pong, soccer, watched the match, and it was really fun.