Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rear View Mirror

Have you ever thought you can't move on due to a past relationship? That your past defines your future? Or are you on the other side of the dilemma and state that no matter what, the past will never define who you're going to be.

A week ago I began to read "Avoiding Commitment" by K. A. Linde. And it really opened my eyes, I mean sure, as long as we move on and leave the ashes burn by themselves in the darkness, never looking back; past will never affect you. But what really is, is that past has already changed you.

I have experienced betrayal, hate upon me, and getting stuck between two uncomfortable situations. Those situations in which you know which is the correct one and which is the one you want. Unfortunately, those who are strong always lean to the correct choice. I made that mistake. The mistake of being strong for the ones you love. And because of that, experienced how little do people understand. Especially those who seem to know you the most.

The thing is, that no matter how bright or dim your future looks like. You may think it's all because of the hard work you've done in the present. But somehow your past interfered.

Next time you regret going through a horrible past. Be thankful. Those awful memories stuck forever in your head. Those sensations you get when you see those who were involved. The regret and pain your eyes can show. Were not in vain. Thanks to every little decision you made, you are who you are right now.

Be strong. Be faithful to yourself.

Book recommendation: Avoiding Series by K. A. Linde