Monday, April 22, 2013

Enjoy Those Little Things

Last night was my cousin's 14th birthday, and she wanted to go to Hard Rock Cafe. So we went, sat down on a table at the back of the restaurant and our waiter came to serve the drinks.

What I love/hate most of restaurants, stores, anything that has to do with service is: the attitude the server has.

And when I get a cranky waiter, I get cranky and that ruins the whole evening. But when I get a happy, funny, loving waiter, our whole evening shines.

It first began with - don't you remember my name?- he said. Obviously we didn't because he never told us, but my cousin quickly look for his tag and said "Samuel!" haha. He bought it and kept smiling.

My granddad is a big photography man, and while he was setting the fancy drinks to appear on the shoot, he tilt over my mom's mix of Pineapple and who knows what else. Everyone was laughing, ever the waiter. Normally a waiter would get cranky and treat us poorly the rest of the evening. But Samuel was more than happy to clean up the mess my grandpa made.

Those little things.. Whenever you get a waiter as good as ours was, be thankful. They are rare and in extinction.

There you can see a yellow spot on the table behind the glass of pineapple whatever. Samuel took the picture. And a random waiter snicked in the picture haha.