Monday, April 15, 2013

Jesus is..

I am an active reader. I read whenever I can. Usually I read Young Adult books that involve romance or even some sci fi books. But this week, as I was scrolling down I stumbled with a book I've heard of. I'm not a believer at all but when Justin Bieber made a shoutout of the book it intrigued me. "Jesus is: Find a New Way to Be Human" by Judah Smith.

"I don't mean to insult anyone. But freedom starts with honesty. We aren't doing ourselves any favors by defining ourselves as good and others as bad. Let's just agree we all need help, that we are all in this together."
Now, isn't that so true? When you compare yourself with someone 'worser' and tell yourself you are not that bad considering. I'm only by page 50 so far, and I have highlighted 13 segments I have loved.

What do you do when a friend or family member is doing something considered bad? Come on.. Think about it. The book says that "if Jesus had one shot at fixing us, he'd tell us how much he loves us". Does that makes any sense to you? It does to me. It's not your job to tell wrong from right and apply those as laws for a good morality. Everyone has their on level or grading of what's right and what's wrong. I think Jesus handled the fixing very well. When you are doing something 'wrong' you normally think about yourself and no one else. But what I feel when Jesus tells me that he loves me, is that there's someone who cares, there's someone expecting me to do the right thing. Althought you shouldn't do something for anyone than yourself, it feels pretty damn good to be kind of a role model or making somebody proud.

Jesus is our friend. Don't forget about him, he's what keeps you from falling.

Book recomendation: Jesus is: Find a New Way to Be Human by Judah Smith.

Pending: watch Judah Smith's youtube videos.