Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week #62: RAN MY 2ND 5K! (06.30.14 - 07.06.14)

On Monday my grandpa had me on photographer duty and I had to go to this lunch at the Sheraton Hotel to take pictures of the President of Taiwan, it wash't that hard of a job since I only had to take photos on a tripod at the stage where people took turns to take a picture with the president. The lunch was good, I specially liked the asparagus soup :) I ran into Agrupa people, aunts and uncles like Tia Nitzia, Tio Dupin, and Tio Mario, and even my high school Principal Prof. Caballero. The lunch was over and we returned home to chill before going out again for dinner at Vechio Forno with the family (Apo, Acun, Cristy, Patty, Tia Marilu, Yoyi, Mom and Dad), I was craving Italian after eating Italian for six weeks, lol.

Tuesday was triple feature day! I watched three back to back movies with Rod, which was on my bucket list for Panama so one done. We watched "How to Train Your Dragon 2", "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Maleficent", Jordan came to see Maleficent with us too and he is so sweet, when we kiss good-bye he hugs me so tight :) Me and Rod had a fantastic day, and when I got home I was so freaking tired I felt asleep once again. I've been falling asleep before midnight since I came back, that sucks.

On Wednesday I went to the movies (again haha) with Zhanzhy and Alex, I stopped by Zhanzhy's university to pick her up and then I picked up Alex at her house and we watched "Neighbors" starring Zac Efron (meltingggg). The movie was really funny and we had a really good time :) For the rest of the day I just came home and knocked out once again, but this time I fell asleep at 9 pm!

Thursday I had a lunch date with my buddy and we went for sushi because I was craving it real bad, he came to pick me up and we went to the Sushi Express a couple streets down. As always, I had the greatest of times with my buddy since we always have something to talk about. After our lunch date I had a meeting with Chung San Jr., the group my mom started, and I saw Beto, met her sister (which is just as fun as Beto), I also saw Meisy, Any Lam, and my grandparents and Cristy. They had pizza but I decided to take my own lunchbox because I had already had sushi and too much not-so-junk food in one day is bad. The meeting ended at 10 pm and it was funny because every once in a while that would all start cheering "Stacy for president" which is really odd because I rarely gave good new ideas, just a few but not much.

Friday was kind of my day off, I woke up and watched the Germany vs. France match and of course, GERMANY WON! Then I did a couple of nothings and nobody cares, jk I played some PS3 and watched some Harry Potter and then read some Harry Potter... and yes, the PS3 game I was playing was a Harry Potter one. So I ate and did Harry Potter all day (omg that sounds bad haha), but it's the truth (is it?). 

On Saturday I went for lunch with my family as always and had steak (yes, I broke my no red meat streak), and after I headed to the Debutantes practice to take some pictures my Tia Marilu asked me for. Halfway through the practice I was dying from boredom, not again will I go to a practice unless it's one of the last ones and everything it set up. And at night I went to Athen's Pizza with the family to celebrate Cristy's birthday and I saw Nandin after centuries of not seeing him! And believe me not, he's fatter :O he went from like Andrew Chan to Anthony Smith! But he's still funny as ever :)

On Sunday I ran my second 5k, Copa do Mundo Power Club, at Cinta Costera. I was suppose to meet up with Jordan but he left because I never got back to him as of where the race would take place, oops. I ran the race in 38 minutes with something seconds and although it's not my best, thank you Panama climate, it's still within my time goal which was 40 minutes.