Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm Going Home

I'm a freshman, and my ENC 1101 final project is a song. I wrote it in about 30 minutes in class. It felt weird to remember my childhood, especially if you had to remember all those details you wish to avoid. Awkwardness and embarrassment flood my thoughts. But I had to finish what I began. This song is about the oppression school applied in my use of creativity in writing. I used to be pretty creative and also clever in my use of words. But school messed it all up, implying "common sense" rules. I mean.. creative writing is called creative for some reason. I had my own magic train who took me to every place I created through my words, and they just bombarded my peaceful trip and caused a train wreck. Fortunately I found my way in my early teens, and I found it through music.

"I'm Going Home"

Two days in a row, stuck in the same mess
My head is in the clouds, but it feels more like a pain
You making me your puppet, telling me what to say
Can’t take it anymore, of this silly game
I know that you know, which is driving me nuts
But I’ll tell you anyway, to get it out of my way

I’m going home, the place that I belong
Where my heart comes from
And there’s nothing but freedom
I’m going home, to see the people that I love
To make my way through the door
And let you see my work

Weekend all alone, nobody who controls
I pour my soul onto, the cold cold rain
My hands write tragedies, even a rock could feel
Then the weekend’s over, back to puppetry


Run run through the cold freezing rain
Let it wash what’s been washed from your brain
Stop stop making a fool out of me
Put an end to what won't let you free


- ME