Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Favor Protocol

Hi, how are you? It's been a while huh? - says a person who usually doesn't talk to you. And you and I both know what's coming ahead.
Hmm all good here, what about you? - I reply.
I'm good too. Hey, can I ask you something? - And here comes what we all know.. A damn favor. There's gotta be somebody you know that only talks to you to ask for a favor. I get so annoyed, but obviously I don't show it because it would be rude, so instead I post it here because I know there's gotta be someone else who can relate to me.

And after they go through the protocol  and ask you for the favor, which you heartily decline, comes the final protocol:
So what are you up too? What have you been doing? We should hang out. This is a pattern I've noticed in every person who asks for a favor, of course is obvious to do it because it seems to be the right thing. But for me.. It just annoys me even more because you act like you are casually talking with me, when your real motives are just plain selfish. 

Meanwhile I just tell myself to: Be patient. Be nice to people. Breathe.