Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week #1 (04/22/2013 - 04/28/2013)

So, this week began with the culmination of my video. I made a music video for my English Final Project. You can see the lyrics here:

The week started off good, I got a 95 in my Psychology quiz and an 80 in my Math quiz. In between my free time I saw the Kardashian Special with Ryan Seacrest and Married to Jonas (I'm a fan of reality shows). I also like series like Glee, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl.. and more. But I hate when they just decide to skip the week.. I also started reading another book since I finished "Jesus is _____." by Judah Smith. I'm reading "The Prisoner of Cell 25" by Richard Paul Evans. So long, very very VERY interesting. It's similar to the series of "I Am Number Four", the Lorien Legacies.

On Monday I went to my second class of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). This time wasn't as awful as the first time. My first time I almost fainted, and my muscles hurt all week long; however, this week we weren't put through the same as last week. We did more technical stuff than physical. Now I know two Jiu Jitsu locks and a little bit of Muay Thai and Kickboxing. I LOVE IT! And beware, because I'm all about getting better.

On Tuesday I went for a run on my rooftop. I love running around 5 or 6 o'clock when the sun is setting and the wind blowing. When there's still light but it's also a little dark. Today was the first day I ran after 17 days of procrastination, and as I suspected I was going to be in awful conditions. Today I ran 3.4 km, when I normally run 4.25 km.

Wednesday was my last day of Psychology 2012 and ENC 1101 this Spring Term. I feel so not ready for the exams next week, any tip to ace them without stress? I also wento to class #3 of MMA! Gosh! Today we did a lot of locks. Let me tell you: it's so disgusting to do this when your partner is all sweaty. Yuck! And when the day was coming to an end, I finished the book I was reading: "The Prisoner of Cell 25" I liked the drama and the characters; however, the final battle seemed a little too boring for me. Next book: "It's Kind of a Funny Story" by Ned Vizzini. I love to read at midnight just before falling asleep. (Add me on goodreads! Stacy Kam) 

Finally Saturday! Bought 8 tickets for Iron Man 3, for me and my friends. Sat on the back row, my seat was on the corner. The lights came off and Tony Stark's voice came through the speakers. It was AWESOME. I'm an Iron Man fan since day one. The battle was so surreal, and Robert Downey Jr's performance was off the hook. I love his awesomeness on screen, his cockiness; but I could also feel his love for Pepper Potts. I give this movie 5 STARS. Now I'm waiting for Thor 2 and The Avengers 2. 

This looks so funny. Wish I had a Mark, sigh.

And this, was my week. Week #1 on my blog. I love making these posts, because not only I write what I've done this week; I also relive it.

Get yourselves ready because next week are the Final Exams. Woohoo..