Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week #64: An Official Job?! 😱 (07.14.14 - 07.20.14)

On Monday I started my first official job, my Tia Marilu got me this job as a secretary for her friend's company D'Gala Eventos which is a catering business. As always I was running late on my first day but didn't actually got there late, I didn't realize it would take me literally 5 minutes to drive there! I had some Fruity Pebbles to start my day off right and when I got there the vibe and the environment was so cheerful and friendly. I got to do some filing, paper work, answer calls, photocopy and transfer receipts onto Excel. It was a good first day and after that my dad got home from the mine and we went to have some chinese for dinner.

My second day at the job was somewhat easier, I did more Excel stuff, answer calls and that's about it. Some people at work say I catch up pretty quickly but I feel I'm a little slow or not "chispa" enough for the job. I got back and relaxed since I have nothing else to do.

Day three was all right, I kept going with my "assignments" as well as answering calls, I even helped the boss with some computer wiz stuff and I feel so good whenever she thanks me or acknowledges the benefit of my help :) I also heard Aracely, the woman in charge of everything but being the boss, talking so greatly about me and how organized I was, she even asked me why did I have to go in a pleading voice which made my day. I started a food journal and I intend to eat healthy. I went to the grocery store after work and bought a bunch of healthy stuff, among it a lot of vegetables, fruits, almond milk, corn oil, and of course: Fruity Pebbles. Then I went and picked up Patty from school since she has a Debutantes practice at 7 she's gonna stay at my house until that time. I watched some TV and then she went to practice with my mom. I cooked zoodles (zucchini + noodles) for the first time with a zucchini and garlic blend for sauce for the first time and it smelled so good! I actually like zucchini :) The only down part is that I put water in the blender for the sauce and I wasn't supposed to do that so it was a little bit liquidy and also the zoodles went cold really fast and I don't like eating cold food.

On day four I was wishing so bad for this week to end, I still work as hard as I can and give it my all and have this positive attitude but now I get why grown ups get so tired of work and have these long faces "all day err day" and that's why I'll try to never work for somebody but have them working for me. However, I feel so good when they complement my skills and keep telling other people what a blessing I am to them :)

Finally! The fifth day of the week, my last day of work for this week :) So my boss told me that they are going to pay me every Monday starting next so that's exciting! My very first pay check is coming pretty soon! After work I went on a date night with Rod to Friday's (duh!) and he drove! He picked me up and took me there, it was a bit of a struggle when it came time to park the car since the parking lot was extremely packed but he did all right :) I just love and missed how I keep smiling whenever I'm with him, there's not a blank moment in the conversation or a moment where I'm not smiling and I think that's what I love most about being with Rod. He didn't eat though because he wasn't feeling well but I had a really good meal, the three-for-all platter with potato skins, mozzarella sticks and chicken bites :)

On Saturday I got to sleep in until 9 am when my mom woke me up because I had to take some pictures at this Debutantes skin workshop, the same I had a couple of years ago. So I went to Albrook Mall and took the pictures and it was rather boring. The rest of the day I just chilled until night time when I went out with my girls, Alejandra, Zhanzhy, and Vivianne and we had some 'pepitos' and waffles. The sandwich at Pepitos was amazing! And I missed my girls so bad :) And of course I drove them all haha, I got late back home around 10:30 and went straight to bed after reading some HP3 :)

On Sunday I had to wake up again early to go take some more pictures at the now makeup workshop and drove there since my mom had to do other things, on the way back I stopped at Cozi and bought the most amazing salad, it was really really good! Then I headed to the grocery store with my mother and bought a few stuff, I bought ingredients to cook my own homemade mac and cheese and also ingredients to make chocolate covered frozen bananas. I made the chocolate covered bananas as soon as I got home, it got a bit messy and I messed up in a couple of things but ultimately they turned out good. For dinner we three went out since my dad is leaving once again for work and we ate at "La Nostra Pizza", one of my favorite pizza places. At night I just had a relaxing night reading some Harry Potter and putting on a face mask. I just love the face masks I got from Kiko, they were so cheap and do such a great job! I should've stock up on more, my face feels like a baby's butt.