Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm Kinda Into Photography #3

I remember when I was 12. My dad used to take me to the park to throw ball with me and my cousins. I just started this new passion for baseball, Red Sox fan 100%! I watched every game with my dad and talk about it over dinner, poor mom haha. I was going through my stuff and I found my baseball glove. I miss those times when dad used to go out and play with me. This was the only hobby he and I had in common, so we were both sighted if we were going to the park. Times change, breathe in every little memory you have, harness the time with you father/mother.

I actually took this on my window, lol. 1/160 sec, aperture of 8.0, ISO 100 and a zoom lense 18-55mm. I also used flash to get that effect from the clouds, because it was actually very bright.